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  1. Corridors are more active due to increased utility for XRP. https://fiatleak.com/xrp
  2. A bit to negative my friend. If FEDNOW decides to use Ripplenet (Xcurrent) then the groudwork is present for Xrapid. Personally I believe they will use Ripple DLT tech and XRP for international settlement. It is the smooth route of 'least resistance'. US regulation is decided upon by the FED (together with the American Bankers Association). They are and have been in control for ages. The SEC is what I call their 'paper (regulation) tiger'. If the FED (together with ABA Payments) says they are are going to do something, then they will. And they have said that this year (2019) a major step will be taken. So wait and see. Some banks are still uncomfortable holding XRP but that is changing rapidly if you see the amounts of XRP (from escrow) being distributed. XRP is used for settlement as we speak so your statement "The problem with these Digital assets is no one wants to use them." is simply not true. The legacy pay & settlement systems are getting by-passed more and more. The whole international pay/settlement system is in a state of change. With the yesterday news of Moneygram - Visa partnership in providing a debit card P2P service the writing is on the wall. Other smaller remittance players (local banks who are going to loose business) will not want to be left behind,
  3. You are getting to heated up and carried away. Spending more time discussing this issue with you will lead to further irritation. Not very useful imho. I remain a supporter of XRP but disagree with Ripple management XRP Sales & marketing techniques. Hopefully I will be wrong. I am glad that many positive developments have been made in the building of the Ripple network and hopefully these will be enough to support a liquidity shift towards XRP. There seems to be some very early evidence supporting that notion. Nothing to get worked up about.
  4. help.... time for another reality check...... what? .......no hype .... sorry... PNC is using Xcurrent....... again no XRP...... XRP FREEZE BACK ON PLEASE
  5. Agree. That would be one of the fastest way to restore XRP value, liquidity and retail investor trust. Another route could be the freezing of the escrow reserves until such a time that major financial institutions are openly opting in. Sentiment will then improve the value (scarcity and utility) and trust must become vectored in much more. Ripple, please, no Santa Claus actions anymore. XRP as an international bridge currency is the focus. Get it done👍
  6. Wu Wei you seem to become personal without providing new data which makes a decent conversation with you quite difficult. I'll try once more. As you stated yourself groundwork is being laid'. At present with all the hype just 3 corridors where XRP is used... ok.... that is not very much, is it? And imagine that when the groundwork is laid (in the years to come) the financial institutions of this world will decide not to use XRP as a bridge asset. What would happen then? Our point is that groundwork alone is not enough. There must be a strong belief and trust with all parties that XRP is the right choice. And that trust weighs heavy. With Ripple selling to much XRP in the present fragile XRP ecosystem the XRP price will tank. That alone will significantly reduce investor trust in XRP and is the reason why many XRP holders are now considering joining an effort to fork from the Ripple XRPL blockchain. The problem is that one party (Ripple) has to much XRP and as a result can influence the XRP price to an extent that it becomes unhealthy to the liquidity of the ledger itself. The evidence of this you can see in the 2019 XRP price development. My hope is that BG and his team can somehow turn around the present loss of investor trust and help to preserve unity in the XRP community.
  7. But what happens if there are to many ‘railcars’ and not enough ‘rails’... The ‘railcars’ lie idle and rust away.... if rail or a highway is to be used in an efficient manor than THE AMOUNT OF RAILCARS / CARS MUST BE DIMENSIONED TO THE RAIL / HIGHWAY CAPACITY. An overproduction of railcars/cars/xrp into a limited ‘utility environment’ will lead to.....PROBLEMS. This isn’t rocket science.
  8. Moneygram/ABA Payments (Fed network)/BAKKT, I all expect them to move end of september 2019. Aso the SWIFT R3 connection might go life.
  9. YES ! but.... the (free) warchest of XRP is giving Ripple and its partners/early investors the facility to grow the company at an gigantic speed. A growth which otherwise would only be possible with several additional investment rounds. With 8 company locations around the world and an expanding workforce (+/- 300) Ripple has become a key international player in the remittance industry. Every week new partners link up with Ripple and it is my guess that by now at least 50 % of all the world banks are directly or indirectly linked to Ripplenet. And that includes central banks and other payment providers. Will Ripple win? They have allready won. The question which now lies before us is how fast the Ripplenet engine will switch into next gear. My guess is that it will be within 1 or 2 months. My only concern: A healthy mangement of the XRP price by major stakeholders.
  10. Mmmm.... That might be the reason Ripple is still using Windows 95 and we are all on Windows 10 ? Just curious... Agree with you but enough solid corridors must be in place for utility to rise (the magic switch). Before that Cobalt and enough decentralised validators must be in place. Ripple is getting there with Moneygram supporting a lot of new inrods.
  11. Ripplenet connected via ABA Payments and Ripple partner FIS(Fidelity National Information Services). Just connecting the dots.
  12. When you think about the Fed and The Clearing House then ABA Payments and the link with Ripplenet is in the picture...
  13. I will applaud any idea which wil support a better and stable XRP distribution to countries, institutions, banks, companies, etc... which have a fair use for XRP. However the distribution must be accompanied with an extensive rulebook. Could work because it builds TRUST. And that is what Ripple so badly needs. However at this moment there is simply to much XRP in the market in relation to the present bridge asset (or any) utility. It seems the Ripple management team fails to understand this. If Ripple continues the present route I expect XRP to tank heavily and while they are at it destroy retail investment trust in XRP. Or maybe that is what Ripple want to achieve? At this price it is normal for healthy companies to buy back shares (take them out of the market). What does Ripple do?.... sell more XRP in an arrid (not yet functioning) ecosystem. How stupid can you be? It is simply to much to early. That is not building liquidity but destroying a perfectly healthy asset. The greed and ignorance of a few will destroy a healthy asset (XRP) which could have flourished if well managed. The XRP ecosystem needs so much more work to sustain present levels (price & quantities).
  14. I am seeing a lot of hatred towards this petition which I find strange. Ripple has been selling billions of XRP and for at least 2 years loaded up billions of dollars. Do I care .... No. BUT I do care if Ripple does not make a serious effort to support a progressive price growth for XRP. That is detrimental to the trust in XRP. As far as I can see Ripple has been feeding on their XRP stash partly under the ‘false pretence’ of incentivising the eco-system. True that some cash has reached startups and universities. But most has been used for Ripple operations. What we have here is ‘growing distrust’ in Ripple the company with a negative price development for XRP.
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