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  1. I have some of the same concerns as iLEET. I have a business and just downloaded xrptipbot, and this new xrpayments app... well what app does the customer use to scan my QR code?? I am having troubles with this, it's confusing. Also.. if i am in a business where the product is a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, is this able to be used or am i wasting my time trying to learn how to offer it to customers
  2. now you're talking. no need for a "black card" ill take the blue one
  3. this is the big question... do i sell again at $3.80 or do i hold! lol
  4. Btc already 5k, and XRP is almost at 3B volume. Wow! Weren’t we around 6-7b volume when we had the $3 run up?
  5. Good call Eric! Wow. You seem to be the only one that’s been reliably calling moves. guesses on where we end up? It’s shooting up quick
  6. Once the 100 day crosses 200 day, is that when signs of movement should start?
  7. Oh man this is getting exciting! Thanks for the consistency!
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