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  1. I’ve heard that recently and I begin to ask myself if I’ll have the steady hands to hold past $5-8 lol.
  2. You’re 100% correct. A few more months doesn’t mean much at this point! HOWEVER lol I hope we are all incorrect and we pull another end of December rally Wait that was a dream I had.... 😂
  3. Let’s hope! Read your other post and April sounds so far away. Lol
  4. I guess the question is what would the price need to be for the $5-6trillion a day movement
  5. I wish I had the guts to. I held from $3.80 all the way down to now so I think I’ll just hold it a little longer. Lol
  6. I agree it would be rough seeing it drop below .20 I don’t want to buy anymore but at the same time if it’s .14-16 then it may be tough for me to say no
  7. Aren't we basically still just following bitcoin? sure there are a few coins that are pumping...but sounds like a dangerous game to me. What coins do you suggest looking at for gains in the short term? Thanks
  8. Yes. Weak hands. - no clue what you just said 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Shaking out the weak hands... looks to be working as planned.
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