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  1. Also you need to understand were your information is coming from for example Kyle Samani: Kyle is a serial technology entrepreneur from Austin, TX. Prior to founding Multicoin, Kyle founded Pristine, which built software for Google Glass for use by surgeons. Prior to Pristine, Kyle worked for VersaSuite, a healthcare IT company that builds electronic medical records for hospitals. Tushar Jain: Tushar is a serial tech entrepreneur from NYC. Prior to founding Multicoin, Tushar founded ePatientFinder, a healthcare IT company specializing in data science to identify patients who are eligible for clinical trials. Prior to ePatientFinder, Tushar worked for major financial institutions. He held roles in underwriting. Anyone can create a website and call it Multicoin Capital. These guys should go back to their DJ'n back yard spinning parties and leave the analysis to credited professionals. Just my salty .02 T
  2. Errrrrrr Do some more research before you type. "In its current form, Ripple also faces significant centralization risk because of Ripple Inc.’s control of network servers" 100% not true XRP is more decentralized then XBT now. Most good points but like all things no one really knows how the customers of Ripple will adopt the tech. We are all guessing at this point. Lets talk after Dec. This guy is definitely a holder of Ether or XBT. or both T
  3. Crazy idea...... wow. You have a TV in the house? If so go watch it for a bit (Get off the computer).
  4. Yep **** day for sure..... Ripple marketing is terrible... Its no wonder many of the crypto community steer clear of xrp. Ripple great post (tweet) congrats.
  5. Question this Alice does she work for ripple? Ok.... this is true... man crazy week for xrp holders. I hate this F`n tweet part
  6. Where is the tweet with ripple saying they have news? Can someone send me the link. Did ripple post this?
  7. Could be..... Visa? https://www.coindesk.com/credit-card-giant-visa-hints-digital-asset-service-plans/
  8. I dissagree with this part ` Also, for the past two days us Koreans woke up in the morning and was greeted by big increases in price, meaning it's actually you guys out there boosting the prices . As I write this we here are hoping before bed that the prices increase further while we sleep, so keep it going guys!` https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/ripple-price-starts-to-make-waves-on-korean-exchanges/ https://www.coindesk.com/xrp-price-climbs-40-amid-heightened-korean-won-volume/ The volume is coming from Korean exchange for whatever reason..... and its really interesting to see the XRP ledger slowing down (normal 2-3sec) https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance/ two more days....
  9. Now this is interesting.... nice find.... Now get some sleep lol
  10. Me two.... I find myself posting less and less here.... too much...... cy
  11. `Just saying their media team usually pushes something out daily on twitter even if it's just a fluff piece.` Their media team always sends me stuff I already know. `Ripple Insights` = `Ripple Hind Sights`
  12. lol That made me laugh... I like a sick mind!!!! Get back to work!
  13. BTW nice work I`m forever trying to find out what is going on down in your parts.....
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