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  1. I tend to agree but the jury is still out on Brad. He is a good communicator but strategy in crypto is something completely different. Personally I am very happy that Codius is being relaunched. Better late than never...
  2. Former Ripple CTO launches platform to allow users to easily write and deploy smart contracts. "Ripple’s former CTO and Founder of Coil, Stefan Thomas, has announced the launch of a new open-source decentralized hosting platform called Codius. This decentralized platform uses interledger and enables anyone to write and use smart contracts, in a cost-efficient way." Source: https://www.xripple.news/2019/07/09/former-ripple-cto-launches-platform-to-allow-users-to-easily-write-and-deploy-smart-contracts/
  3. True. But some are building. The reason is that most programmers don't understand the XRPL environment. Wietse and some Xpring startup's do. That is why I believe Ripple is relaunching Codius. I will be accompanied with java/javascript and C++. Known program languages with normal priced programmers who can do the work. Which is very important for companies. Ripple Codius: "This open-source platform allows smart contracts to be written in any popular programming language and it lowers the operating costs by several orders of magnitude compared to Ethereum. It will reduce the barriers to entry for many and opens up the possibility of decentralized mainstream applications built using blockchain." Source: https://www.xripple.news/2019/07/09/former-ripple-cto-launches-platform-to-allow-users-to-easily-write-and-deploy-smart-contracts/
  4. The "collusion" might be that central banks, TIER3 banks and IMF might have an agreed 'option' (with a set price) on the Ripple stack of XRP. That would be part of the Devil's bargain. My question is, how would we be able to somehow uncover this deal...
  5. I like your line of thought and a devil’s bargain could be in the cards. However Ripple playing bank seems against their strategy as being a liquidity provider. With XUMM, ‘bank like functionality’ is in development and also others are developing in that direction. A small step for XRP Labs in the direction of ‘playing bank’?? In that sense the commercial banks ‘window of opportunity’ is closing rapidly (like the IMF has mentioned a few days ago). We’ll have to see when SBI VC, Fidelity and Bakkt and others come online. My feeling is that it will be somewhere this quarter and will signal the rise and institutional adoption of XRP. But not sure as regulation is still irritating institutional investors and all of us for that matter.... Somewhere in the next months or so I believe most banks will have a connection with Ripplenet via direct API or via many of the other networks (SWIFT-R3, Pan European, USA RTP, etc..) that have already been connected (partially without us hearing about it). It is so easy to connect an API. It really is child’s play. The biggest challenge will probably be the middleware and training the users.
  6. Mmmm...it will be bye bye commercial banks and we all start work at Facebook. If you can't beat them ,join them...... As BG said: 'It is a call to action'.....
  7. > Unless the XRP digital asset is used as a bridge asset co-existing with FIAT. Providing on demand liquidity for international pay and settlement. > That is why all the XRP still in escrow MUST flow to central banks, IMF and TIER 1, 2 and 3 banks. They than can control the price of the world bridge asset (XRP). In that sense it would be great if some countries would adopt XRP as a (world) reserve currency. I am hoping for that development.
  8. Ripple banks working together .... one happy family being able to leverage DLT (using Xcurrent 4.0) and its native digital asset XRP..... nice ...
  9. By spending mission critical $$ on Xpring and ‘side projects’ Ripple seems to be losing focus on cross-border payments. The question is if that is really true? The decision to invest in Moneygram is an excellent one and we should hope and pray that Ripple management will have the wisdom to pursue more of these type of cross-border payments and mission critical endeavours. Working aside SWIFT is still very much in the cards (R3 hyperledger with corda settler and XRP being tested by SWIFT) and Ripple is probably still talking to Western Union. Also the Stella project (positive Europe - Japan pilot), XCurrent gaining traction in the middle east, India, South America and RTP (via ABA Payments) in the States possibly being connected to Ripplenet. So much going on ... The problem of the XRP escrow will hunt XRP holders for the years to come and the large amounts of XRP remaining with Ripple is worrysome for price stability/level and poses imho the biggest risk to the Xcurrent 4.0 (with Xrapid functionality) business case. Intensivising the XRP ecosystem has shown to be unsufficient at present so Ripple should do more to protect the XRP value. In combination Ripple must laser focus on the core business of pay and settlement in as many as possible different corridors. This will push real usage of XRP as a digital asset. Considering the slow growth of XRP adoption across different usecases Ripple would be wise to consider slowing down escrow release and burn large amounts of XRP sitting idle in their wallets. When Ripple makes a serious effort in protecting the XRP price such action will make XRP more attractive for retail investors who are now considering alternative coins/tokens for investment purposes.
  10. You could be right that Cobalt will probably be approximately 4 times faster. But with a growing DLT-XRP ecosystem I would not be to concerned about that, The short term effect of additional Moneygram corridors, USA fast payments network going life and the improved regulations will be positive. There is still a lot going on.
  11. Tnx, I accept and stand corrected that 'Ripple can use XRP for 'other market incentives'. It makes the decision of holding XRP quite 'feable' to say the least. If Ripple can spend at will who are we to keep on holding... (when considering they still have many years of supply). Hopefully Ripple is 'using XRP for Xpool' and not selling it...
