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  1. Could be because their share price is ‘rockbottom’ at the moment. They must be in serious trouble. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of bail-in. It could be that the Deutsche bank will want to liquidate their vostro accounts (abroad) for the benefit of creating a healthier cash position at home. Ripplenet with XRP will be the ‘go to’ solution for such a technical adjustment.
  2. I am Dutch and the Germans are our neighbours, their economy is the biggest of Europe. For German banks being allowed to own crypto tokens for payments is a game changer that will be interesting to watch. Personally I believe that any bank will want to hold crypto assets and that regulation will be the ‘magic switch’.
  3. “CRYPTO-ASSETS ARE NOW FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS”..... so German banks will be legally holding crypto (XRP) in 2020... nice Source: https://bitcoinist.com/germany-to-issue-crypto-regulations-on-january-1-2020/ (repaired)
  4. You are entitled to your opinion. I personally believe there is an off-the-record plan in place to manage the XRP price in such a way that ODL is ‘stimulated’ and steered in the right direction. That does not mean we will see extreme high prices of XRP in the immediate future. Don’t forget that David Schwarz himself ‘de-risked’ at $ 0,30... So probably needed short-term cash and knows it will take 1 year + before we will see higher prices. And please understand how easy the Bank of America was compensated with 50 billion dollars of ‘thin air’ cash by the Fed in 2008...(Non registered event). The entities behind the screen (who are pulling the strings) have enough petty cash to buy the remaining XRP 100-fold, so price is not an issue. At the end it is all about who will control the show....and how. Open market.....funny that you think that is a reality. We live in an orchestrated and guided democracy. The ‘open market’ is make belief and controlled by ‘the happy’ few. So..... because I have followed the money (investments in the past 3 years) I am long on XRP. Two years ++. 😴😴
  5. The XRP price will not go much lower than $ 0.18 because at lower prices ODL corridors will be more and more difficult to setup. It is also one of the reasons XRP has re-escrowed the 1 billion XRP release at the start of december. I find what the MGI ceo had to say about this quite interesting. ‘The increase of our participation in ODL depends on Ripple’ When answering questions about an increase of the transaction percentage via Ripple’s ODL to Mexico, Alex Holmes stated that it does not depend only on MoneyGram. Currently, it is about ten percent, but to make it as much as fifty or even a hundred percent, the company needs Ripple to bring in more partners, such as banks or financial institutions. These new partners would have to buy XRP on the other side of the trade, says Alex Holmes. Without that, he adds, ODL expansion is not possible.‘
  6. Dying.... you are sooo funny 😆. In the past weeks MGI has scored 3 major contracts. In Egypt, in the USA and with Visa. It’s clear you are a newby and still lot to learn. You are welcome 😉
  7. Present price levels represent nothing at all and are giving financial institutions the chance to take over retail investors xrp if they are ‘smart’ enough to sell. ODL corridors are developing but ‘the main switch is and will remain regulation’ in the near future. The lower the price of XRP, the less chance that ODL will be succesful in the short term. The Ripple team has damaged retail investor trust by over incentivising XRP in an arrid and bearish crypto environment. That ‘stupidity’ Is looking to become costly with ODL corridors becoming more difficult to setup as a result. Liquidity is also dependent on trust and belief that Ripple is doing the ‘right thing’. It is therefore positive that Ripple locked up the 1 billion december xrp escrow release. But is that step enough and will it repair a downward trust spiral... My question is ‘at what XRP price will ODL stop functioning’..... become obsolete.....
  8. Maybe I know someone 'extraterrestrial' with some quantum tech to give it a go..... just for fun.... stealing is not our 'piece of cake'.
  9. “According to the AI service data, the price of the XRP token will increase to around $ 0.65 in 2020.” Interesting because also the bitcoin halving is taken into account. Just imagine if a country would adopt XRP to be their native (bridge) currency.... as an IMF director speculated. Source: Walletinvestor.com Link: https://newslogical.com/artificial-intelligence-predicts-xrp-price-will-reach-0-65-in-2020/
  10. Bought in from may 2017 - mid 2018. Never buy all at once (good investor practice). As a result my average price is higher. I find your ‘bullshit’ remark quite unnecessary. Please think a bit more (mature) before you write and we can all stay friends on this forum.
