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  1. “According to the AI service data, the price of the XRP token will increase to around $ 0.65 in 2020.” Interesting because also the bitcoin halving is taken into account. Just imagine if a country would adopt XRP to be their native (bridge) currency.... as an IMF director speculated. Source: Walletinvestor.com Link: https://newslogical.com/artificial-intelligence-predicts-xrp-price-will-reach-0-65-in-2020/
  2. Bought in from may 2017 - mid 2018. Never buy all at once (good investor practice). As a result my average price is higher. I find your ‘bullshit’ remark quite unnecessary. Please think a bit more (mature) before you write and we can all stay friends on this forum.
  3. XRP - My worst investment (until today) in the past 20 years. And holding for 2 years and 7 months now.... Will be holding at least until 2022 - 2023. A serious investor should have a longterm view. Sincerely hope that Ripple and MGI will get their liquidity act together in the months to come. With multiple banks joining in the ODL functionality they must surely be on the right track and XRP seems to be heavily oversold at present... Is Ripple playing a very dangerous game in ‘selling boat loads of XRP in a still arid XRPL landscape’? Ripple selling is surely undermining retail trust... At this moment my friends, family and portfolio club will not touch XRP as they ‘do not trust Ripple with near 50 Billion in escrow reserve’. They think I am absolutely crazy and do not see the value. Is it Ripple and Bank of America (Fed) plan to shake out ‘weak hands’? Whatever the case... the present price level does not serve XRP global liquidity and will deter retail investor newcomers from XRP. For ‘banksters’ an ideal moment to short or takeover the XRP market. To put the above in perspective: For a mere 12 billion US dollar investment you can buy up the remaining escrowed XRP (pre-allocate it) and dominate a quadrillion US dollar remittance (+ other usecases) market for many years to come. Any takers?
  4. John Whelan, the Managing Director of Digital Investment Banking at Banco Santander: Bitcoin he says is “inefficient” as it validates transactions every 10 minutes. As such they (Santander) are leveraging the tech developed by Ripple that settles payments across the XRP Ledger in 4 seconds. Whelan added, “Instant transfers at a very very tight spread, 30 basis points, nice user experience. I used it myself, money to the United States, it’s available on the same day. Fantastic. At a guaranteed rate, even better.” Source: https://www.google.nl/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=2ahUKEwjri4jC6-_lAhWIZVAKHfFgCX8QFjAAegQIAhAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fbitcoinexchangeguide.com%2Fripple-partner-banco-santander-to-run-its-blockchain-based-payment-system-on-6-more-corridors%2F&usg=AOvVaw3-Su0nsJRolueBiXq4v8MO
  5. We will have to see what 'rabbit they will pull out of the hat'. Coin Market Cap (CMC) are initially BTC maximalists of the 'old school'. The type that still believes that 'the earth is flat'. We have seen that a few years ago when they stopped quoting XRP on the Korean exchanges. XRP's ranking was to high for their liking. DON'T TRUST CMC. There are so many other websites which do provide a fair crypto rating and value.
  6. @JoelKatz, From The Netherlands, to transfer € 250,- to an Australian account will deliver AUD 398,83 using TransferWise. When using TransferGO only AUD 396,32 will be delivered to the Australian account. When using Moneygram only AUD 381,56 will be delivered to the Australian account. The best is still Transferwise which is not a Ripple partner. Both TransferGo and Moneygram will have to get their Ripplenet act together if they want to compete. The hype on the bus will not work if TranferGo can't mirror the competitions price level. Consumers are not ignorant, they will shop around !!! Moneygram is still by far the worst performer. I'll test/check this every month.
  7. Interesting but the * refers to 'TOTAL XRP DISTRIBUTED' and not to 'TOTAL XRP PLACED IN ESCROW'....
  8. Mmm... predictions are not my 'cup of tea'... but I will say this: The world bank has a planning for all financial entities and below are the deadlines. 1. All banks and financial institutions will choose the specifice digital assets they want to work with by july 2020. 2. Swift will be compliant to the ISO 20022 standard by november 2021. https://www.swift.com/standards/iso-20022-programme The stage is being set for XRP and other major digital assets to be embedded in global pay and settlement landscape. Do not be mistaken about that. This planning is from a few years ago and gives some insight into the dynamic of changes to come. From the 2018 Davos World Economic Forum it became clear that the names of Ripple XRP and Stellars XLM have been buzzing around. It seems that both are in the picture.
  9. It is exactly these ‘illiquid corridors’ for which Ripplenet with On Demand Liquidity (ODL with XRP) is a game changer. The developing countries and unbanked who have largely been excluded from the ‘international financial dinner table’ will now be able to participate. The level playing field is still in its infancy but it is becoming a reality with every bank, institution, company and unbanked entity joining this new reality. With the support of the XRP army, Ripple and its partners will succeed in this quest for a better world.
  10. It is in fact Tinder for all FI’s, remittance companies, multinational corporations and more. Ripplenet Home is ‘enabling’ (bringing control to) the end-user!!!!! @JoelKatz Maybe the next step is a specific consultancy program with which the KPMG’s, PwC, EY, Deloitte, Boston Consultancy Group and others start educating their high profile customers.... it is the business of international consultancy companies to help optimize their customers financial flows. Enabling the end-user with Ripplenet home is a ‘stroke of genius’ and might even become the ‘Swift killer’ app. Well done Ripple. This makes me extremely bullish for the near future.
  11. Excellent idea. But hasn’t BG already said that Ripple does not own all of the escrowed XRP and that they where ‘holding it’.... Could be that I heared it wrong..... but in one of his recent interviews he was specifically talking about ‘holding’ and not about ‘owning’ the escrowed XRP..... It is all a word game so listen and read between the lines. XRP is (the only) supra national digital currency’ according to the world bank..... would it be wise to destroy it..... nahhhh better not.
  12. @JoelKatz Finally ‘we the XRP holders’ can be incentivised. Have been waiting for more than 2 years for this to happen. To burn 50 Billion XRP seems a bit ‘out of ratio’ to the Stellar Lumens burn. But to burn approximately half of the escrow would be ‘in ratio’ to the Stellar burn.... Just a .
  13. @yxxyun can you give some pointers as to what steps should be taken. I personally have some accounts on gatehub which I emptied a few months ago after the first hack. Now the zerps are safe on Ledger Nano S. But would be nice to be able to use the accounts again in the future.
  14. So what... We all know by now that the central banks are in active contact with Ripple. Also the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is pro DLT and Ripple. The European central bank has been actively testing with the Japanese central bank this year. And so many more that are under NDA. I hope that the ‘going life’ of the Chinese ‘walled garden stable coin’ will signal the race for digital asset supremacy. AND that Trump will push the right buttons in time. Otherwise the USA will be left behind. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:bEMR8yOEqe8J:https://twitter.com/stuart_xrp%3Flang%3Des+&cd=5&hl=nl&ct=clnk&gl=nl&client=firefox-b-d
  15. An XRP wallet with a connected debitcard will do the job. My point is that the present debit card companies take hold of your XRP which they can use as they deem fit. Lend it out.... etc..... take risks with it I would not take. AND ask fees for a debit card payment... The earlier all retail companies start accepting XRP the better Does anyone know a low-fee XRP Mastercard debit card?
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