  12. Tnx for your thoughts. Personally I believe that at this stage the XRP corridors will be needing more and more liquidity as transactions are increasing in the direction of the 2018 ATH. See earlier threads (with graph support) about that fact. A higher sustained XRP price will provide more liquidity but how fast it is really needed is everyone's guess.
  13. @Socrates thanks for your info. Especially the last sentence "The remaining 700 million XRP not returned to escrow are being used in a variety of ways to help support the XRP ecosystem" is a serious red flag". 1. Ripple has allways stated that unsold escrowed XRP would be returned to escrow at the end of the month. What has happened here? 2. The not returned XRP are used in a variety of ways.... What ways? Are they used for paying salaries, investments in blockchain start-ups, marketing activities, Ripple operations....? Red flag! The two above points are 'very disturbing' and make quite clear that Ripple is not standing by their promise to return unsold XRP to the escrow facility. It also supports the thought that their operations are not yet covered by sales activities (in other words Ripple probably still has a negative cash flow). If any of Ripple personell ( @JoelKatz ) is reading this thread please pass on the above observations. We need to trust Ripple to do what they promise. This is definitely not the way to go forward if you want XRP holders (or anyone for that matter) to trust you. Advise: When investing 'fiat generated by XRP sales' target the largest payments infrastructure companies (Like Moneygram, well done!) and please be much more specific to whom and how much XRP is sold (programmatic sales). If to much XRP enters the ecosystem without sufficient support/use the value will drop (this is a balancing act).
  14. Interesting. All exchanges should in that case immediately unlist USDT and disable any possible connection to USDT to prevent a crypto meltdown. USDT (Weimar Republic toilet paper) holders will try to buy top 10 crypto's and will be checking out at major exchanges. This is a serious red flag! Edit: If you have read the below information then it will become clear that if you are a holder of USDT or LEO token you should exchange your holdings for fiat at Bitfinex asap. Also please do not sell for fiat at other exchanges as to reduce systemic risk. Source: https://cryptopotato.com/bitfinex-and-tether-usdt-in-trouble-nyag-calls-leo-1b-ieo-a-securities-offering/
  15. To see IBM (working with Stellar) and Oracle trying to hire for so many blockchain related positions is positive news. It shows that it is 'game on' and things are getting serious. On the other hand I hope that all the vacant functions at Ripple get filled first.
  16. I hear USDT should be investigated for foul play. 'Printing USDT where there is no real backing of the coin'. Something for the financial authorities and exchanges to look into. Best thing for all exchanges to do is unlist USDT asap.
  17. You could have a point when a bridge currency would not need liquidity to function. However XRP does need stable and high liquidity. And the great thing is that Ripple themselves can do something about it. Unless they don''t want XRP to be liquid right now and are more interested in a low price, which is not logical and detrimental to the 'bridge currency' business case.
  18. Could be. But Ripple could set their own minimum price. The XRP is theirs to sell at whatever price they think is just. I really hope you are right that programmatic sales are done at an uplift of the market price whilst that seems to be very logical. Any other thoughts?
  19. I just started the topic "Improving Escrow control and XRP price stability." in the General discussions area.
  20. The last few months many of us felt the frustration of the price of XRP being pushed down by 'various factors'. A development which contradicts all the good news that is flowing in. So what is happening and what can Ripple do to put up a line of defence against the selling pressure? I would like to invite anyone to give their ideas and thoughts about this issue and help Ripple gain a better understanding on how to manage the present XRP Escrow and help them to stabilise the XRP price at a higher level in order to improve 'XRP liquidity'. To start of I have made a small list of possible ideas which could give this discussion some direction. All input is very welcome! 1. Ripple should yearly set a minimum price (at least 20 % higher than the market price) for selling XRP to intitutions, large investors and banks. Also Ripple should communicate this price publicly. If for example the minimum XRP price would be the same as the market price with a 20 % uplift then institutions would to some extent (depending on the amount they want to buy) buy in the open market because that would be cheaper. However, if intitutions, large investors and banks would want to buy very large amounts of XRP (more than available in the open market) than it would be interesting for them to buy directly from Ripple at a higher price. By doing this Ripple creates an incentive for intitutions, large investors and banks to buy in the open market and support the XRP minimum price. 2. Set a maximum amount of XRP that can be sold to one specific buyer and categorise the entities that can buy more XRP depending on their structural role within the XRP ecosystem. For example a TIER 1 bank or central bank may buy more than TIER 2 or TIER 3 banks and large private investors much less. Publicly communicate this information. 3. Improve the XRP Escrow by reducing all new XRP Escrow releases to 100 million XRP every month. Also create the possibility to sell XRP prior to the release of XRP still in escrow.
  21. Tnx for you input. I am going to start a thread in the General Discussions section with the title 'Improving Escrow and XRP price stability'. I would like to see ideas on how to reduce XRP dumps and stabilising XRP at a higher price in order to improve liquidity. If those ideas are of a high enough quality we will present them to Ripple management.
  22. It looks like Ripple needs a stable pricing strategy for OTC selling XRP to intitutions, large investors and banks. The present selling strategy is not working. Lets set some ground rules, anyone?
  23. @Julian_Williams Excellent video on the Stella project and the XRP liquidity it will provide for crossborder pay/settle-ments in the Europe - Japan corridor. Tnx for sharing.
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