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  1. That is exactly what is wrong with the international monetary system: The US dollar is like monetary cocaïne to the world and it’s pimps (pushers) are called the FED. Everyone in the world gets high on it, everyone is enslaved by it and finally the whole international monetary system will be ‘killed’ by it. Thanks Sherman.... blatant moron. Just remember the 2008 bank crash. Do I have to say more... At present all the EU banks (European community) are on EU central bank steroids. 90 Billion euros is pumped into the the market every month. Ha ha..... and they stopped it last october... for 6 months.... now back on steroids. Is the ‘Weimar republic’ the next stop?..... creating euro’s and dollars ‘out of thin air’. What is wrong with the International monetary system? Simple: everything And sorry for Sherman: crypto is a way out.
  2. Personally I think @JoelKatz is saying that they are ready with Xrapid and Xcurrent 4.0 and Ripple is in ‘roll-out’ phase. It’s now up to the global market and their sales team. And looking at the banks and big remittance names that are joining ‘the cause’ Ripple is still on the right track. And that is a good thing. What concerns me is the ‘sh*t load’ of XRP Ripple is sitting on (in escrow) with which they can (at this rate of network development) hold the price around $ 0,30 for many years to come. A concern that i have is the real amount of XRP (value) that is needed to keep the pay and settlement corridors liquid. And I have a feeling that that is much less than we all think due to the speed that the network settles (GB has been quoted saying that only 1 % of the total supply is needed...). I know that this is only short term thinking (bigger adoption is supposed to be on the way...when?) but the amount of XRP that is not evenly distributed in the market disturbes me (Stellar XLM has an even bigger problem in that sense). Anyone ideas in that sense?
  3. As a system analist my answer: anything that can be logically formulated .... it generally can be programmed into code.
  4. ING Group is sneaking in via R3 - Corda Settler (with XRP) And don’t forget the SWIFT - R3 (hyperledger) pilot....... with Corda Settler (with XRP). Just connecting the dots AND the other 10.000 banks https://todaysgazette.com/r3-partnership-heres-how-swift-and-ripples-xrp-are-already-linked/
  5. @Mcripple @GrayFox @kanaas Excellent suggestion(s). This is in fact where I (as an investor) am waiting for. Several international monetary institutons to get joint control over the ‘Ripple XRP stash’. It would be THE step to give XRP (and Ripple) the much needed TRUST and it will launch XRP as an international currency. @JoelKatzThe (internationally) trusted monetary value of XRP is of superior (paramount) importance. It can only be achieved with the backing of organisations like the World bank and the IMF (G20?).
  6. The news we are all waiting for is when Ripple is going to burn 50 Billion XRP which they use to play ‘Santa Claus’ with. The only value XRP is going to have in the next 10 years is directy going into the pockets of the Ripple execs..... a very long wait for us early investors.... what to do...
  7. Nice post Jana. This panel discussion should give us some more insight into which direction 'the ball is running'.
  8. To have an additional 'professional eye' on the ongoing business is allways nice. However, considering how Ripple has managed the value of XRP it could be that the Japanese are getting nervous. Personally I would have liked to see Ripple being more restrictive in it's incentivising actions in the open market. Also we must keep in mind that the first Ripple usecase is crossborder pay and settlement and NOT putting XRP in everyones (average Joe) hands. In my book that means you need a stable XRP (as stable as possible) which is used by (as many as possible) financial institutions and not by 'weak hands'. I also believe that the network growth (technical/payments/settlements) is slower than the amount of XRP presently pushed into the market. This weakens the XRP value and makes it a target for whales and speculators. Hopefully 'Takashi Okita' has a more bankers view on managing the Ripple cashflow and the 'light headed' spending of XRP. Additionally he may advice about a system of defending and promoting XRP.
