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  1. I personally don’t really care. The black triangles (first public appearance above Belgium in 1989) I consider to be a man made and Earth based reversed engineered antigravity craft. These are controlled by deep black ops. The bright accelerating and 90 degree jumping objects I described are probably from extraterrestrial origin. After 40 yrs of research I have some knowledge of the subject. Below the requested picture. And after that back to Ripple and XRP
  2. I’ll see If I can link both pictures for you. 2 MB a piece and made with old Iphone
  3. I am not in the business of beleiving. That is for the religious addicts. I for a fact have seen and taken a picture of a TR3B antigravity black(ops) triangle following 2 ufo’s. So buckle up my friend.
  4. The whole crypto market is manipulated by specialist investor groups. Just hold your positions. They use software bots to manipulatie the price. Now is the time to keep a cool head and buy XRP and BTC. That will frustrate their schemes and will give huge returns from this oversold price.
  5. I wish them luck with their ‘strange control’ attitude. What is necessary is: strong KYC policy and Security Exchange Committee type of control on ICO’s and ‘privacy coins’ which enable illegal trade with unregulated fund transfers. That was easy
  6. No trading in NEO.....WTC.....and XRP..... maybe they also want to stop speaking Chinese High probability of FUD or some misinformed public official. the whole country is on NEO and Walton Chain with ‘high level’ support and exposure..... but no.... all in the garbage bin... so funny this FUD
  7. Minister Hoelstra is just an ordinary FUD-ster. He and is team have no clear understanding how cryptocurrencies work. That became very clear in the Dutch parliament hearing which was held approximately a week ago. RIpple and Stellar have made serious waves during the World Economic Forum in Davos. Adoption of these currencies is taking place as we speak and this development is making the 'old-school-swift-cabal' worried...as it should. These ******** have been taking our money long enough. To my honest opinion the only thing a single country can do is regulate the local crypto exchanges with a Know Your Customer (KYC) policy. This seems to be the international trend. But: "If we want to spend our money on 'crypto-tulips' in stead of 'euro/dollar-tulips' it is our sole decision." (The Euro and the dollar are pumped up currencies held together within the false beleive that they are worth something). That is the reality we live in. Quite a few cryptocurrencies have great real-life economic use-cases and there is generation of crypto specialists, investors and innovative companies who are embracing the development.
  8. cryptoxrp

    The Korea time talking about ripple

    That is because BTC is paired with all the alt-coins and has the 'first-mover' advantage. However these early advantages have less and less value to new investors. With the improving liquidity of XRP and the broad roll-out of Xcurrent and growing Xrapid production and pilot customers the crypto landscape is slowly changing in the favor of Ripple (XRP).
  9. cryptoxrp

    Stellar and Ripple: Set to Clash?

    @Trendkill I would allways pursue the voluntary charitable distribution in this case. But quite often leaders need to receive a clear reminder of what is expected of them for the ‘good of all’ and even more for the greater good of themselves.
  10. World Economic Forum (Davos, Switserland): According to a source that will attend Davos, any partecipants that registered to follow panels related to cryptocurrencies discussed tonight (local-time) in a private meeting two different cryptocurrencies: Ripple and Stellar About Ripple, a person that attended the pre-meeting of Davos said that a leading US bank asked Ripple executives to test its products for a test to start in the next coming months.
  11. cryptoxrp

    Stellar and Ripple: Set to Clash?

    Stellar and Ripple are fishing in the ‘same waters’. It would be smart and wise to respect each other and work together. The world is a bigger ‘playing field’ than we might think. Both XRP and XLM are a mix of central and decentralised functions. Any CEO of these companies suggesting otherwise is simply not telling the truth. Jed Mc Caleb and Chris Larsen should be ashamed to hold and not distribute at least 90% of their holdings among holders of XRP and XLM. Such a re-distribution/hand-out would directly serve real decentralisation and optimise the ‘distributed’ liquidity and stability of both currencies. Without a doubt that would result in a higher Weiss rating in the near future. The world we all live in is about sharing and giving. A fair distribution of wealth in that sense is at the hart of the cryptocurrency movement and ecosystem. I would like to call on both leaders to follow their hart and manage their holdings in the true spirit of the decentralised cryptocurrency movement.
  12. cryptoxrp

    Weiss Ratings Issues First-ever Ratings Grades

    @Coinzee thank you for your time to explain the Weiss Ratings Team XRP 'C' rating. It will not suprise you that when you post in the www.xrpchat.com forum (see above) that you'll stand corrected on any assumptions that your 'valuation metrics' make. After reading the Weiss team post I can not agree with your conclusion about Ripple being clipped "due to heavy centralization and control by its creators". This is what I would call a half-truth. Yes, the creators do have (and I agree with that part of assessment) a disturbing amount of XRP for themselves as early investors and they should part with at least 90 % of those XRP tokens as soon as possible in an orderly manner. BUT the Ripple network (Ripplenet) in its design is a very decentralized system. Especially with the Ripplenet validator updates of the last quarter. @JoelKatz and @Hodor will surely take the time to explain your team how this 'technological wonder' works. For this point 'in my honest opinion' your team is mistaken. Also I find the international 'global' governance structure which has been set-up for the Ripple (XRP) ecosystem in fact to be a VERY STRONG function because it provides intelligent oversight and steering on an international level. This capability is very logical AND also present in the international Central Bank structure for fiat currencies. A big +. The point about price fluctuations I find very weak. On average XRP (in its infancy) is one of the most stable crypto currencies. Yes, there has been one big correction but it has been largely in sync with the market correction which all cryptocoins have had. So why single out XRP? Seems biased to me... My personal rating for XRP would be "B/C". That is because I and many on this forum have serious questions about the creators "disturbing amount of XRP for themselves as early creator-inventors". If nothing is done about that I beleive that alone will continue to have a negative impact on the XRP price development for the foreseeable future.
  13. cryptoxrp

    Weiss Ratings Issues First-ever Ratings Grades

    With the recent (24-01-2018) news that the IDT Corporation and Mercury FX have joined the Ripple family of Xrapid (XRP) customers, clearly the Weiss 'C' rating is old news. Source: http://fortune.com/2018/01/24/ripple-cryptocurrency-bitcoin-xrp-idt/ Additionally this is what the CEO of Mercury FX has to say about XRP: “Digital assets promise fast transaction speeds but XRP is far faster than all of them, including bitcoin. Cutting settlement times from hours and days to just three seconds or less will remove billions of dollars in unnecessary intermediary fees,” said Alastair Constance, CEO and founder of Mercury FX." Source: https://ripple.com/insights/more-global-payment-providers-idt-and-mercuryfx-sign-up-to-use-xrp/
  14. cryptoxrp

    How does xRapid provide liquidity?

    @tulo, please relax. If you want the technical details then ask @JoelKatz . As far as I am concerned we should all be very happy all the details are not public knowledge. There are competitors who would love to have the exact details of the ‘inner-workings’. At least I am trying to give some Info.
  15. cryptoxrp

    How does xRapid provide liquidity?

    Xrapid solves this problem by using XRP liquidity providers. The liquidity providers and marketmakers use, lock and transact the best available fiat-pair for the transaction. All this is done in +/- 4 seconde. On the Ripple website you can find a complete explanation of hoe it works. Just in case I made a mistake... www.ripple.com - Solutions - Source Liquidity