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  1. Yeah I’ve been patiently waiting something to happen. Hopefully soon!
  2. looks like we are approaching 10k again, hope we get through!
  3. hopefully we recover. I’m tired of seeing red
  4. Thank you! Little bit of rioting but other than that can’t complain. You too!
  5. Looks like everything is going as planned. Exciting times, knowing what you know now what time frame would you put on the next bullrun? 1 month? 5 months? thanks
  6. So what’s your thoughts on xrp price in the coming 15-30 days?
  7. It was refreshing to wakeup to green. Hope this keeps up and hope the fear is behind us
  8. at what price does bitcoin become unprofitable to mine? It can’t be much lower?
  9. East coast all over now has cases It seems, stay safe and healthy everyone. Hope the gains continue throughout the weekend.
  10. I was getting nervous. Bought in right at .23 and was crossing my fingers we didn’t fall much more. Hopefully that was a good entry short term!
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