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  1. Let’s hope!! Watching it like a hawk lol, I need to set some alerts up on my phone
  2. I read someone on Twitter saying xrps chart is a perfect wyckoff accumulation example and it’s about to hopefully break up. Do you also agree with that ?
  3. How long do you think it’ll take before this issue gets resolved @Eric123 yiu think we will still get our bull run?
  4. It appears so. Do you know their withdrawal limit ?
  5. I have not heard of that before. I am not sure the main ones are kraken, coinbase, bitstamp etc. I don’t think bitstamp is in the us though, and bitstamp/coinbase won’t be trading xrp come the new year...
  6. I don’t think so lol. Looking for a good exchange that is trustworthy.
  7. Being a US citizen... our beloved goes to $10-20 the next bullrun, then what? Where do we sell or take profits now that all the main exchanges like coinbase are halting trading? what a shit show.
  8. Do you see xrp pulling through for a bull market still ?
  9. You seem to be correct I hope it happens! @Eric123
  10. Sold some at .62 and rebought at .46.. first time taking a little profit in a long time lol
  11. Sold some at .62..... won’t be selling anymore lol too stressful. I’ll see where this dump lands and refill my stack before it goes back up lol
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