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  1. This morning at around that time, almost every coin bounced up. I am daytrading a bit as well and my bot sold around 10-15 positions (out of 50) within a 10 minutes timefrime this morning.
  2. Uphold/Cred must be taking a commission on the XRP they lend out. Would there be any way in which I can lend my digital assets without the help of a third party?
  3. Should Bitcoin be exploited in the not so far future, let's say within two years, then it could have a devastating effect on the crypto space in general, including XRP. After a year or two, I expect that also the general public knows that XRP is really something different.
  4. Is there a reason as to why a casino would want to stick to one currency? Why not accept multiple currencies and do the actual gambling with some 'stable' token pegged to the dollar (or whatever currency). The only thing you'd need is a small charge for conversions, so that the casino can obtain more XRP (or whatever coin) at an exchange if there is a lot of demand for XRP.
  5. I'd be very happy if we end up at $1.50 at the end of the year.
  6. I've seen the Inverse H&S on a number of places, it might become a self fulfilling prophecy.
  7. I would say that is a good start in the decoupling. It changes the perspective. Maybe in the future we are not saying anymore that one TRX is 530 sats, but instead it's it's 50000 drops or 1/20th XRP.
  8. Or put it differently; suppose XRP is the #1 on CMC in 2021. Which coin is most likely to be #2? I'm pretty sure that it'll be BTC.
  9. Some countries have a wealth tax. Crypto can be used to avoid/evade those taxes.
  10. I'm expecting some EOY gains as people from some countries are buying to evade/avoid taxes.
  11. Or if it doesn't change, you could open a Wallet as a Service company, just like the exchanges are working with the destination tags.
  12. I can also recall an event earlier this year where XRP went down to half the price it was trading (or something like that) for a short while at BitStamp. Apparently someone made an error when selling a large amount of zerps. https://cryptovest.com/news/ripple-xrp-sees-flash-crash-with-allegedly-manipulative-order/ for the coverage at the time
  13. Wat bij mij al een hoop geholpen heeft is Blockfolio (of Delta) te wissen van mijn telefoon. Ik vind het al een stuk beter gaan als ik een keer per dag (of soms minder) de prijs check.
  14. I noticed that Delta changed the symbol as well (and maybe the name too, but I am not sure about that)
  15. I guess all these fudsters coming here is the price of progress. Crypto in general is much more mainstream than it was a year ago.
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