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  1. Actually this 'fictional figure' has ties with JP Morgan and Golman Sachs to add to his collection. And if you find out who the major shareholders of Golman Sachs, JP Morgan and SBI Ripple are then you also know who is pulling the strings behind the curtain.... the Rotschild family ring a bell...? https://coin4world.com/2021/05/31/xrp-news-rothschild-own-ripple-xrp-shocking/
  2. Excellent article. Especially the following: ‘Conflict of interest concerns could also intensify for Hinman, now back at his old firm Simpson Thacher, which paid him a $1.6 million annual pension while he worked at the SEC. ’ I did not know Simpson Thatcher was knee deep in Ethereum. Excellent discovery. Maybe it’s time for these gentlemen to serve some jail time.👍
  3. Finally, Brad can’t hide it anymore... the real intended usecase has been found 😍
  4. Nice to have you back! Have been idle myself and will be back more often. What I do hope is that the SEC will also go after the XRP stack of Jed Mccaleb. For him not being part of the Ripple management does not automatically put him ‘off the hook’. 🧐
  5. If the XRP escrow is blocked by the SEC and may not be used by the Ripple owners XRP will rise significantly. A rise of 1000% (10x present value) might be in the books. And don’t forget that only 5% of the XRP trading is in the USA and more then halving the cap on supply will extremely limit supply. Price will shoot up🚀
  6. No this could not happen as the SEC is not filing a lawsuit against XRP in the open market. They have filed a lawsuit against the way the Ripple directors are using XRP and enriching Ripple the company and themselves. That is the issue. XRP and the XRP ledger are in the clear👍🤗 I do hope & pray the SEC will succeed in their endeavor as that will maximize the amount of XRP in the open market and stop dilution of the XRP price and value by Ripple the company and its owners. Very bullish if the SEC succeeds 🥳🍾🥂
  7. The video makes it clear that the SEC is not after XRP holders or trying to declare XRP (which already exists in the open market) a security. Instead the case is focused on how Ripple directors are selling XRP to raise capital for Ripple and themselves. The SEC considers those activities as ‘selling XRP as a security’. And I.m.h.o. the SEC is right about that. As a result of the lawsuit the escrow might be frozen or canceled for further sale in the open market. If this happens it will stop the dilution of XRP and it is in fact a very bullish signal for the rise in price of XRP. 👍
  8. Yes there is a bill in the making. Expected in the second half of January. It is specifically about XRP. Could not find the recent update. https://www.bitcoininsider.org/article/79433/ripple-and-xrp-mentioned-official-us-bill-proposal https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/12/06/2019-25944/remittance-transfers-under-the-electronic-fund-transfer-act-regulation-e#footnote-21-p67134
  9. Tnx for sharing. Ripple and partners are still working on the network. Looks like most large banks are now 'in some way' connected to Ripplenet. However, what we still need is global regulation (G20 in october) and USA legislation in january 2021... After that there is nothing to stop adoption of XRP by the largest companies in the world. Cross your fingers.
  10. Great post Leonidas. Tnx! Very curious about the XUMM partners for the fiat on/off ramps..... They are doing a great job with a challeging time line. If Wietse and his team can keep the security high and the costs for the PRO version low than XUMM will be used by end-users across the world. The next 9 months will be quite revealing and game changing for the world
  11. True, they all seem happily married together. Point is that they are all connected and playing the game together. Have you seen how Jess Cheng is connected.... The digital Asset Investor just did an interesting video on Jess connections from 2009 onwards.
  12. XRP is more like an alternative currency than a security, argues the former chair of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). In an op-ed for the International Financial Law Review, Chris Giancarlo, who was chairman of the CFTC until last year, argued Ripple Labs hadn’t violated any U.S. securities regulations and that the third-largest crypto by market cap should have the same legal status as bitcoin or ether. Source: https://www.coindesk.com/ex-cftc-chair-giancarlo-xrp-security , Jun 17, 2020 at 22:30 UTC Updated Jun 18, 2020 at 13:22 UTC
  13. One of Ripple Labs Inc.’s strongest investor and RippleNet users is launching cryptocurrency custody for institutions, and already around 20 banks have shown interest in making use of the solution. Note 1: We are talking Standard Chartered 👍 Note 2: With today's news about financial institutions and banks being allowed to custody and sell crypto currencies & assets the above news falls into place. Source: https://newslogical.com/one-of-ripples-strongest-investor-launch-crypto-custody-for-institutions/
  14. Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX, has announced the launch of a spot market for XRP in a recent tweet. Source: https://u.today/xrpusd-trading-pair-listed-on-ftx-exchange FTX.US goes live, CEO says the crypto exchange has 'tons of liquidity' to offer. May 22, 2020, 7:00AM EDT https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/66157/ftx-us-goes-live-ceo-says-the-crypto-exchange-has-tons-of-liquidity-to-offer
  15. Do agree with you that some screens do allready need some 'refurbishment' and be more intuitive. However on the positive side... the small team has come a long way and they have not released version one (v1) yet.... which I understand is expected somewhere at the end of october 2020. Last week I send Wietse some comments on the Send Payment screen ... so if you have some constructive ideas / changes than DM me and I'll send you his email address.
