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  1. @Harishka You are absolutely correct. This will be sustained global monetary liquidity at a higher price. Don’t expect ‘a moonshot’ but a price around the $ 1,- mark is more or less expected. With some fluctuations before that mark is reached.
  2. Your own opinion and without a source to back it up. Clearly new payment functionality is going on-line within days/week(s). It is the normal way a bank lets its customers know (via its interfaces). With the excellent relation the Thai bank has with other Xrapid customers this time its only a ‘simple switch in XCurrent 4.0.... (and most likely a middleware upgrade)
  3. @Julian_Williams @panmores Where there is smoke there usually is fire. In this case there is a verfied accountholder of the Thai bank claiming he got a pop-up whilst logging in telling about the impending fast payment change. Together this makes a ‘small fire’. For reference please see the video of Sam I Am ‘To the lifeboats’. The twitter source: https://twitter.com/SCuBaMaN_XRP
  4. Maybe I am getting carried away.... but just imagine if Ripple has allready sold most of its escrowed XRP but is still holding it for the buyers. Central Banks, Institutions and other interested parties. It would explain the drop in sales... and it would explain a probable incentive for a higher price. It would be interesting to ask BG if they have done any ‘pre release escrow selling’. And if they are holding XRP for their customers.... ‘safe-keeping’.... custody....
  5. @Julian_Williams Tnx for the links. After listening to the video it is clear that AKBank is doing payments using the Ripple blockchain. If they are also doing settlements using XRP has not been communicated. However with XCurrent 4.0 they have the option to use XRP. Considering their long track record with Ripple and other early adapters (Santander etc...) that step seems to be very small.
  6. The name Robinhood does not seem to fit an exchange that does not dare to trade XRP for its customers (the billions of unbanked on the globe). It is more of an insult to the name Robinhood (the hero who fights for the right cause (XRP), the weak & suppressed(unbanked)).
  7. @Julian_Williams @zenkert @Hodor Additional info we might have missed: Link to the ProgressSoft site: https://www.progressoft.com/news/progresssoft-ripple-and-nbk-launch-cross-border-live-payments-in-kuwait-and-jordan
  8. Excellent news. The new world reserve currency (XRP) is being prepped for a grand entrance into the global financial theatre. It is moving into it's rightful place.
  9. Very true ... might also be the reason that the USA (Trump with trade war running out of options) is showing muscle in the middle east. Using digital assets (XRP) to 'unpeg' the US dollar as a global reserve currency would be very smart indeed.
  10. I have seen this video some weeks ago. Very interesting. Tnx for sharing in this thread.
  11. Source video: "The forum concludes that settling payments using XRP has many advantages over the USD in terms of speed, price, and security. They believe that it will take about five more years to see XRP take that market away from the dollar for good. Mind you, this is not a conclusion coming out of an XRP fan or bull (of which there are plenty) but from a group of Wall Street insiders which have not had the friendliest attitude towards cryptocurrencies in general over the last decade. So listening to them could be a particularly good idea." Source: https://www.tronweekly.com/ripple-future-wall-street-forum-talks-about-xrp/ Edit: After I have fully listened to the video I personally do not endorse the full conclusion of the above source (link). But without a doubt a very interesting viewing with at the end clearly a believe that 'friendly (Ripple) and wel regulated crypto currencies will be used in a global function'.
  12. This video fits into the news perfectly! Linking the systems is beneficial to all parties concerned.
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