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  1. @Eric123 so what makes it to where this time it should keep going past 40k in February or March where as last run it got to 20k then and crashed all the way down thanks for all of your help! I check in daily
  2. I dont know the answer to your question but ill give my opinion. I wouldn't be risking that during these times! I personally don't see it going to .39 again, looks like to me btc is testing 9500, we may follow soon. Again, i have no idea what i am talking about..just guessing
  3. So my hitbtc registered email address has gotten hacked or deleted (very old email) anyways I contacted support to get this changed over and verified so I could withdraw my funds. They said they can’t do it etc etc and then finally asked for proof such as drivers license, picture of face up near email AND TO MAKE ANOTHER DEPOSIT TO HITBTC FROM A PREVIOUSLY USED ADDRESS.... okay fine we’ll i did all that and how I can’t get a reply from anybody. So I have now sent more funds to the site (luckily it wasn’t much) and can’t get anything off. Anybody know now what I can do?
  4. ?? I think he meant that XRP's style is NOT best suitable for day trading....rather the opposite. XRP DOESN'T go up and down instantly with news...it takes weeks, sometimes months before it moves on news which is why it is BEST to hodl. ????
  5. Are you expecting we go up less than the previous 15x this go around or more than 15x?
  6. Well i would say since every other time we had good news or something happen, xrp always goes up but not immediately...might be a week from now that we see the pump we were looking for...
  7. You sir seem to always be correct in your posts lmao. It’s actually great. Thank you
  8. I think we’re supposed to be accumulating in these times. What say you? @Eric123
  9. Well, you say if btc does x60 then alts will likely do even more than that, and x60 puts us around that 20-24 range depending on where you start it. I was hoping for $20-25 for my cashout point and i am almost sure it will reach that, but the question is....will it be this bull run, or 2 from now.. where do i cash out THIS time. I missed out last bullrun and was greedy. lol
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