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  1. Hodlezerper

    What I have learnt as a 12 month hodler

    RIght, but for sake of understanding the concept. lol
  2. Hodlezerper

    What I have learnt as a 12 month hodler

    Got it. So total potential satoshis would be 2.1 quadrillion. XRP would be 100 quadrillion drops.
  3. Hodlezerper

    What I have learnt as a 12 month hodler

    Ah, got it. I misread the first post as XRP is 100x more scarce than BTC. LOL Got it.
  4. Hodlezerper

    What I have learnt as a 12 month hodler

    Wait wtf, please go into the math on the decimal places?
  5. Hodlezerper

    Ripple enters Europe as King of all Cryptocurrencies

    Another baseless puff piece by ripplecoinnews.
  6. Ironically, in your analogy, XRP is the laundry token, not a stamp. The entire point is that it’s worth the whole amount in fiat. A stamp analogy doesn’t work because a stamp isn’t worth the amount of the package. It’s a fee to transport the package. XRP is necessarily the value of the whole transfer. It’s changing forms in entirety. Just like the laundry token, it must equal the value being put into it.
  7. The only way I see Bearable Guy's prediction being close to accurate would be a full blown partnership with SWIFT. Or, SWIFT implementing Ripplenet, or however they would phrase that.
  8. Hodlezerper

    Why are you here

    Pretty much just here to double check that things aren't going south so I can bail as quickly as possible. Otherwise, HODL.
  9. I’ll continue working and providing employment opportunities.
  10. Hodlezerper

    New XRP Wallet

    How is it that you get around the 20 XRP minimum? You're basically a centralized wallet, then? Essentially no different than an exchange? Scam?
  11. Hodlezerper

    Something To Note About XRP's Volume.

    Lol. Give it time. The women will break you.
  12. You deserve a beer or 50 at the 10 dollar party. Well done, kind human.
  13. Hodlezerper

    First purchase

    I just focus on the facts.
  14. I believe the question was will they host their own conference (called SWELL). Not "will they be at SIBOS?"
  15. Hodlezerper

    First purchase

    New pants. I will have **** the ones I was wearing.