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  1. lol. All i can think of is that in the next month or so a lot of cool things happened in the crypto space in 2017. Hopefully we have a repeat x10 lol.
  2. @AlejoMoreno why didn’t bitcoin recently hold its 14k gain? Same can be said with every single crypto currently
  3. @dr_ed please update with what cryptohawk says!
  4. well that's sad. hopefully another leg happens.we need to get above this .31.32 price I think
  5. It will be very interesting to see which way this plays out. It’s hard to imagine bro dumping and everything else shooting up, but I definitely believe it can happen! Btc dominance is high, so
  6. If it weren’t for finding this forum long ago, I could see myself panic selling. Thankfully this forum and specifically this thread has made me realize the market cycles and the repetitions that have Been happening so far.
  7. @Eric123 Very similar patterns! Exciting times, keep us updated!
  8. bitcoin dominance 70% oh boy thats high, isnt it? lol
  9. not sure why it would do different than previous bull runs.... it would look something more like $3200 to $400,000 to $20,000 Seems like each run there was a 2,000% or higher increase. 2,000 being the low number. Bitcoin could be well above 400k IMO.
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