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  1. So true my friend. ETH is still in development like all the other smart contract systems. At present it needs a ‘free pass’ from the SEC to compete. But as soon as that ‘advantage’ is gone it will succumb to better and faster tech. In fact Ethereum is in a worse position then the competition whilst they have to succeed with ETH 2.0 to stay alive. So the VHS comparison imho is flawed.
  2. After investigating this space I know exactly what I am talking about. JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are trying to throw ‘sand in our eyes’ whilst choosing winners and losers and investing in the winners. This has been their game for ages. And this is wat it is now for Ethereum.
  3. The reason why this ‘old tech’ is flourishing is because JP Morgan (& obscure friends) is pushing it like a crack dealer and it has the unexplained ‘exception ruling’ (free pass) by the SEC rats. It stinks and other chains are ‘held back’… Yes indeed follow the (dirty) money in this case. 🤮
  4. The Ethereum killers are near ‘lift off’. The full XRPL/Flare finance and Cardano blockchain ecosystems will be unleashed on this expensive to program, slow, high fees Ethereum network. And there is no guarantee that Ethereum 2.0 will be able to compete. Personally I believe that ETH 2.0 will be ‘patchwork’ where a complete redesign from the gound up is necessary. So network effect of not, Ethereum is old tech.
  5. First epoch was approx 3% and the second epoch approx 2%. So 5 % in the first 2 weeks. I expect it to level out somewhere around 1 % each week.
  6. My observation of the Ethereum blockchain is that it’ s real decentralization due to the expected version 2 implementation (in the 2nd quarter of 2022) is questionable. If the upgrade failes or is less than users and programmers expect from it, it will become a legacy system within a year and a migration to faster and cheaper (transaction fees) smart contract blockchains will commence. Flare(Finance)/XRPL and Cardano will be the next best options in the near future. With Ripple now stimulating nft development with a $ 250 million package, having a solution for the offline proof of payment xPOP on XRPL (like Cardano already has) and showcasing federated sidechains the future for the XRPL is bright (Federated Sidechains give developers an opportunity to launch new features and innovative applications built on foundational XRP Ledger technology, like a smart sidechain with Hooks enabled. Developers can also create private or public sidechains, with public sidechains available for the community to leverage for various use cases.). All we need now is that SEC ‘ratface’ Gary Gensler is somehow put back in his cage. The guy has developed to be the biggest ‘moron’ of 2021. What a looser holding on to the ancient Howey test for crypto ecosystems.
  7. You could be right on that one. But still there is a ‘cloud of darkness’ around this subject and Bitstamp is not clearing it up. I find the behavior of the exchange very disturbing.
  8. Not 100% sure but seems ignorant & stupid to not claim around +/- 1,6 million dollars a week. And one thing I do know is that the new Bitstamp owner is a shark. Trust you have to earn imho. If anyone can help me to find their XRP cold storages (addres). Please help.
  9. Again, I agree with your assessment but it is public knowledge that 95 % of Bitstamp holdings are in multi sig cold storage. That would be an approximate SGB claim of 115 million SGB. That is calculated from their known wallet. Bitstamp 5 % hot wallet rDsbeomae4FXwgQTJp9Rs64Qg9vDiTCdBv (Check it out) The 5.74 million SGB in their known wallet has not yet been claimed. However what has happened with their XRP cold storage wallet with 115 million SGB in it? That is 766 million XRP during the XRP snapshot. Question: can you provide us the cold storage address for real transparency? Than we can all see if the SGB claim has been made or not. If you can’t then my wish for transparency stands. By the way the delegation rewards for the cold storage SGB are approx. 1,6 million dollars per week.
  10. That is true. But the pie in the beginning is the largest and the exchanges can steel the rewards of their clients in the first weeks. The exchanges know that. It is ‘free’ money for them. (let’s have some transparency here).
  11. I'll be off Bitstamp completely after this airdrop. (unless they come with a damn good explanation)
  12. They better airdrop before the EXFI airdrop on the 5 th of november !!!
  13. Timeframe of SGB release to real owners please? And the return is even more than 3%. I guessed FTSO nr 2 and 3 which was easy and anyone could do that. So as Bitstamp is preventing us to delegate our SGB we are losing out 10 thousands of dollars which can easily be pocketed by Bitstamp and we will never know about it… answer that one my friend. So as long as Bitstamp is not handing over our SGB we are all loosing out on delegation returns and 10 thousands of dollars!!! Luckily most of mine were self custody (never trust exchanges?). What is Bitstamp doing with our SGB at this time? Do you know the answer? So stop harassing me, the real culprit is Bitstamp for not clearing up when they are handing over our SGB tokens. And their answer ‘when they are ready’ reminds me of the bank cartel practices. Bitstamp should be transparent if they really care about their customers and provide a timeline which they have not done so far!!!
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