  11. XRP - My worst investment (until today) in the past 20 years. And holding for 2 years and 7 months now.... Will be holding at least until 2022 - 2023. A serious investor should have a longterm view. Sincerely hope that Ripple and MGI will get their liquidity act together in the months to come. With multiple banks joining in the ODL functionality they must surely be on the right track and XRP seems to be heavily oversold at present... Is Ripple playing a very dangerous game in ‘selling boat loads of XRP in a still arid XRPL landscape’? Ripple selling is surely undermining retail trust... At this moment my friends, family and portfolio club will not touch XRP as they ‘do not trust Ripple with near 50 Billion in escrow reserve’. They think I am absolutely crazy and do not see the value. Is it Ripple and Bank of America (Fed) plan to shake out ‘weak hands’? Whatever the case... the present price level does not serve XRP global liquidity and will deter retail investor newcomers from XRP. For ‘banksters’ an ideal moment to short or takeover the XRP market. To put the above in perspective: For a mere 12 billion US dollar investment you can buy up the remaining escrowed XRP (pre-allocate it) and dominate a quadrillion US dollar remittance (+ other usecases) market for many years to come. Any takers?
  12. John Whelan, the Managing Director of Digital Investment Banking at Banco Santander: Bitcoin he says is “inefficient” as it validates transactions every 10 minutes. As such they (Santander) are leveraging the tech developed by Ripple that settles payments across the XRP Ledger in 4 seconds. Whelan added, “Instant transfers at a very very tight spread, 30 basis points, nice user experience. I used it myself, money to the United States, it’s available on the same day. Fantastic. At a guaranteed rate, even better.” Source: https://www.google.nl/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=2ahUKEwjri4jC6-_lAhWIZVAKHfFgCX8QFjAAegQIAhAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fbitcoinexchangeguide.com%2Fripple-partner-banco-santander-to-run-its-blockchain-based-payment-system-on-6-more-corridors%2F&usg=AOvVaw3-Su0nsJRolueBiXq4v8MO
  13. We will have to see what 'rabbit they will pull out of the hat'. Coin Market Cap (CMC) are initially BTC maximalists of the 'old school'. The type that still believes that 'the earth is flat'. We have seen that a few years ago when they stopped quoting XRP on the Korean exchanges. XRP's ranking was to high for their liking. DON'T TRUST CMC. There are so many other websites which do provide a fair crypto rating and value.
  14. Interesting but the * refers to 'TOTAL XRP DISTRIBUTED' and not to 'TOTAL XRP PLACED IN ESCROW'....
  15. It is in fact Tinder for all FI’s, remittance companies, multinational corporations and more. Ripplenet Home is ‘enabling’ (bringing control to) the end-user!!!!! @JoelKatz Maybe the next step is a specific consultancy program with which the KPMG’s, PwC, EY, Deloitte, Boston Consultancy Group and others start educating their high profile customers.... it is the business of international consultancy companies to help optimize their customers financial flows. Enabling the end-user with Ripplenet home is a ‘stroke of genius’ and might even become the ‘Swift killer’ app. Well done Ripple. This makes me extremely bullish for the near future.
  16. Excellent idea. But hasn’t BG already said that Ripple does not own all of the escrowed XRP and that they where ‘holding it’.... Could be that I heared it wrong..... but in one of his recent interviews he was specifically talking about ‘holding’ and not about ‘owning’ the escrowed XRP..... It is all a word game so listen and read between the lines. XRP is (the only) supra national digital currency’ according to the world bank..... would it be wise to destroy it..... nahhhh better not.
  17. @JoelKatz Finally ‘we the XRP holders’ can be incentivised. Have been waiting for more than 2 years for this to happen. To burn 50 Billion XRP seems a bit ‘out of ratio’ to the Stellar Lumens burn. But to burn approximately half of the escrow would be ‘in ratio’ to the Stellar burn.... Just a .
