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  1. Swell was a broad initiative with Industry and financial companies & Industries. This last small ‘get together’ was focused on central banks and leading financial institutions. They are the financial industry leaders.
  2. Is Mastercard Send a threat to Ripple?

    And don’t forget the SEB bank - Eurocard - MasterCard connection. SEB is also pro MasterCard brand. See Wiki link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurocard_(payment_card)
  3. Seems like you like to play Russian Roulette with your money. Did you know their is no use case for Bitcoin Cash. Only a small upgrade from Bitcoin. I sincerely hope your luck does not run out. By the way... you might get better odds if you go to the casino
  4. @Rchopra do you (or anyone) know if there is a more recent version of this graphic overview?
  5. correction: Bitcoin is "a miner centralised firstmover energy unsustainable non-compliant hardfork faking XXXXnet coin" and Ripple is "a truly decentralised cradle to cradle regulated law compliant INTERnet of Value token". Spot the difference
  6. @jag216 I personally beleive that Ripple is already following the strategy you are pointing out. Focussing on the banks regulated transactional/payment usecase whilst being compliant with the highest international banking standards. They are years ahead of the competition.
  7. suspension of Segwit2x

    Interesting to see how serious the Bitcoin community is split. Bitcoin will become more and more a 'hazard coin' for investors due to it's technical 'end-of-life-cycle' issues. Imagine software which has been build with a database suited to a specific application layer. In time the original dastabase design will restrict future developments of the functional application layer and at some stage you'll have to start all over again. For Bitcoin this scenario is slowly becomming a reality. Is the "Bitcoin-tulip-hype" finally at an end?
  8. Ethereum should officially have a re-branding as an overhyped “hardfork-rob-coin’. So glad that I do not own this crypto which needs extremely expensive code programmers. In january I hope Lisk (LSK) will set things strait. Most of the experienced programmers know JavaScript so programming blockchain software/applications using the Lisk toolbox will become a ‘walk in the park’. The dawn of the Java blockchain software programmer is near. 😉
  9. 4 Reasons to Hold XRP

    ‘Banks are the most corrupt entities on the planet’..... come on, you don’t beleive that. If you would state that more regulation is needed for banks than I would fully agree. It is exactly the reason why banks nowadays have to abide by so many regulatory controls and have to comply with structural financial regulation... Imagine a bank as one big ‘wagon and horse’ unregulated blockchain.... I beleive that used to be the case just a few years ago (2008)... with a near financial melt-down as a result. If Bitcoin would become regulated according to International financial law than we would be in agreement. As long that is not the case you’ll find me debating you in this forum 😉
  10. 4 Reasons to Hold XRP

    When I read your post I have the same feeling. Obviously not everything will be policed, that is an overstatement. Banks are normal companies with an obvious use-case. Where do you keep your money? And yes we all have to pay taxes and yes our democratic system is not ideal. But to create a system (BTC, Moneiro etc...) which in it’s structure wants to evade financial regulation is in my opinion against international law and therefore criminal in nature.
  11. 4 Reasons to Hold XRP

    My post is not about the crypto technology. It is about Bitcoin (specific crypto format) and other look-alike regulation evading crypto projects. The crypto projects evading regulation are in my opinion criminal in nature. The same goes for gun control legislation. A gun itself is obviously nothing more than a piece of hardware. But a gun in nature can be user for criminal and for ‘good defensive’ activities. My point is: crypto in the wrong hands (like BTC) is evil. The BTC chain enables ‘wrong hands’ usage. Hope it is somewhat more clear now.
  12. 4 Reasons to Hold XRP

    Personally I hope and expect that governments will kick Bitcoin from the face of this Earth. As we speak it is an unregulated paradise for money laundering, drugs transactions (cartels) and other criminal activity. Also the tax regulators have lost complete control over funds flowing via BTC, the tracebility is next to zero. BTC is a criminal activity enabler and as such de-stabilizing for the national and International money flow. And therefore de-stabilizing for all our countries financial well being. Bitcoin is everything an open, transparant , regulated and stable financial ecosystem does not want. The earlier we get rid of it, the better🙏
  13. By the way.... is there Ripple software available (with API) to have Customers make retail payments via XRP? Anyone?
  14. 4 Reasons to Hold XRP

    By the way.... as I do love what Ripple is doing with ILP (XRP Ledger) I also do love aliens. Anyone in doubt about their existance (on Earth, moon, around us within a few lightyears etc...) should have a look at the Netflix documentary ‘Unacknowledged’ by Steven Greer. Aliens are as real as XRP. The XRP logo even has some alien marking resemblence... but that’s a whole different story. So...yes... let XRP be the bridge currency on Earth, to the moon and beyond😍