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  1. Yes it is. Read the technical paper my friend. Its is pegged to what Facebook considers 'stable valued assets'. "the Libra coin —which will be fully backed with a basket of bank deposits and treasuries from high-quality central∗The authors work at Calibra, a subsidiary of Facebook, Inc., and contribute this paper to the Libra Association underaCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. For more information on the Libra ecosystem, please referto theLibra white paper[1].1banks. All of these currencies experience relatively low inflation, and thus the coin mechanicallyinherits this property as well as the advantages of a geographically diversified portfolio of assets.
  2. Whatsapp is a 'baby' relative to WeChat.... and how sure are we that Facebook users will use the Facebook retail function 'full scale'. I know for a fact that none of my friends use Facebook for that purpose. I for sure am getting more and more irritated by uncalled for retail ads and am considering closing my account. In The Netherlands we had a wave of people closing their Facebook accounts. And now another hyped/pegged permissioned stablecoin to make Facebook rich. It is making me laugh.
  3. Libra is in the prototype phase and still needs a lot of development and testing.....but Facebooks Libra Blockchain paper is already making claims...... "While the Libra protocol is still at a prototype stage and we do not have concrete performance metrics yet to report, we anticipate the initial launch of Libra protocol to support 1,000 payment transactions per second with a 10-second finality time between a transaction being submitted andcommitted. Over time, we expect to be able to increase the system’s throughput to meet the needs of the network." Mmmm, for just another 'pegged' stablecoin in prototype stage a lot of anticipating and expecting imho. Source: https://developers.libra.org/docs/assets/papers/the-libra-blockchain.pdf
  4. @dreventures Tnx for sharing this excellent video explaining the 'workings' of XRP in relation to stablecoins. XRP is the world bridge asset and is creating THE 'level playing field' in payments & settlements for everyone to enjoy.
  5. cryptoxrp

    XRP-priced Oil

    I am hoping (and probably everyone on this forum) that a country like Venezuela or Iran will link their oil to XRP.
  6. Would be nice if @JoelKatz and his team can deliver on the functionality to close an onledger XRP account (with Gatehub.net) and get 20 XRP refunded. I now have 3 accounts on Gatehub which I would like to shut down.
  7. Tnx! This is one of the reasons xrp buyers keep their funds ‘off ledger’ on exchanges like Bitstamp (with a tag). The hot wallet Bitstamp uses is only 2 % of their funds. 98% is in cold wallet. The cold wallet is multi-sign and as save as it gets for an exchange. If you control your own keys you really have to know what your are doing.
  8. Transparency will help the crypto community and its benefactors. Wheeling and dealing and hiding behind closed doors will not IMHO. I see the XRP price rising.... where is the damage?
  9. With the ‘leaked’ detailed information it could actually be true... and if it is than Ripple can set the standard and dictate international remittance pricing as they can provide near unlimited liquidity. A ‘golden move’ .... if true. I find it more than a coincidence that they have reduced programmatic sales of XRP. Pushing up price for better liquidity....
  10. I fully agree on your post and it is exactly the reason why Ripple with XRP is succeeding. The value of a payment may not loose value on it's journey over the DLT system to a receiver. The other essential element for the value transfer is that it must be done with a open & globally traded coin/token with no counterparty risk and which is native to the Ripple DLT system (that is XRP). The high speed settlement (time) with no counterparty risk (trust in the value) is key. Hope Cobalt will arrive soon...
  11. He uses the word ‘customers’. I accept your point. What I find strange is that the sentence by Daniel Arnada was presented in a list of other companies while it is actually major news for Ripple. Why is Ripple not more outspoken on having BOA as a customer (nothing official on their website) and why do rumors keep surfacing. Could it be wishful thinking by Daniel... slip of the tonque.... so to speak. I hope you understand my point of view.
  12. You are absolutely right. But still there is a lot of rumor around the Ripple - Bank of America relationship. It seems that Ripple should improve on explaining there relationship with the BOA. Are they a partner and a customer?
  13. @Paradox you are right. I wasn't clear enough about the partner - customer difference in my initial post. I have edited it for correct reading. Tnx! I do accept that the BAO is a partner and is at present investigating / testing DLT and Ripplenet. However, there is no hard evidence that they are a customer. So I find it remarkable that Forbes lists the BOA as a Ripple customer while there has not been a formal announcement of that fact. Does Forbes know something we do not know? Or are they just assuming (based on historic partner info). Speculating.... @JoelKatzA formal statement would be elegant. Especially since rumor hurts the industry and Ripple is a supporter of clarity.
  14. "Bank of America is a Ripple partner, and its confirmed." .... True that BOA is in the steering group as a partner but no one seems to be able to find confirmation that they are a customer and/or Xcurrent/Xrapid user. Any additional sources are very welcome.
