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  1. I did, sold at $ 0.86 and bought back at $ 0.73 . But because the trading is very fast I use the ‘market’ option for instant buying in the wake of the sell and buy walls. It is quite tricky. Made approximately 3 K in euro’s. For 2 hrs work ‘as a beginner’, not to bad. The professional bot traders who work together forcing the price up and down are incredible, they make a fortune. @JoelKatz I really don’t understand why Ripple (and other companies) do not try to bring the unregulated exchanges to their senses. Special ‘illegale’ trading teams use software bots to manipulate ‘ghost’ sell and buy walls to scare/manipulate the unexperienced trader into selling and buying. A lot of people loose their holdings as a result. This kind of manipulation is quite detrimental for a stable crypto currency and should therefore be of great concern. If you think about it, there are quite a few things you can do to stabilize the trading on an exchange.....actually it is quite easy
  2. @trollstation, I would advice you to do some historical XRP chart analysis from last year! You will find that your concern about "a head and shoulder pattern is forming!" is just a half truth. TA is only a tool which uses historical data and therefore most often not usable to predict future price movements. At best it gives an indication to what a price of an asset might do in a stable market situation. Crypto is not such an environment (highly volatile & easy to manipulate & impossible to predict). An horizontal move of the XRP price would not surpise me at all (at this stage). Don't invest in a cryptocurrency (XRP) if you do not beleive in the fundamentals it stands for! Or if you can simply not take the risk of loosing the funds. Most of us are like @Hodor and we beleive that we understand what Ripple (including @JoelKatz) is/are trying to accomplisch. We trust the highly professional Ripple team to be succesful in their mission and without a doubt they will honor all the hard work (support & invested private funds) we are all putting in. So much is happening behind the scenes..... and the 20th of january will probably be another great 4th quarter Ripple report. Maybe David S. can give us a hint to what we can expect.... HODL and keep your spirits up!!!
  3. Ripple: Should you buy Ripple today? XRP value on the rise.

    It might mean that Brad himself does not fully realize that one day XRP will move trillions of dollars accross the internet. At this moment in time Ripplenet is the only superfast digital payment system on the planet and it can be trusted, it is regulated and it is compliant with International law. All other systems are years behind. If Ripplenet and XRP ‘hold up’ Ripple will take a very sizable chunk out the the SWIFT market share. The SWIFT laidback and monopolistic attitude will be there ‘downfall’. Following Ripple’s mission they have already created an interoperable network for all cryptocoins (including fiat utility coins) and provided the foundation for the ‘Internet of Value’. This is done in true spirit and will finally result in a level financial payment & playing field for all.
  4. On the contrary…

    Great article an honest, clean and very well written rebuttal. So pleased to have David Bell from dailyreckoning as a true and outspoken advocate of the Ripple XRP mission. All of us together will change the world and bring ‘The Internet of Value’ into reality. It is for the better of the ‘unbanked’ and many generaties to come
  5. A pilot is a pre-production phase where you implement a system in a 'controlled low-risk manor'. In such a way that if it is works satisfactory in 'real time' and in the 'down-scaled real environment' it will be scaled-up for usage in the whole company. This is a necessary phase for all software implentations for multinationals.
  6. Awwww, diddums

    This Nathan Popper has written "A book" on crypto (Bitcoin....?). Works for a "credible" jounal.....not so credible anymore AND somehow dislikes Ripple & XRP... He is probably another Bitcoin anarchist likking his wounds and spreading FUD last week. I could not find a useful technical discussion debating Ripple XRP related to other cryptocoins from his hand. For some reason that is wat we expect from a serious writer/journalist 'who wants the best for us'....... maybe he has some problems reading. Or maybe he finds it difficult to interpret a clear article? "MoneyGram will pilot the use of XRP, the native digital asset of the XRP Ledger, in payment flows through xRapid, Ripple's solution for on-demand liquidity." Can anyone find the word 'trial' in here.... A pilot is more than a trial/test. It is a pre-production set-up clearing the way for the production phase....or am I wrong.... Nathan Popper is downplaying the Ripple work and is behaving like an idiot and is now officially identified as a FUDSTER and Bitcoin addict. AND....I am definitely not going to read his book ... unless he apologizes to us all and corrects his FUD tweets
  7. Ripple and MoneyGram (MERGED THREAD)

    The best news this year!!! Yesss
  8. "THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG"..... We know the true content and intention of the article.... AND the edited article says (still very good): The company is also speeding up plans for XRapid, an XRP-powered product that seeks to enhance cross-border payments for emerging markets. Cuallix, a financial services firm, is one firm using XRapid. “I am blown away with how fast these banks are digging into this,” Birla said. “Demand is off the charts.”
  9. I especially like the part: Ripple is speeding up plans for XRapid, an XRP-powered product that seeks to enhance cross-border payments for emerging markets. Siam Bank in Thailand and Axis Bank in India are two financial services firms using the product, according to Birla. Neither bank responded to messages seeking comment. “I am blown away with how fast these banks are digging into this,” Birla said. “DEMAND IS OFF THE CHARTS.”
  10. 3 Big Money Transfer Firms Will Use XRP in 2018

    I'll give you the top 10 in the link below. By the way 'Ria' is not a top 5 money transfer firm. I would expect Transferwise, World Remit or Paypal to be the 3rd one. http://www.topteny.com/top-10-money-transfer-companies-world/
  11. https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-claims-3-money-transfer-firms-xrp-2018/ Three of the top five money transfer companies worldwide will be implementing Ripple’s XRP token in their payment flow systems this year, the company said in a tweet Thursday. (Hope no one has covered this very recent news yet....otherwise mods, please move.)
  12. No New Crypto: Coinbase Squashes Exchange Listing Rumors - CoinDesk

    Personally I am 100% sure that Coinbase (and other large exchanges) are working with Ripple to ADD XRP. There is enough circumstantial evidence to support that. Also, when XRP becomes nr 1 by marketcap then ALL the exchanges will have to start pairing their alt-coins with XRP. Just imagine all those exchanges not yet listing XRP when it becomes nr 1.....that’s what I call a tsunami FOMO
  13. No New Crypto: Coinbase Squashes Exchange Listing Rumors - CoinDesk

    We are all severely in debt to Coinbase for (with this disclaimer) creating this unexpected opportunity for us all to buy more XRP. Kudos and a big ‘thank you’ for the Coinbase management team. XRP does not need Coinbase! It's the other way around. Coinbase needs XRP to survive
  14. $100 billion controversy article

    From the article: Quote " Yet, while it seems people are rushing into XRP ahead of any real use of the cryptocurrency, Birla said that more companies will be announcing their use of XRP in the first quarter of 2018. Birla said he expects a "full list" of XRP users this year, telling CoinDesk about the xRapid product, which is basically xCurrent with XRP on top: "There is a whole pipeline of folks now integrating into that product. We'll release names early this year." He continued, saying the success of getting banks to use Ripple's non-cryptocurrency-related products is positioned as the first step of a bigger plan to move banks to XRP. And Ripple has had success in getting financial institutions to see the value in its xCurrent product. In total, since it started its "war" on SWIFT and the legacy financial system, more than 100 companies have joined its network. "Unquote. Great news again