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  1. "In a report that was published about a week ago, an insider’s statement was made public of the intention of the companies to partner pretty soon. According to the statement, the firms were having discussions and consultations with the headlines of the partnership expected to be huge when published." Has anyone seen this report? Additional sources are welcome. Source: https://smartereum.com/19667/ripple-price-prediction-2018-can-the-partnership-of-ripple-xrp-and-j-p-morgan-skyrocket-the-value-of-xrp-to-5-this-year-news-today-news-analysis-today-tue-nov-20/
  2. cryptoxrp

    One more to go

    If you don't sell you don't loose..... another 2 weeks and hopefully we'll see some real traction.
  3. @spiras Excellent analysis. I completely agree, the war has just begun. We need institutional and enterprise users/investors to break the back of these BTC whales. If the whales are gone then BTC can go back to being the first mover value coin. There is enough business for all coins with solid usecases. These attacks and price swings are created by ‘idiots at the wheel’. It is hurting all coins.
  4. @Hodor Just to let you know about the new 'paper wallet' functionality of the XRPTipbot. “Until now the XRP TipBot has been available for the XRP Community. With the new “Paper Accounts”, it will be as easy as handing out a sheet of paper to get someone started and tip (gift) the first XRP. The “Paper Account”-receiver doesn’t even have to be on Twitter (or reddit/Discord). With the “Paper Accounts” adoption outside of the XRP community may just be around the corner” Source: https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-can-now-be-handed-via-paper-account-tipbots-new-secret-feature-announced-by-creator/
  5. cryptoxrp

    Craig Wright Goes After XRP: 'XRP Is a Security'

    Craig Wright is just a silly misguided soul who needs ‘medical attention’.... may he recover from his psycholgical breakdown and that he may find a way in his heart to accept that XRP is such a wonderful ASSET to own.
  6. cryptoxrp

    Looking for Alert App XRP to XLM

    You’ll be throwing a party today with the gains XRP is making on BTC.... and today is just the beginning.
  7. What a beautiful sight watching investors exchanging their BTC into XRP today. Lets welcome all these new enlightend souls who have finally found the right path...
  8. cryptoxrp

    SAP + Ripple + ATB

    This earlier thread will give you more info to work with:
  9. ...but this USD stablecoin is as weak as the USD itself. The USD is a fluctuating currency walking on its last legs and pretends to be the currency countries must use. Many countries want to get rid of it. It is evident that XRP is the knight in shining armor with all the essential next generation functionality. It will be the ‘international coin of choice’.
  10. Good point. Will take your advice. But great to see XRP decoupling and now gaining on BTC.
  11. And to put some ‘icing on the cake’ .... XRP is in second spot again And XRP will take first place soon ...
  12. ESMIG (hybrid) role is: "The objective here is that the payments and securities markets participants will use ESMIG as a single gateway to connect to a consolidated market infrastructure." "The solution that we are now rolling out in Europe for TIPS and RT1 is the first stage for our participants to be connected to the new unified market infrastructure" "This means that customers will not have to install a new payment gateway every time they want to connect to a new instant payment system, saving them time, resources and money. This is vital to a rapid deployment of faster payment systems." It's all about connectivity imho. And if the TAS Gateway is used... (TAS is preferred supplier) "Since the beginning, TAS Group has been at the heart of the pan-European central infrastructures thanks to business domain expertise and innovative technological platforms. Now entering this very busy and exciting period, we continue our dedication to servicing the Eurosystem, major European Central Banks and commercial banks." source: https://www.tasgroup.eu/tas-media-room/tips From Reddit, SR2018 will be MANDATORY on the 18th (november). It may have been available for a while, but without everyone upgraded the API can't be used. Once mandatory every SWIFT transaction will have a UETR or not get processed. This enables any of the 11,000 banks in the SWIFT network to be recipients of transactions via the API which SWIFT built to enable Ripplenet (and a few others) to integrate with SWIFTnet. The 4,000 banks that will suddenly be able to use Ripplenet will be able to do so because their back end software provider is a company called Temenos. They've come out and said in several releases they have integrated with Ripple. SAP has done the same, and they represent 40k corporate customers. Then there's TASS group and the payment hubs. . . @Paradox your last comment "there is NOWHERE NEAR enough liquidity for XRP to start handling large institutional payments (>10 million USD)" is spot on. Many of us beleive that this problem can be solved by an orchestrated increase of the XRP price. See the following Q and A document for how this can be done. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lqNRyD_0p78p1byoLmd2O7C3WAuZNJVS/view
  13. Swift themselves have stated that the ESMIG is ISO20022 compliant so I don't see the problem. Also Swift themselves have as I wil kindly state again (read below): Quote The solution that we are now rolling out in Europe for TIPS and RT1 is the first stage for our participants to be connected to the new unified market infrastructure, and we are putting forward three examples of its added value: 1. It is the initial step towards ESMIG. [The SWIFT gateway (by TAS Group) is the connecting node] 2. It re-uses the SWIFT infrastructure that participants have already in place in terms of procedures, connectivity to the operating centres and support facilities as well as the security features that are used to sign the messages. 3. Our SWIFTNet Instant solution is what we call “multi-CSM” (clearing AND SETTLEMENT) – a single interface that market participants can use to connect to EBA Clearing’s solution [with Ripplenet] or the Eurosystem platform or indeed any other future payment solutions that will offer such connectivity. ["such connectivity".... that is imho the instant clearing and settlement via Ripplenet.... smells like XRapid] This means that customers will not have to install a new payment gateway every time they want to connect to a new instant payment system, saving them time, resources and money. This is vital to a rapid deployment of faster payment systems. - [The last sentence is referring to strategic infrastructure decisions dating from 2016] By Carlo Palmers, head of payment market infrastructures, SWIFT........{thank you Carlo]. Unquote I do agree that all of the above is connecting the dots. So we still have to wait and see what will really happen!
  14. Could have been in one of the youtube channel video's the last few days. Been researching 'round the clock'. Also added significantly to my XRP position. I always put my money where my mouth is.
  15. What I mean is that on monday the SWIFT European Single Market Infrastructure Gateway (ESMIG) is connected and upgraded. So if TAS now states: "Ripple is integrated into our Network Gateway suite where we have developed the network adaptor for this protocol. We have performed benchmarking and pilot testing, although there are no live deployments at present." then they are in fact telling the truth. But after this weekend, with the ESMIG connected and upgraded, 11000 SWIFT banks can connect directly with Ripplenet. And that includes usage of the ISO 20022 message standard. I read that all large payment gateways will be upgraded in november (also ACI payment gateway). I can't find the source....pfff