  16. You are right about ODL being 'scaled down' but I question your argument that Ripple has stopped priming the corridors (dumped the treasury transfers) and has left them to grow by themselves. It seems Ripple was not able to 'prime' the larger (treasury) settlements in all ODL corridors in a sustained way and they changed strategy. That is the reason ODL liquidity suddenly went rock-bottom imho... Ripple actually reported the change in strategy 'of going after SME/micro payments first'.... Sam Iam actually made a video about it and presents a reasonable explanation. At present the ODL channels are on average around 5 % of what they used to be and they took around 6 months to build. As far as I am concerned this is a serious (6 months) setback and I hope that 'in time' new market makers will come in to solve/repair the ODL liquidity issue. Your conclusion that an 'unprimed' ODL channel is efficient is holding ground because otherwise all previously primed ODL corridors would have gone to (or stayed) zero. So I hope that more banks/market makers etc... will come forward as soon as XRP is declared a currency (not a commodity OR security) and the USA and G20 agree on the so badly needed international regulation. In that sense September and October 2020 will be revealing months.
  17. Tnx! Glad you posted this article as I was in the process of posting it myself. It's a well balanced article with critical notes combined with positive developing upsides. The conclusion is that Ripple @JoelKatzis not doing enough to grow the retail community and still has it's focus on banks and institutions who will probably be using a XRP or XLM stablecoin derivatives while retailers and end-users are much more interested in XRP and XLM. Where Stellar is doing a good job in getting integrated with Samsung smartphones what is Ripple trying to do to compensate this growing competition? The answer is plain and simple: Get retailers and end-users to be able to use XRP in a simple and efficient way and get XRP integrated in every known smartphone and webbrowser in the world! Ripple must find partners in that sense! Adoption means more users (not more banks or institutions). Note: Because Jed Mc Caleb is continously selling XRP he is in fact sucking up the XRP liquidity and is helping to destroy XRP's value to the benefit of XLM. By growing his user base, keeping the XLM spreads on the exchanges high and the supply of XLM low the price of XLM will be be able to rise. As a result the XRP retail investors (who take note of this development) will jump ship and XLM becomes a clear winner in the short term.
  18. Most of us follow the Twitter XRP Liquidity Index Bot (https://twitter.com/liquidityb) which gives some insight into the performance of the ODL corridors. I am assuming there are still some more corridors which have not been communicated. At this time the ODL corridors seem to have reached a lower base level which might be consistent with 'clean' ODL corridors (less Ripple involvement). More info on the XRP/THB corridor would be interesting.
  19. In a video stream via YouTube entitled “Q1 2020 Virtual All-Hands Meeting”, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse reported on Ripple’s achievements in the first quarter of 2020. Of particular interest to XRP investors were Garlinghouse’s statements on the adaptation of the XRP based payment platform On-Demand Liquidity. As the CEO of Ripple explained, the company succeeded in signing 28 new production contracts in the first quarter of 2020. "Specific to our On-Demand Liquidity, there’s a 190% increase from Q4 to Q1. We saw some of our big customers, a player in Thailand, go live. That’s driving a lot of volume. We [had]forecast 20 new contracts, and we ended up signing 28 new production contracts in the quarter. So despite the dynamics of the pandemic, we were able to finish the quarter on a strong note." Source: https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/q1-ripple-signs-28-new-production-contracts-for-odl/ Note: Not all 28 new production contracts are ODL specifix.
  20. I did some testing today and emailed my findings to Wietse W. One of my issues with this version is that it would be much better if you could see XRP in the default countries fiat value in the 'home screen'. That however would assume a liquid decentralised XRPL exchange. In the very near future version 1.0.0. is to be expected with better security features.
  21. Through a tweet on his official page, Ripple Labs CEO, Brad Garlinghouse called for diversification into other assets especially cryptocurrencies to help counter the growing extreme inflation rate globally. Garlinghouse was responding to a Bloomberg article titled “JPMorgan says Bitcoin just took its first test and got ‘mostly positive’ results.” "The extreme inflation rate in some countries like Venezuela has prompted most of its citizens to turn to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a medium of exchange. However, due to the environmental ills of Bitcoin and Ethereum mining as well as lower speed, Garlinghouse is pushing for mass adoption of XRP as a means of retail transactions, hence countering the extreme inflation rate." "With the current world turmoil pushing governments in a tight corner, a massive crypto adoption might be on the way post-pandemic." Source: https://zycrypto.com/as-extreme-inflation-looms-ripple-ceo-brad-garlinghouse-says-crypto-could-help-stabilize-markets/
  22. The only one who is emotional/psychological instable is you 'firstgrader', and I don't know if you have noticed but no one wants you here on www.xrpchat.com and absolutely no one is your buddy!!! So get lost imbecile.
  23. Your such a disrespectful turd smelling liitle fart that again I have to assist and correct you. First I am immensely proud that you have actually managed to read one of my posts an that you have found your way to the school blackboard (your selfie is quite accurate). The text is faulty... but yeah what can you expect from a firstgrader. Repeat after me: "Anyone who earns on the Uber platform. Drivers AND couriers." When you have mastered that simple line you may sit on your potty and do your 'boo-boo'.
  24. Interesting that personal attacks, swearing etc.... is now called ‘roasting’. If that’s the new standard I’ll adapt specially for the brainless imbecile @LetHerRip who still has to redo his firstgrade while probably being someone’s ‘mongol’ granddad. Hey... but we all love him for his useless posts and spamming our beloved forum. A big for him and hope he can continue to degrade this forum with the support of our spineless moderators. (please type the magic heart if you like this ‘roast’).
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