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  1. I am definitely going. Really looking forward to the meet-up.
  2. cryptoxrp

    XRP TipBot Poll

    Great to see the XRP Tipbot getting some attention. @JoelKatz What I truely hope is that a ceative group of entrepreneurs and software engineers will be able to create a simple peer to peer XRP payment app (with QR code reader) which will be able to transact payments in French, English, Spanish and German and enter and see the respective online value of the XRP transaction in the local currency of the country of use. This simple intuïtive app should give any Iphone of Android user an easy XRP pay and settlement experience.
  3. Great reactions. In it for the tech and the alternate way of holding and using cash. To own a digital asset that is not controlled by governments gives me a true feeling of freedom. To be part of this forum gives me daily joy in supporting one of the greatest value (cash) transformations since the gold standard. And I seriously hope and believe with all my heart that Warren Buffet (so called value investor) will be very very wrong about is negative perception on crypto.
  4. The big difference between JPM coin and XRP is that JP Morgan can go bankrupt which makes the coin potentially worthless. XRP has and international - global value and transacts with all fiat and assets. This value is intrinsic to the transaction system and problem that it solves. If XRP is used (which it is) it has a (near fixed) system value. The more it is used/adopted the higher and stable it’s value. What JP Morgan is trying to sell is quite dangerous to JP Morgan account holders. They are in fact creating money out of thin air which is only valuable within the borders of the company. Just imagine a sitation where the dollar value of JP Morgan is low and accountholders want to leave the company. Ohh... sorry sir you’ll have to wait for checking out as we are a bit low on dollar liquidity.... oh yes.... and the directors of the company have already checked out and our now living in the Bahamas... To all JP Morgan accountholders. Don’t fall for this white collar (near criminal) manipulation of your dollar assets.
  5. @moncho If I can somehow assist you with your efforts, let me know. I have an email contact with Wietse Wind and have some creative thoughts on making a ver simple multi langual XRP payment app based on sms/txt XRP.
  6. Maybe the answer for El Salvador is to just transfer US dollars into XRP and not transfer back to US dollars. Just pay each other with XRP. Get rid of US dollars. Don't forget that a US dollar is just a piece of '(un)trusted value'. Nothing more. If XRP becomes that piece of 'trusted value' you don't need US dollars at all. At this point in time it would be very smart for the El Salvador government to start making that switch to XRP. They would become the first government to use XRP for it's local currency. It could make El Salvador and it's population one of the richest countries in the world. I expect that to be very near the truth in years to come. As you can sms/text XRP to XRP account holders even the most basic telephones can be used for payments. See Wytse Wind payment & tipbot solution for starters. Just my 2 cents.
  7. We will have a great weekend. Finally exchanges are beginning to see that XLM is just a lousy managed and technical weak copycat of XRP. The project is doomed to fail. Indeed if Mc Caleb wants to make some cash he better hold on to his XRP.
  8. Excellent advise. The only thing she’ll be doing in a few years is ...
  9. “We are in production.” ..... Hearing that from the mouth of Alastair Constance is just magic. Also the amount of support he is giving to the XRapid settlement service is interesting. Alastair sees the ‘bigger picture’. Great to have Mercury-Fx working with Ripple. The future for XRapid and XRP is very bright
  10. But you first have to buy LBA to get good rates....... thats a strange selling practice.... The thought that crosses my mind is that with the cash I am paying for LBA they can pay my interest...
  11. Source to this info is the Tencent Cloud Blog, link: https://tencentcloud.io/2018/05/07/how-china-is-running-forward-with-blockchain/ ”Tencent embraces Ripple currency The most effective thing a company of Tencent’s size and scale can do for the development of digital currency is to infuse some capital into various platforms. Tencent recently threw its support behind the Ripple payment protocol, pledging $2 billion to the project in March 2018. Over the course of the next year, Tencent will convert that $2 billion into Ripple cryptocurrency to be used across different applications within the Tencent ecosystem. Ripple is an especially attractive digital payment protocol for banks and other financial institutions due to the fact that transactions are fast, relatively inexpensive to process and highly secure thanks to blockchain technology. By both providing monetary support to the currency and incorporating it into popular platforms like WeChat and QQ, Tencent has given Ripple the best chance possible to catch on with users in China. Blockchain technology requires a great deal of computing power to operate, and Tencent Cloud can provide all the resources needed to maintain ideal performance and uptime levels. BaaS solutions like TrustSQL will continue to grow in demand, and Tencent Cloud solutions help organizations develop their own tools and integrate them into popular applications.”
  12. Excellent news. Many of us deeply detest the stranglehold of the 'US military backed petro dollar' on the world economy. I pray and hope that Iran can and will now trade it's oil in free cryptocurrencies. Let XRP be the Iranian choice of crypto for true economical freedom.
  13. Exactly and well said. The problem is that the new generation does not trust JP Morgan (especially after 2008)...... The one thing they can be trusted for is to bring JPM account holders in serious financial problems with creative assets like Credit Default Swaps and other ****** paper & digital assets. This is what JP Morgan does with your and tax payers money (in case anyone forgets). Link: https://dealbook.nytimes.com/2008/03/18/jpmorgans-12-billion-bailout/ JP Morgan is an outdated company with a focus on 'bla bla bla bla' whilst filling management and directors pockets. Don't go there with your cash.
  14. It will be interesting to see who will trust JP Morgans stable coin. It’s like ‘printing digital stamps backed by.....???’ As long as banks do not trust each other...... and they have never done.... stable coins (bank owned private coins with counterparty risk) will be a failure. Banks do have a tendency to go bankrupt and change the ‘standard conditions’ of agreements. Not to be trusted. It’s like buying a digital IOU from a bank... you cannot buy anything with them... ‘absolutely useless’ (Tnx Donald Trump for the quote).
  15. Excellent suggestion. Get the Central banks and IMF involved by ‘XRP incentive’.... quite a few xrpchat members have suggested this in the past. We need IMF and Central banks for ‘XRP as global bridge currency’. @JoelKatz The Central Banks and IMF can provide assistance with International regulation and trust.
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