  18. @yxxyun can you give some pointers as to what steps should be taken. I personally have some accounts on gatehub which I emptied a few months ago after the first hack. Now the zerps are safe on Ledger Nano S. But would be nice to be able to use the accounts again in the future.
  19. So what... We all know by now that the central banks are in active contact with Ripple. Also the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is pro DLT and Ripple. The European central bank has been actively testing with the Japanese central bank this year. And so many more that are under NDA. I hope that the ‘going life’ of the Chinese ‘walled garden stable coin’ will signal the race for digital asset supremacy. AND that Trump will push the right buttons in time. Otherwise the USA will be left behind. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:bEMR8yOEqe8J:https://twitter.com/stuart_xrp%3Flang%3Des+&cd=5&hl=nl&ct=clnk&gl=nl&client=firefox-b-d
  20. An XRP wallet with a connected debitcard will do the job. My point is that the present debit card companies take hold of your XRP which they can use as they deem fit. Lend it out.... etc..... take risks with it I would not take. AND ask fees for a debit card payment... The earlier all retail companies start accepting XRP the better Does anyone know a low-fee XRP Mastercard debit card?
  21. Revolut is useless. You cannot deposit XRP. You can only buy XRP in their environment and hold. Impossible to take it out. They hold the secret keys to your XRP. All these debit cards are after your XRP. If anyone can find a useful one where you are owner of the secret keys then please let me know.
  22. Great point and I have exactly the same concerns. The route to a healthy XRP ecosystem is NOT stablecoins imho. As soon as they are made you need an extensive governing and control system to make sure that a stablecoin is correctly valued/backed and 100 % redeemable. And that is where greed comes in and the 'printing press' will make more stablecoin than is fully backed...... And THAT is what we see in our society happening again and again. It's called quantitative easing (printing money). For me stablecoins backed by XRP are in fact destructive to the XRP ecosystem. Also any XRP hodler can issue a stable coin... yeah let's all go and play for bank and create 'walled gardens'. Brings us back to square one. XRP must and will fulfill its global liquidity bridge function as planned. No side steps and remain 'laser focussed'. Let's first make XRP the strongest digital asset on earth and then see if people still want SOLO, LIBRA or any other coin for that matter...
  23. You are so right. Personally I find their system quite complicated and for that reason I think it will not work in the near future. Coinfield must first become a trusted entity (like a bank or a financial institution) with full regulation governing it's activities. At this stage Coinfield is non of that. I for instance (as XRP supporter) will definitely not make use of a system with a 'walled-garden' IOU coin. Much to risky and obscure. I want my cash to be valued in a trusted and globally adopted digital asset not some SOLO or YODA (star wars) coin. And what irritates me the most is the sentence that 'Solo is designed for liquidity'. I was under the impression that XRP was solving that usecase. And now SOLO is suddenly 'in liquidity competition with XRP ?' to make a few Coinfield directors rich... Why not use an XRP backed stablecoin for liquidity.... I hope I am missing something and that Coinfield management still has a lot of explaining to do....
  24. Bla bla bla.... “We’re making it easy for people around the world to have access to different global stock exchanges via the blockchain. Imagine living in Tokyo and being able to trade assets from NASDAQ, HKEX, LSE, Deutsche Boerse, and major exchanges on one secure platform. This platform tokenizes stocks on the XRPL as demanded, allowing you to trade it against any cryptocurrency and spend in real-time anywhere. Ultimately, Sologenic helps the mass adoption of cryptocurrency by allowing people to invest in stocks. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone!" Said Bob Ras, CoinField CEO. I have been trading on the international Lynx platform for 5 years now. Being able to trade in all stocks (NASDAQ, HKEX, LSE, Deutsche Boerse). I am definitely not going to buy/sell in Solo..... pff. Have they lost their minds. What an extremely weak usecase.... A lot of hype by Coinfield directors to sell 400,000,000 Solo coins. (and get rich fast) Edit: If I would use their system it would need to be 100 % XRP (trusted and adopted) and no other. This addition for the possible Coinfield director or employee who reads this post.
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