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  1. Can anyone give some insight in the present XRP OTC price at? All comments are welcome. As supply and demand for XRP seems to be quite ‘illiquid’ there seems to be some relevance in stating that the present OTC price f XRP is higher then the Exchange value.
  2. cryptoxrp

    About the 20 xrp needed for account opening

    Okay.... But that does not help much if Gatehub is out of business and the servers are offline... does it? Then our XRP funds are lost aren’t they? Or is their an alternative server where we can recover?
  3. cryptoxrp

    About the 20 xrp needed for account opening

    @gatehub Could you please clarify if the Gatehub recovery key is the same as the private key needed to restore an on-ledger XRP account? Can the Gatehub recovery key be used to restore an on-ledger XRP account on an alternative wallet?
  4. It remains an interesting discussion and from the direction you look at it decides upon your view. If your view is that XRP is a security then you’ll find some ground in the fact that Ripple is holding approx. 55 billion XRP in escrow which ‘smells like’ centralised and under their full control. This gigantic reserve enables them to stage the XRP market the way OPEC could influence the price of oil. The argument that XRP was ‘given to them’ I find weak. The fact that XRP can survive without RIpple holds only in the short term. A longterm servicing and improving of the ILP (XRPL) system remains essential for it to develop and flourish in a meaningful way. The counter argument is that the ILP (XRPL) system is the most decentralised crypto system in existence and that the XRP coins ‘assets’ Ripple holds were conveniently ‘given’ to them. And of course that the ILP (XRPL) system can survive without Ripple the company. Which in the short-term is probably true ..... However as all infrastructure systems need some servicing and development who is going to fulfill this role when Ripple dissapears? And why is Ripple the company at present sitting on 55 billion ‘controlling’ XRP? Last year we had this discussion and my personal opinion is still that as long Ripple @JoelKatz & colleagues are keeping a strategic hold (reserve) of most of the XRP in circulation the case for XRP being a security is the strongest. If however Ripple in consultation with SEC, IMF and Central banks should decide to distribute most of their ‘strategic’ XRP reserve in an evenly manor and incentivice the IMF and all of the central banks then a real decentralised XRP ecosysteem would come to life. Central banks and IMF would be able to stabilize XRP as major holders. What we are seeing now is Ripple (the company) in a unhealthy monopolistic postion. And I believe they know this themselves.
  5. cryptoxrp

    Bakt delay launch date

    Well said. However, the stage is set, the CFTC can stall what they want but other countries are not waiting for US regulatory amendments. And quite a few are powering ahead and grabbing the once in a lifetime opportunity. Each day the US regulation stalls it seems that other countries are taking a bigger stake in the various leading crypto opportunities. Note: If you want to screw-up a perfectly good business opportunity let civil servants do the job.
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    XRP Too Slow And Centralized For Banks: Nano Founder

    That people still take the time to read and post this rubbish....
  7. I am buying and holding for my pension and hope to be able to live of XRP as it holds its value in relation to euro and dollar. As central banks use 'Weimar Republic' like policy on euro and dollar these currencies are diminishing my buying power on a day to day basis (in 2018 nearly 2% down). XRP is the new Euro/dollar and the policymakers know it. They have no control over it and most importantly they cannot print it. Also I do not agree with the statement that most people holding XRP are using it for investment purposes. We are working on an 'Internet of Value' in which we can transact with XRP as a fast and immediate digital currency. With euros and dollars you can also transact digitally only this is slow and not immediate. A lot of people who I have spoken on this forum are doing exactly the same. People or currency traders may hold dollars/euros/sterling etc..... are they taxed 20% on transaction? Where is 'the level playing field' the government should provide for? This is simply killing a new financial transaction system. Hopelfully they will see their error and adjust in time, otherwise courtcases will surely follow.
  8. The XRP token was designed for national and international payment and settlement. It is digital fiat with multiple exceptional transaction functions. " Normal (Weimar Republic like) fiat is like a dino trying to survive a hit by an asteroide".
  9. Agree, exactly. However the same is not the case when you buy the same cup of coffee with Euros or Pound Sterling. To create a level playing field for crypto's to be used in 'day to day life' they must be able to transact under the same rules as fiat. This is real government/civil servant stupidity of the highest level, no one can/will except this. Just imagine buying 1 million pound sterling with dollars. Do I then pay Capital Gains Tax? The answer is no. And now we buy 1 million pound sterling with XRP and suddenly you have to pay 20% tax.... ... For that transaction Xrapid is 'dead in the water'.
  10. From the document: “They will be liable to pay Capital Gains Tax when they dispose (transaction) of their cryptoassets.” My thoughts are that with this clarity the UK government does not understand what ‘crypto assets/money’ are/is. If you want to use XRP to buy (transaction) a new shirt or book a hotel people you will have to pay Capital Gains Tax.... have they lost their minds? This is like killing crypto assets in one blow.... it shows again that greed kills everything.
  11. cryptoxrp

    Is Ripple buying Swift?

    Agree. But we have been down this road... The SWIFT GPI system is nothing more than a slightly faster IOU payment system with slightly more transparency... What's new ??? 'SWIFT in general' is a bunch of overpayed and non-creative managers. Time for change!!!
  12. cryptoxrp

    New US Chief of Staff- Bitcoin Is Good

    Just another bagholder
  13. I am expecting a price of at least $ 2,- based on last years price. One simple reason. It will look extremely bad on the Ripple balance sheet (from an investor point of view) if they have a price a lower than that... It's up to Ripple/SEC to make that happen with some good news. As a community have had a major share in promoting XRP.
  14. cryptoxrp

    Is Ripple buying Swift?

    Agree. In the best case SWIFT (as a coop) will be forced (by the banks) to work with Ripple to enhance it's payment/settlement functionality... that will help. The financial pay and settlement landscape is all about, stability, compliancy, controllability (verification) and trust. If SWIFT remains slow to adapt and Ripple keeps up the present pace of improving efficiency of the various payments usescases like xVia, xCurrent, xRapid, Coil, Xpring, Mojaloop, Multi-hop and improvement of inefficient payment corridors, etc... then we'll see real change and higher XRP prices soon. But the pressure has to remain! Ripple is not there yet. Major improvement area's are scalability (we are still waiting for Cobalt...) and security. With more and more validators every month @JoelKatz seems to have reached the decentralisation goal in 2018. Hopefully we will get some wel deserved good X-Mas news from Ripple (XRP) as a reward to all the HOD-lers, investors and hard working supporters of Ripple and the XRP ecosystem.
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