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  1. Most of us follow the Twitter XRP Liquidity Index Bot (https://twitter.com/liquidityb) which gives some insight into the performance of the ODL corridors. I am assuming there are still some more corridors which have not been communicated. At this time the ODL corridors seem to have reached a lower base level which might be consistent with 'clean' ODL corridors (less Ripple involvement). More info on the XRP/THB corridor would be interesting.
  2. In a video stream via YouTube entitled “Q1 2020 Virtual All-Hands Meeting”, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse reported on Ripple’s achievements in the first quarter of 2020. Of particular interest to XRP investors were Garlinghouse’s statements on the adaptation of the XRP based payment platform On-Demand Liquidity. As the CEO of Ripple explained, the company succeeded in signing 28 new production contracts in the first quarter of 2020. "Specific to our On-Demand Liquidity, there’s a 190% increase from Q4 to Q1. We saw some of our big customers, a player in Thailand, go live. That’s driving a lot of volume. We [had]forecast 20 new contracts, and we ended up signing 28 new production contracts in the quarter. So despite the dynamics of the pandemic, we were able to finish the quarter on a strong note." Source: https://www.crypto-news-flash.com/q1-ripple-signs-28-new-production-contracts-for-odl/ Note: Not all 28 new production contracts are ODL specifix.
  3. I did some testing today and emailed my findings to Wietse W. One of my issues with this version is that it would be much better if you could see XRP in the default countries fiat value in the 'home screen'. That however would assume a liquid decentralised XRPL exchange. In the very near future version 1.0.0. is to be expected with better security features.
  4. Through a tweet on his official page, Ripple Labs CEO, Brad Garlinghouse called for diversification into other assets especially cryptocurrencies to help counter the growing extreme inflation rate globally. Garlinghouse was responding to a Bloomberg article titled “JPMorgan says Bitcoin just took its first test and got ‘mostly positive’ results.” "The extreme inflation rate in some countries like Venezuela has prompted most of its citizens to turn to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a medium of exchange. However, due to the environmental ills of Bitcoin and Ethereum mining as well as lower speed, Garlinghouse is pushing for mass adoption of XRP as a means of retail transactions, hence countering the extreme inflation rate." "With the current world turmoil pushing governments in a tight corner, a massive crypto adoption might be on the way post-pandemic." Source: https://zycrypto.com/as-extreme-inflation-looms-ripple-ceo-brad-garlinghouse-says-crypto-could-help-stabilize-markets/
  5. The only one who is emotional/psychological instable is you 'firstgrader', and I don't know if you have noticed but no one wants you here on www.xrpchat.com and absolutely no one is your buddy!!! So get lost imbecile.
  6. Your such a disrespectful turd smelling liitle fart that again I have to assist and correct you. First I am immensely proud that you have actually managed to read one of my posts an that you have found your way to the school blackboard (your selfie is quite accurate). The text is faulty... but yeah what can you expect from a firstgrader. Repeat after me: "Anyone who earns on the Uber platform. Drivers AND couriers." When you have mastered that simple line you may sit on your potty and do your 'boo-boo'.
  7. Interesting that personal attacks, swearing etc.... is now called ‘roasting’. If that’s the new standard I’ll adapt specially for the brainless imbecile @LetHerRip who still has to redo his firstgrade while probably being someone’s ‘mongol’ granddad. Hey... but we all love him for his useless posts and spamming our beloved forum. A big for him and hope he can continue to degrade this forum with the support of our spineless moderators. (please type the magic heart if you like this ‘roast’).
  8. Tnx for posting your selfie now we all know how you look like. (thank you again) @karlos would you please be so kind to judge this personal attack by unknown entity (LetHerRip) and take appropriate action.
  9. From your source: "DALLAS, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MoneyGram International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGI), a global leader in cross-border P2P payments and money transfers, today announced a partnership with Uber to provide drivers AND delivery couriers a discount on digital money transfers sent to family and friends in over 200 countries and territories. "We're thrilled to launch this partnership with Uber to serve EVERYONE earning on the Uber platform – many of whom frequently send money back home to friends and family," said Alex Holmes, MoneyGram Chairman and CEO." ""As strong demand for our digital capabilities continues to grow, we look forward to providing discounts on all money transfers made through our mobile app and website to EVERYONE earning on the Uber platform," said Kamila Chytil, MoneyGram Chief Operating Officer and leader of the company's digital efforts." Bro, I do think you might have a problem ... time to see a docter (honest advise).
  10. The Moneygram - Uber partnership is primarily about, "Anyone who earns money on Uber's platform, including the Driver app, Uber Eats, Uber Freight and Uber Works, is eligible for this discount. To administrate usage and client discounts an integration between the Uber and Moneygram system is essential. Otherwise it wil simply not work. No rocketscience there. So... All users of the the Driver app, Uber Eats, Uber Freight and Uber Works can enjoy Moneygram (Uber induced) discounts whilst using the Moneygram mobile app. "As strong demand for our digital capabilities continues to grow, we look forward to providing discounts on all money transfers made through our mobile app and website to everyone earning on the Uber platform," MoneyGram Chief Operating Officer Kamila Chytil said. Secondary effect: More users on the Moneygram/Ripple digital network implies usage of network corridors (including ODL where available). Source: https://www.foxbusiness.com/money/moneygram-shares-surge-after-coronavirus-partnership-with-uber
  11. MoneyGram platform still going stronger Last month (May), the MoneyGram online platform outperformed other platforms with a record number of 107% year-on-year growth. Accelerated growth coincided with Ripple’s partnership. The first quarter of the year has seen the expansive registration of customer transactions, with a growth rate of 57% despite the discouraging business environment caused by the challenges of COVID-19. Source: https://invezz.com/news/2020/06/11/moneygram-records-100-after-ripple-partnership/ Note: 11/6/2020 24:00 Europe standard time. XRP/EUR and XRP/AUD On Demand Liquidity corridors are recovering after 'the dip'. Looks like the corridors are now working without Ripple 'slippage support'.
  12. I am glad that you also like this extremely positive and bullish news for the Moneygram-Ripple partnership.
  13. Nice info. Will be testing (and using) Xumm this month. Looks very user friendly!
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