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  1. Could Amazon Be Gearing Up For A Cryptocurrency Exchange

    This was reported months ago.
  2. Some websites including FT have a limit to the amount of times a particular IP can view their website. Many people say "google it". lol. As if somehow that passes the paywall. FT worked twice for me and no longer.

    Takes balls to be poor while you’re rich. True strength to HODL forever.
  4. I still cannot fathom how or why a founder would use his or her shares to somehow screw everyone else in their ecosystem? Lol it doesn’t even make sense. We can’t let Warren Buffet have any of his shares because he’ll unload them all? That’s not how markets work. And furthermore, unless someone is purely hateful and somehow has the legal and technical authority to do it, they wouldn’t stand to benefit financially. They can do far more evil with billions of dollars, if they are in fact evil. Or they hold onto their shares and use them as they see fit, which is, in most cases, to hold. At a certain point more wealth does very little for your day to Day life and you’re able to leverage the wealth you do have without extracting any securities or assets. And if people are simply concerned that someone might be too rich, then why don’t we make it impossible for you to own more than “x amount” of coins? How about we restrict your buying power based on whether or not someone else feels comfortable with what you’re spending. That sounds reasonable. You should also give a certain amount to charity, just in case it’s over that comfort threshold for those people who just don’t want you to have that much.
  5. One thing I've learned is that 99% of the time, if there's a way to make money, someone or something is attempting to do it. The other half of that lesson is that 99% of the time, people who have the ideas simply don't have the resources. Laws and regulations make taking risk even riskier, ironically. In some cases flat out illegal. My point is, I am quite sure there are people with the foresight and the money who are currently banging their head on a regulatory wall and trying to figure out how to move past it. Just as Ripple has been doing for...however many years they've been doing it.
  6. It's my understanding that to accept and deposit cash you're required to go through over 50 regulatory agencies within the US. Maybe add a couple zeros to that number up there.
  7. Enterprise Growth ensures higher Ripple price.

    They squeaked by with their $2 for 2017 prediction.
  8. 0AmEx CEO Kenneth Chenault joins Facebook board

    I may have been exaggerating at 5. lol. 1. XRP 2. BAT 3. FCT 4.File Coin? 5. KEY (assuming its not a scam. Haven't researched it enough)
  9. What if we accept that we're entering the third economic revolution in human history and those who created and fostered the technology win out. In the same way that Wal-Mart and Amazon have mastered economies of scale using old technology and principles, Ripple, Other blockchains and their creators may foster in a new era of human growth beyond that which we could have conceived of previously. (For the record, I agree with you. I think it's preposterous, but then again, think of how much of our lives we take for granted that were once considered preposterous) So I must concede to my imagination.
  10. Could you explain why it would hinder the price, if the asset ends up realizing its potential?
  11. Generational* changes in cryptoforums

    I mean, the forum has changed dramatically even in the last month and half...much less the last couple years. It's sort of like anything, I suppose. Reddit used to be amazing. One can never join cool. One only finds themselves a part of something cool upon looking back. Cool was meant to be scattered and reorganized without the slightest hint of foreshadow.
  12. If you buy something and "set your own price" it's basically an IOU. You can't "set your own price" for anything. Price is dictated by what someone else is willing to pay, plain and simple. Take rent, for example. People believe in this myth that landlords charge whatever they want or can jack up the price to whatever they feel like doing. The fact is, the landlord will only get what someone else is willing to pay. For instance, if you were selling something on say, eBay, and it was worth $500 to you and someone came to the table with a personal check that you didn't know, would you be hesitant to accept payment in the form of a check? You don't know whether or not they have the money in their account, do you? But if a total stranger comes into your house with cash money, say, USD, you tend to accept it because you know it has value. You know you can exchange that for other things. If a bank sends another bank it doesn't have a relationship with a bunch of digital assets that doesn't have a market price, why would the receiving bank accept it? They don't know who you are and don't know if you're legitimate. You say these are worth $10,000 but how in the hell is the receiving bank supposed to know that without a price being determined by the free market. In any case, why would they set their own internal value for XRP? Why would they go through the hassle of setting up XRP to then determine their own price? Why not just use the current system. It'd cost less and be easier. The point is, you can't have instant settlement without receiving something that has universal acceptance as to its worth. Particularly if the entities don't trust each other.
  13. 0AmEx CEO Kenneth Chenault joins Facebook board

    Agreed. I think Brave is one of maybe 5 tokens that make sense
  14. 0AmEx CEO Kenneth Chenault joins Facebook board

    Is there any mars75 level indication that this is tied in with Ripple? Or are we just seeing the implementation of other tech firms figure out their own payment systems?
  15. C-Level Officer Interested in Ripple/XRP

    Welcome! Please immediately excuse my lack of professionalism! Welcome aboard! I hope you like scotch. Edit: I just realized that you have far more to offer me than I do to you.... I hope you like scotch!