  9. It’s interesting to see that XRP Ledger Payment Volume is picking up..... we’ll see what happens.
  10. The reason is simple: The most powerful marketforce ‘Ripple the company’ and largest holder of XRP should take it’s responsibility in defending a reasonable value of XRP. At present the value seems to be negatively ‘out of sync’ with the market. Yes, they have to incentivise the network, but it is simply not enough to leave XRP to ‘market forces’. For the succes of Xrapid and other usecases the ‘liquid value’ of XRP is of strategic importance.
  11. I am Dutch and I signed. Share it on facebook or other social media. Let your voice be heared.
  12. Come on everyone, we are with 20.000 members on this forum.... Please support this Act
  13. Warren Buffet is one of the greatest value investors of our time. Thank you for the compliment. I believe that Warren Buffet is going to be wrong on XRP as that token does have international transaction quality (speed, innovation, trust etc...) to sustain real value. So XRP does represent value. Also the specific and clear usecase will prove defining. Ripple is years ahead of the competition and will dominate the international pay and settlements landscape for years as a result. I do hope that also BTC will be succesful. I however see no longterm value in the coin other than that BTC is the ‘first mover’, the tech is reasonable but at this point outdated.
  14. Excellent post @GoldenGoose its exactly what Bitcoin investors seem to forget. BTC has no serious usecase other than being a ‘shiny painted tulip’ and being the first mover in ‘crypto land’. There are many coins that are technically better and that could have replaced BTC yesterday. The BTC ‘tulip craze’ will at some point become clear to everyone and investors will pay a high price. For crypto’s ‘to stay alive’ and evolve you need a sustainable technical environment. A real usecase. All coins are a potential store of value. BTC has no special status in that qualification....
  15. Yeah, let’s all buy the BTC ‘slowwww’ coin (...probably set to be prohibited in China) for highest energy consumption and ‘heating up’ the planet... people call it a ‘store of value’... I have never found any value in that. Yes... the first mover... question is will that ‘tulip’ persist? I know ‘the greed’ will and also the huge losses.
  16. Nice post. Looks like adoption is ‘kicking in’.
  17. Personally I believe that liquidity of supply is an important factor. However it’s importance diminishes with a higher price... As with a higher price you need fewer tokens. Also I would like to compare the price development of BTC in the past 10 years as a bottom lvl floor for the popularity of XRP. This because XRP is a better crypto on most all levels. This means that in the coming 4 years (XRP was created in 2012) it has a possible (on average) rise of 60x to go. That is assuming that the present price is the baseline. Which seems to be approx. right. So at the end of 2022 we will have a price of ~ $ 20,- ( 60 x 0.33). And...... this price level was predicted by David Schwarz @JoelKatz . The chance of this actually happening is related to the continued positive technical development of the Ripple ecosystem and the continued rise of XRP as a popular payment token. From the recent developments I would say we are ‘on track’.
  18. Excellent post Jana. Luxembourg is of major importance in the central European financial landscape. Many companies and very wealthy people use Luxembourg banks for their business. This is a significant step.
  19. Think about it..... if Ripple employees would do transactions that smell of ‘insider trading’ they would go to jail. Get a grip my friend. My advice: hold on to the excellent track record that team Ripple has. A lot of countries have already cleared XRP as NOT being a security (recently Luxembourg as financial centre of Europe) There are a lot of sharks and lame duck banks getting seriously irritated and anoyed that Ripple is succeeding in its quest. Lets straighten our backs and fight these Fudsters.
  20. Maybe you should read the Fed document in a normal way. That will help. also the JoelKatz wallet address shows a 5 million xrp sale in 2016.... this so called ‘evidence’ has no ground at all... By the way his name is Nik Bougalis..... and not Nick Bougalis, get your facts right my friend. The guy is a well respected programmer within Ripple. What are you trying to pull here? FUD?
  21. Banning mining would be a real savior for the environment. Finally a country who is willing to ‘step up’. This ban on mining is just part of biggr plans to live on this planet more environmentally friendly. And China has a long way to go in that sense, It can be a very positive step.
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