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  1. Hodlezerper

    Geopolitics of XRP

    What are your thoughts on the historic data that suggests people hoard commodities during times of crisis, thusly freezing currency backed by gold, or silver. If what we need in the time of crisis is more lubricant for the system, would having a digital commodity result in the same type of behavior? Or would the fact that it would be so easily accessible and readily accessible that it could actually provide a type of contagion against the currencies that are having trouble?
  2. Hodlezerper

    Geopolitics of XRP

    So, are you suggesting that there are some in power who know that we need to devalue the USD in relatively safe way while we inflate a sovereign asset to facilitate global trade. Basically, we’re just trying to back out as the worlds reserve currency before it all implodes and replace USD with XRP (or whatever). how will those 60 billion XRP not become a target against this happening? If the point is to make sure that not a single political entity has control, how does the remaining XRP get dispersed in a way that’s commensurate with this concept? @JCCollins
  3. Hodlezerper

    Just how many people hold XRP?

    Technically the exchange wallets are the only people actually holding XRP. The rest are IOUs and could be hacked. So, in a very binary mindset, cut off all wallets that have 20 or less, and divide the rest by two.
  4. I think there’s something to be said of being an executive versus being a savant. Being an executive requires different skills. Not necessarily better, but different.
  5. Hodlezerper


    I haven’t advocated at all for standing aside at all...my first comment was to fight misinformation with facts, persistently and patiently.
  6. Hodlezerper


    I find that the ego can get in the way of the pursuit of knowledge and can manifest itself in odd ways. Suggesting that people who aren't pure in their pursuit of knowledge is arrogant and naive. Knowledge is gained through discourse, debate, arguments, and discussion. Not all who do these things have malicious intent. Some do. Most don't. That's my experience, anyway.
  7. Hodlezerper


    I believe there are also a lot of self-righteous a**holes on this forum who call ignorance FUD. It's as counter-productive as actual FUD. Simply post links and resources to the answers to the questions. If there aren't actual questions and its accusatory, call it out. If you're simply getting annoyed that someone is challenging your belief system, grow up. If you're actually frustrated by the waste of time more than the legitimacy of a question, find a different thread.
  8. Which also assumes that they somehow have magically stable internet that still communicates across the oceans and hasn’t been cut?
  9. So, in that case, 1 satoshi would be worth $1...Oky doke. And the world's money supply valued in dollars would be...2,100,000,000,000,000. Sweet. Edit. Fees would be like....some ungodly amount of money? Thousands of dollars?
  10. Oracle Times is borderline embarrassing. They are a shill. It is not substantive.
  11. Hodlezerper

    What if XRP is security?

    If XRP is a deemed the same classification as a stock certificate, regulations will disallow XRP to be used in the way that it's intended now.
  12. I haven’t read a thread this terrible in quite a long time. Well done.
  13. Hodlezerper

    What if XRP is security?

    The value would likely collapse and Ripple the company will lose the war of global payments as they would fade away to a banking software company and the IoV would die as we imagine it today.
  14. Hodlezerper

    Ripple / Wordpress Plugin?

    Yeah it seems this is the way coil will go. Brave May be doing it too, fo blogs etc but they have a proprietary token of course
  15. Hodlezerper

    SBI is going live next week.

    Do we have any Japanese people on the forum that can comment on this whole process?