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  1. Delay means more time to get the Xrapid solution 1000% right. From XCurrent to Xrapid is just a switch in the back-end. Implementing XCurrent is a big step. So this is important news.
  2. Tnx for sharing. It’s quite evident that there are old school BTC and ETH coin owners who want to defend their interests. That Coinbase ‘has been playing’ this powerplay game ‘on the grounds of the SEC clearance issue’ is a shame and shows that they are not objective and motivated by poor judgement. I for instance would never, on these grounds, would want to have an account with Coinbase. A company and management team which runs a business by false manipulation should simply be dropped by everyone. Hopefully they will see the huge mistake they have made and that they are hurting the entire crypto industry. A level playing field for all coins is necessary for this space to prosper and evolve. It has been 100% clear to the SEC that XRP is not a security and that it is one of the most regulated coins in the crypto space.
  3. This is very good news while it will help solving the banks 'securiy issues' on the XRP ledger. This kind of innovation is exactly what it needs. If now Ripple could also set a goal for more decentralised validators than the XRP Ledger is here to stay and will prosper and grow.
  4. cryptoxrp

    EBA CLEARING instant payment service Providers

    EBA Clearing is connected to Ripplenet and SWIFT. They probably are providing the gateway for routing the Xcurrent messages.
  5. The question we are now facing is how can we help Ripple@JoelKatzto gain traction. One essential is rapid decentralisation of Ripple network. Ripple should create an incentive for the xrpchat community members to run validators in the various countries all over the world. In such a way that there would be at least 10 - 20 validators in every country before the end of 2018. That would imho seriously help with the decentralisation issue. Simply reward every validators xrp address with say 10.000 XRP for running the validator for 5 years. When decentralisation kicks in the transaction speeds will multiply. Adoption will take off and the 10.000 XRP rewarded to the first 1000 validators will become more valuable and will give the validator owners more funds to keep them going ..... Within such an incentive program my company will definitely run a XRP validator.
  6. cryptoxrp

    XRP Futures Volume Quadruples

    Good question. What is evident is that both last 2 expirations of BTC have been around a price level of $ 7500,-. As trading volumes have been low it has been easy to manipulate BTC. That was until last weeks 'unexpected' negative news on the Korean exchange being robbed of coins and the whole securities issue. That brought the BTC price down to $ 6400,-. Personally I think it was 'fake news' as the Korean theft was minimal and the the whole securities issue has been discussed 'over and over'. But in a low volume market it's great to place FUD news in order to scare 'weak investors' out of their positions. It's what the sharks do, they feed on it. After the last expiration the trading of BTC remained around a price level of $ 7500,-, so probably the 'long and short' futures have been placed in balance around that price.
  7. cryptoxrp

    XRP Futures Volume Quadruples

    It's the financial institutions who are 'writing the futures' who will try to bring the price to an advantageous value on expiration day. This price manipulation has been quite clear lately...shame on them. Next Bitcoin future expiration is on friday the 29th of june. I am expecting the price to rise to an "advantageous price" of $ 7500,- before/on expiration day. Let's see if I am right. If it does than it proves that the whole crypto market 'smells of dirty market manipulation' and 'in advance buying/selling with prior market/bitcoin knowledge... Advice: Never buy futures and HOLD ON to your XRP and Bitcoin if your life depends on it. At least until the end of 2020
  8. @Gepster you are spot on. The new generation does not care about banks at all . They have their smart apps and can go around the ‘backward bank - swift’ technology. It’s just a waiting game now. In The Netherlands there are smart apps (like ‘Tikkie’) which you can use to send payments (for small amounts) within seconds. There are already internet banks online and the transition is well on it’s way. The question I have in my mind is how the XRP chat community can help @JoelKatz at Ripple to improve the decentralisation of DLT and adoption of XRP. Maybe Ripple could start a small incentive program for companies willing to install and service XRP validators.
  9. @jag216 great post! Ik took out a few sentences which I beleive are spot on. Unless something dramatically happens Ripple is on a remittance roll which will transfer the global payment landscape. The central banks are the cherries on the cake: February 14 – Saudi Arabia’s central bank provides pilot program of Ripple to Saudi banks. March 19 – At the Bangkok Fintech Fair 2018, Sagar Sarbhai (Government and Regulatory Relations, APAC & Middle East, Ripple) stated that Ripple is currently working closely with 40-50 central banks. source: https://reconsider.wordpress.com/2018/06/06/ripples-2018-progress/
  10. The article is somewhat shaky but I definitely like the following part: “Ripple (XRP) has also announced that in the last 30 days, they have carried out pilots with a number of companies including Mercury FX and in all these tests, the companies saved more than 70% in transaction costs. That’s an indicator that ripple has an actual utility in cutting costs in the finance industry. That’s why ripple (XRP) is one of thebest cryptos to hold in today’s uncertain crypto market.” 😀
  11. @Hodor I was indeed speaking about the XRP Ledger and tnx for your sharp view on the privacy matter. My thoughts are quite in line with your explanation. However that only makes the recent remarks of David Schwartz more puzzling when he recently stated that there are still ‘privacy issues’ with the Ripple solution..... “Reuters reported on June 13 that Ripple's chief cryptographer, David Schwartz, acknowledged that difficulty with scalability, along with concerns about privacy, will likely keep distributed ledger-enabled settlement systems from being embraced by the global banking community for cross-border payment processing.” What issues is David talking about and are these “concerns about privacy” a potential threat to XRP adoption?
  12. But that is not logical. If a bank(FI) or 'household name' can save another 30% by using the XRP liquidity pools (with Xrapid) than XRP will surely be adopted. More serious issues are however scalability and privacy. It would be nice if @JoelKatz could give us some insights/explanation on how scalability and privacy issues are going to be tackled in the next few months. On the privacy issue I will be expecting some custom solutions for banks. For example bank customers may have XRP sub/referral accounts next to their private bank accounts (Bitstamp also works like that). Only the bank to bank or Bank to Ripple gateway or Bank/XRP gateway to XRP wallet transacton may travel over the XRP ledger. So only the XRP flow between the banks is visible on the XRP Ledger. The customers of the bank are 'hidden' behind referral accounts within the bank. As I understand from last years research is that the scalibility issue gets fixed when the XRP Ledger (ILP) becomes more decentralised. But how Ripple is going to handle the banks requests for private transactions is still a very interesting question.....any takers? Maybe also @Hodor can help shine some light on this recently publicised issue.
  13. On a serious route.... just follow de Coinmarket cap as a trendline. For the top 3 coins you will know how low they will go This is definitely not a moment to sell. This is a time to buy (according to the very low overall marketcap of all the crypto coins). So I am buying.