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  1. i am also looking forward to it. thanks @Eric123
  2. Happy new year everyone and let’s hope to break above the line soon!
  3. Hope you’re right! We’ve waited a long time 👌🏻
  4. $4.30 being the top of this bull market? Or just near term?
  5. I’ve noticed xrp moving up to 1.08 then back down to 1.03-1.05…. Few times now.
  6. After the $51,500 price breaks, when’s our next likely resistance ?
  7. @Eric123 how long until you expect it to break the down trend line ?
  8. I would say that @Eric123 has been pretty spot on with his predictions and TA. Nobody can predict when a whale or group of whales cause a huge spike down. Looks to me like everything has recovered pretty damn well.
  9. What’s your time frame on the big run? Weeks? Still closer to end of year ?
  10. Just saw that too. I'm sure they probably do lol. wish i could hear that phone call.
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