  15. True.... but still revealing. It seems the rumors are cracks in the 'veil of secrecy'.
  16. Yes the partnership has been mentioned before. This is about going live
  17. Very interesting because it states that the Bank of America is a Ripple partner(customer?)... which imho has not officially been confirmed yet ... Funding: $94 million from IDG Capital, SBI Investment, Santander InnoVentures & others. Latest valuation: $5 billion Bona fides: 200 RippleNet customers, including Bank of America and American Express Cofounders: Jed McCaleb, Chris Larsen and Arthur Britto CEO: Brad Garlinghouse, 48, former president of AOL Source 1: https://www.forbes.com/companies/ripple/#7b48893d3997 Source 2: Listen from 3:50 min onwards... slip up?: Rumors: https://www.coinspeaker.com/ripple-bank-of-america-partnership/ , https://abacusjournal.com/bank-of-america-wells-fargo-ripple-payment-systems-discussed/ , https://www.coinfi.com/news/559787/bank-of-americas-cto-claims-boa-hasnt-found-blockchain-use-cases-for-financial-sector-cryptoverse-calls-bluff
  18. The Vice President of American Express Colin O’Flaherty on Wednesday confirmed that the company was officially using xCurrent, a blockchain-based financial solution from Ripple Inc. O’Flaherty, who doubles as the General Manager of global commercial services UK & Russia, spoke at the last day of The Money 20/20 event held in Amsterdam. “Ripple offers instantaneous, point-to-point conversations between the sender and receiver of funds. And that provides a real opportunity to alleviate most of the issues our customers are facing,” he said at a discussion session at the event. Source: https://smartereum.com/18259/confirmed-american-express-amex-axp-officially-using-ripple-xrp-xcurrent-ripplenet-money-2020-xrp-news-today-mon-jun-03/
  19. @Hodor great read and tnx again for the insight. By the way, I find Xumm (prenounced Zoom) much better than Xing prenounced Zing/Sing... 'indeed a stroke of luck'. Last october I emailed with Wietse and mentioned some functionality that could make a payment app (Xumm) take of like a rocket. One of them is to position it as a multi-langual global app and to make the app very simple (KISS) which is now clearly one of the 'attractions'. I imagined poor people in less developed countries being able to use their android mobile phones as a 'bank for micropayments'. With the Xumm app whole nations can divert to a hand held pay and settlement system in which instant global micropayments in all fiat become a reality.
  20. First mentioned in february by @xrpmommy “Just released our second blog-post answering the question “Why did we choose the XRP Ledger?” —”When you are trying to find a solution for the Internet, you have to have in mind that you are trying to find a solution for, at least, 4.4 billion users,” “B1X: XRP Ledger Is A Cut Above the Rest” Source: https://ethereumworldnews.com/b1x-is-now-building-on-top-of-ripple-xrp-ledger/amp/
  21. Don’t forget that somehow a lot of banks are already connected to Ripplenet indirectly. We must let time (adoption) do it’s work. November 2021 is my personal target date (ECB turns the switch for the NSP’s).
  22. “Director William Hinman, head of the Division for Corporate Finance, says that the SEC may issue No-Action Letters for projects whose tokens are now in compliance, even if the original sales pushed the boundaries of securities regulations.“That’s the flexibility of the regulatory framework that we’re working with,” he said.” Source: https://cryptobriefing.com/good-news-ripple-sec-crypto-ico/
  23. Your ‘hopium’ conclusion is wrong. The fact that 70% of escrow goes unsold does not mean a thing. All XRP is already created and in the market. Only a large amount of XRP is in a few hands (same with Bitcoin). The real XRP price is only influenced by real market demand and supply. And at present we are NOT seeing that. The article explains it and you don’t have to be very gullible to follow that line of thought. Many forum members have allready concluded that Ripple (in collaboration with the exchanges and by means of OTC transactions) keeps the XRP price down to obtain a broad adoption at a low price. The Xcurrent 4.0 upgrade with Xrapid functionality is ‘the magic switch’. Instititutions and banks are upgrading at this moment and when they finish in the months to come they can choose for the XRP payment rail. As soon as that happens real demand will be the catalyst for a higher price.
  24. The article is quite clear. Banks and institutions are buying directly from Ripple to keep the open market price down. The favorable conditions of these ‘XRP buy contracts’ are probably interesting enough for the buyers to accept. As soon as the ‘open market buy/sell restrictions are lifted you will see a higher price due to real demand. As far as I can see quite a creative set-up which I do not consider to be ‘rocket science’. And if you keep holding your XRP the new Ripple ecosystem (Swift 2.0) will reward you with a higher price as soon as the Xcurrent 4.0/Xrapid switches are set and the system goes live on a global scale. Game set and match to Ripple, IMF, Central Banks and BIS.
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