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  1. I would say that @Eric123 has been pretty spot on with his predictions and TA. Nobody can predict when a whale or group of whales cause a huge spike down. Looks to me like everything has recovered pretty damn well.
  2. What’s your time frame on the big run? Weeks? Still closer to end of year ?
  3. Just saw that too. I'm sure they probably do lol. wish i could hear that phone call.
  4. What happens now @Eric123 I can’t find your post explaining
  5. So close to $42k… just break and get it over with!
  6. When should this next move happen ? Days? Weeks?
  7. I’ll be taking profits around $2.50-3 to recoop origional investment. Hopefully we aren’t nearing the end of the run like some people in other threads suggest
  8. Waiting patiently for our next move up... $1.55 is boring lol
  9. A little bit of green, let’s see if she has some more steam
  10. I added more xrp at $1.50 😂 hope we go back up soon
  11. @Seoulite knowing your short term thoughts, I am curious to know what you think may happen “long term”? What’s your 6-12 month thoughts? Thanks!
  12. Lmao we have higher market cap than binance coin but still after them on CMC.
  13. What exactly are we looking at here ? If we don’t break through that down line or channel we could be going down to $1? Or am I misinterpreting it
  14. Hopefully we get another run at $2 and break through this time. It’s thinking about it lol
  15. Go back to bed when you wake up it’ll be up another 40 cent 😂
  16. Thanks for your insight! I enjoy reading your posts
  17. Do you expect to see a test at $2 tonight or tomorrow or is this a sideways movement type of thing for a while ?
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