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  1. I have never been more bullish. The level of complexity of ideas they're working with and putting out is indicative that things are going bonkers over there.
  2. Are any Canucks in here more concerned about why Chase would do that? What's the consumer debt situation in Canada?
  3. They say they've implemented XRPL (or "Ripple" blockchain) and Ethereum. I'm curious if they're issuing IOUs via the XRPL or?
  4. It seems to be advertising an online event, actually.
  5. @BobWay I notice you mentioned that the Ripple employees paid some attention to XRPChat. What did they think of MaxEntropy? (The original, not the fake one, obviously) Thanks for your insights! You've made the forum fun again!
  6. I think that we're looking at an alternative funding option for content creators/producers/webmasters, etc...There will always be room for ads. There will always be a group of people who simply do not want to pay for the content they're consuming and so they pay by having their information sold or their eyeballs bombarded with ads. To that end, YouTube and ad based services won't go away. Currently, Coil is a "Feel Good Subscription" and provides zero competition with YouTube's revenue model. For YouTube to feel the pain it would require a whole helluva lot of content creators to abandon
  7. YouTube will never partner with Coil to provide ad free experiences. They have YouTube subscriptions for that purpose, and profit from selling ads specifically. If anything, they're disincentivized to have anything to do with Coil.
  8. Nobody is making money via Coil through YouTube. Coil just recognizes the YouTube channel as "Web Monetized" and donates accordingly.
  9. Rough math here but $5 is about 16 hours or so? I'm thinking they're, at least in the beginning, banking on most people not actually using that and profiting from the difference. They'll also have different tiers down the road and will likely makeup a larger difference in profit there, too. It all comes down to what creators can provide and how they can design an easy to use system for them to integrate.
  10. I think the period of unlimited donations will be a short term gig while the system is being tested in beta. My opinion is that Coil will design templates for creators to provide ad-free experiences for particular types of content. Regarding YouTube, it simply recognizes the YouTube channel and if that channel is monetized it will send payments to the payment pointer set up by the creator, and then they can send their XRP to wallets accordingly. It roughs about to about half a cent per minute.
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