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  1. There’s great volumn now it looks like. It’s moving quickly
  2. Sweet! So maybe I missed what you said, but what does it mean now that we are above the 50 day EMA? thanks!
  3. Oh boy. Let’s see what happens. I appreciate the updates!
  4. Sounds good to me 👌🏻
  5. What’s your guess for percentage or price gain for late first quarter/second quarter 2020?
  6. See this is what makes me nervous, I tell myself next bullrun im selling since I didn’t last time. Well I’m afraid we’ll go up to that 6.5k btc level I’ll sell, then it shoots up another 5-10x. Lol. If it were to raise straight to $3-4 I’d feel OK selling, because I think we’d retrace, however $2? I’m not so sure
  7. Thanks for posting these! I appreciate it
  8. I’m ready for it! Luckily I am not eager or have the need to sell, but it would be nice for a pump!
  9. I will definitely be selling if it reaches triple digits ! I was thinking more along the lines of say it goes to $4-6, do you think it will hold around there or drop back down just like the last bull run?
  10. Wow that is very similar. Question: if it follows the previous chart and we do get a bull run, would you say we stop at 4-5x like the previous or do you think it goes higher? At that point, would you suggest taking profit or do you expect it to hold and that be the new low/norm? i was greedy last Bullrun and didn’t sell a single xrp, and rode it all the way back down, so I may try a different approach this time lol.
  11. Normally when people think BTC is going to Zero, it infact does the opposite so I think we are nearing the bottom lol
  12. Just doesn’t seem it’s ready for takeoff yet!
  13. Wooo! Now let’s see what happens!
  14. I just realized this is for BTC. Do you also expect dramatic price actioncfor xrp?
  15. Have we crossed over the line? Looks like we’re moving up for now edit: and I never purchased. Damnit!