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  1. Patience and the acceptance of it, if we can personally solve that riddle we'll all settle into a better place, it should come - have confidence in the investment and it's utility, don't over extend and there's no worries.
  2. Agree 100%. This is not the volume we'll see in the long run. If it mirrors last week, tiny up tic, it'll move sideways the rest of the week - if something else happens..then we can reconvene.
  3. Is this odd to anyone else? Sorry everyone, wrong convo. edit: Apology. Ha.
  4. I could tell you but I'm under a strict iHob NDA
  5. Asked for access as well, but denied. Bummed, I have beautiful foil, creased and well taken care of...
  6. Just looking across a couple coins. XRP, NEO, ETH, XLM, ADA, LTC, all turned back up at 14:00. Interesting coin-cidences.
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