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  1. Thanks for the updates @Eric123 I am so ready for some bull action. It's been way too long. lol
  2. @Eric123 so by feb 8th if it plays out we should be around $12k btc? Go baby go
  3. Looking good. It seems 9k is a tough resistance
  4. Finally something exciting! Looks like good volume on bitcoin as well
  5. So now that we've been holding above the $8,002.00 bitcoin all day, what do you reckon our next move is - anything soon?
  6. Assuming this likely won’t happen over the weekend?
  7. I hope something happens soon, regardless of the direction lol. This is extremely boring.
  8. I enjoy your charts too @Molten! And hope you’re around when the actual bullrun takes place as well to give some tips and charting! thanks
  9. Xrp at $25-29 in 5 months or did I interpret wrong? What was the later “w1” $2.80-4 number Thanks
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