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  1. cryptoxrp

    ING Launching on Ripple This November?

    Correct! TIPS will be connected to EBA Clearing. pan-European RT1 network which went live end of 2017. ‘The June 12 ECB press release states that TIPS is scheduled to begin operating in November 2018 and will allow citizens and firms to make payments anywhere within the euro area in a matter of seconds.’ https://www.cgi.com/sites/default/files/pdf/tips_issue_brief.pdf https://www.pymnts.com/news/b2b-payments/2018/swift-tips-eurosystem-eba-clearing-instant-payments/amp/ EBA CLearing is a provider of pan-European payment infrastructure solutions. Founded in 1998, the Company is owned by 51 of the major banks operating in Europe and based on a country-neutral governance model. The payment systems of EBA CLEARING are pan-European by design and desire: they are developed in close co-operation with the Company’s multinational user community and best-of-breed technology partners. EBA CLEARING manages two Systemically Important Payment Systems, the large-value euro payment system EURO1 and STEP2, a pan-European payment infrastructure platform for mass payments in euro, which provides full reach to all financial institutions across Europe processing credit transfers and direct debits in euro. This means that more than 4,800 financial institutions in all SEPA countries are currently reachable via STEP2. With the support of 39 funding institutions from across SEPA and its technology partner SIA, EBA CLEARING has implemented RT1, a pan-European real-time payment infrastructure platform for euro transactions. The system is open to any AS-PSP adhering to the EPC’s SCT Inst Scheme and has handled instant payments in line with the scheme since its launch date in November 2017. EBA Clearing is a network integrator (provider) for Ripplenet banks (and others) and has integrated Ripplenet into the EBA instant payments network (RT1 😊). https://www.ebaclearing.eu/ https://www.treasury-management.com/news/1012/swiftnet-instant-to-provide-access-to-eba-clearings-rt1-system.html
  2. We should all open accounts with Ripplenet banks
  3. Let the bears come! "Please sell your zerps to me" as I have more cash to pile into XRP. This winning international bridge currency is getting ready for it's institutional/enterprise/retail function in global payments.
  4. cryptoxrp

    Did anybody else notice??

    Personally I beleive that when a company (Ripple, @JoelKatz) is HIDING SALES DATA there is something unexpected to happen. WIth XRapid expected to go online around the 15th of November and SWIFT also gearing up to be compatible with their new messaging standard around that same time something is definitely brewing. SWIFT is connected to Ripplenet via EBA clearing and so 10.000 banks (connected to SWIFT) will only have to install the XCurrent software for a XRapid lift-off (via the SWIFT network) ....hope that "flip the switch' in this case will be true.... The SWIFT connection: https://www.ebaclearing.eu/news-and-events/media/press-releases/10-october-2017-swiftnet-instant-to-provide-access-to-eba-clearings-rt1-system-1/ SWIFT’s instant payments solution is designed to work anywhere in Europe and around the world, enabling SWIFT customers to connect seamlessly to multiple instant payment clearing AND SETTLEMENT MECHANISMS. For the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), SWIFT has already agreed to offer connectivity to EBA CLEARING’s RT1 system and to the Eurosystem’s TARGET Instant Payment Settlement (TIPS) platform. As announced in June, SWIFT will support delivery of the future Eurosystem vision of a single gateway to Eurosystem market Infrastructure services and access to other clearing and settlement mechanisms. Building the Network: https://cdn.ripple.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Accenture_Ripple_CrossBorderPayments.pdf quotes from the document (a must read for the XRP/DLT investor): "It is not practical to link all these banks immediately into a new network using DLT, nor to expect rapid migration to full scale volume—not only would it be a huge logistical exercise that would introduce risk into cross-border payments, but there are too many unknowns about how the network would operate which cannot be determined through research and analysis." "Starting small, implementing DLT technology iteratively allows learning by doing and a gradual rollout that can be scaled steadily in a contained and controlled way. It gives the network freedom to evolve to the best possible end state model." "Both EBA Clearing and FPSL have started small, scaled steadily and developed their governance, controls, services and rules as volume and participants have increased. The difference in these examples is that no new major infrastructure needs to be developed and tested with DLT, it already exists—for example Ripple, which is designed specifically for cross-border and inter-bank payments." December 2017 thread on this topic:
  5. cryptoxrp

    Will Ripple Replace Swift? An Expert’s Take

    Mmmm interesting... I also found the following very recent presentation concerning the ‘pending’ role of the SWIFT infrastructure and the banks who are using it. Personally I beleive this is a very real scenario.
  6. @HodorGreat contribution, tnx. Also because you are touching on the importance of the hidden cost of bank employees. By implementing Ripplenet the international remittance service of banks or other institutions will be far more efficiënt. The service can be provided with less employees and overhead. Only banks who do not understand the value of money will sit back when such an opportunity arises.
  7. ‘Sh*tSatis Group’... please these guys are complete morons. Can a moderator please remove any thread on these idiots. We are wasting precious time on these loosers.
  8. cryptoxrp

    Ripples Trillion Dollar Man

    “Ironically, Schwartz himself may be Ripple’s best weapon to prove that the XRP blockchain is actually decentralized, and thus trustworthy and secure. Credibility is a precious asset in cryptoland these days, and Schwartz, little-known and passed over during the XRP windfall enjoyed by his peers, comes off as something of a cryptocurrency eagle scout. “My personal fortune is aligned with the success of the company and its products,” Schwartz says bluntly. “If it’s the best solution, use it. If not, why do I want to trick or force people to get a substandard outcome?” @JoelKatz Yes indeed trust (credibility) it is and that will allways be the reason behind success or failure of Ripple and XRP. Trust is connected to the idea that all players get a fair deal and not one entity more than the other. The idea of an honest and a stable level playing field for all to enjoy. The above is also exactly the reason why Ripple founders will have to part with most of their gigantic XRP holdings. Also Ripple will have to somehow connect their XRP escrow holdings to a central banks / IMF controlled mechanism to ensure the stable release/control of XRP as a decentralised world digital reserve currency. The only banks that have historically shown to have the will and the power to bring world financial stability are the central banks. Lets keep that in mind. In the presently known ‘Ripple business plans’ new investors remain deterred by the enormous ‘bags’ of XRP potentially destabilizing the price. Anyone not seeing that as a problem needs a ‘reality check’.
  9. cryptoxrp

    Message To The XRP Community

    Slight drop within normal market fluctuation yes....but another major drop at present price levels seems far fetched. I have seen the so called technical analist predicitions copying last years price drop around this time....and expect they will be wrong. Will be nice to see what eventually happens. Personally I also have some fiat standby that will be invested in case another flock of 'lost souls' throw away 'their investement of the century (xrp)'.
  10. cryptoxrp

    Message To The XRP Community

    Exactly my strategy. An addition: if at a certain moment you see a possibility to sell part of your investment to safeguard the amount you initially put in than don't hesitate to do so. I personally did that and am now invested with only my winnings since may 2017. An exit strategy (can be temporary) is also essential.
  11. ‘A stable bank utility coin’ .... and with counterparty risk.... I wish IBM all the luck in The World. Because they’ll need it !!!
  12. De link is not working.
  13. This looks to be the link with JP Morgan Chase. The following months will be interesting to see if JP Morgan will hook into ILP with their own private ledger / side chain. In this sense it would be incredibly risky and expensive to develop their own propietary blockchain system. Also making use of a blockchain environment (like Ripple ILP) which has already proved itself and gained traction would be the smarter choice.