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  1. Hodlezerper

    XRP Chat Millionaires (Paper & Real!)

    Yepp. With that money and some humility you can live a solid life. Go ahead and splurge on toys and you're f**cked.
  2. Hodlezerper

    XRP Chat Millionaires (Paper & Real!)

    For those who have no experience trading securities, equities, stocks, bonds, or anything at all, it's really easy to sit around and multiply your stash with whatever the market price could be. Sometimes it spikes up like crazy sometimes it dives. Point is, you need to be asking yourself how much are you netting. How much are you paying the government, the cost to get it out, opportunity cost, what are you doing with the money once it's gone. Can you even afford what you bought (if some crazy amount). For instance, you could easily buy a house cash that you can't afford to live, use, maintain, or pay taxes on. There's a reason people who win the lotto consistently go broke. The point is, money isn't easy. It doesn't solve all problems. It changes, alters, creates, and multiples problems. Remember, you can't take it with you. Do work on yourself before you imagine yourself purchasing a lifestyle you may know nothing about or can't afford.
  3. Hodlezerper

    Could Ledger Nano S be a backdoor masterpiece?

    I don't see this as a particularly viable concern. Of course you have to extend trust, but if a company were to do that, the price of the asset would collapse and they wouldn't have anyone to sell the stolen crypto to. Furthermore, they're making many millions actually providing a service, so it's not like they aren't getting rich.
  4. Hodlezerper

    Realizing the Internet of Value Through RippleNet

    There has been some discussion around this on Twitter. Apparently it works with BTC as well, but nobody chooses it because it's slow and expensive. Go figure.
  5. Hodlezerper

    Bitcoin Ben (XRP related)

    Looks like Ben was right!
  6. Hodlezerper

    New Member- Urgent Question

    1. Figure out your cost basis for any XRP purchased. 2. If you sell any sum of XRP, figure out if you initially paid less than what you sold it for. If you paid less than what you sold it for, you have a capital gain. If it has been less than 12 months since your purchase, enjoy the law **** of the long. To top it off, Uncle Sam doesn't use lube or protection. Generally these tax rates are at minimum 50% (of profit), but you need to go check with a tax adviser. 3. You pay short term capital gains tax, as described above. 4. If you're selling at a loss, then you can deduct losses from any gains. (Again, consult a f**king tax adviser, not a forum) 5. We have no idea how much extra tax you would owe because you didn't tell us what you paid for it and what you sold it for. We're also not to be trusted. Again, get the hell out of here and go pay a professional. 6. Enjoy the forum!
  7. Hodlezerper

    Bitcoin Ben (XRP related)

    It's simply astonishing to me how mindless people are about BTC. It's like, they hear something from someone, and then it's the word of god. Regardless of critical thought...
  8. Hodlezerper

    How much XRP is enough??

  9. Hodlezerper

    Do you know what you shouldn't?

    Jesus Christ are we seriously having this conversation?!?!?!?! Moon Landings are conclusive. We can send lasers there and receive photons back. The earth is f*cking round. Stop saying dumb ****. Don't feed the trolls.
  10. Hodlezerper

    Crypto Payment App

    lol. They're called blockchains.
  11. Hodlezerper

    Western union hidden fees

    Again, they profit from being in the middle and when we hand the middle to protocols and there won't be a need for that type of talent. Those people will need to go learn how to program for codius, lol.
  12. Hodlezerper

    Western union hidden fees

    I can't speak for you, but it seems to me that most people underestimate or don't have a clue how hard it is to actually start a business, let alone a financial services business. Many people want the government to step in and create rules so "corporations" can't take advantage of people, but they forget or never knew that there is also a serious downside to a heavily regulated environment. Counter-intuitively, many of the laws passed actually make it harder to displace those companies the laws were trying to protect against, and they make it border-line impossible for new entrants to compete in the market. For a company to deal with the regulatory hurdle of handling people's money in this country, it is tremendously expensive and time consuming. It also incentivizes people who want to move quickly to leave. Who in their right mind wants to wait 10 years on regulators and the government when they're trying to start their next business? Nobody can afford that. Nobody new anyway. We're right, here in the US we SHOULD be able to develop technology quickly and compete to overthrow incumbents, but unfortunately our regulatory environment doesn't lend itself to that, which is what Arrington is going off about, and what Brad is sort of smug about in his commentary about the SEC being good and protecting people. Brad and Ripple have stacked the deck with ex-government/massive enterprise employees. They have a tremendous advantage in a regulated environment. But they should be careful...we never know who's going to win, especially when people can develop these technologies outside the US because finance and blockchain are global.
  13. Hodlezerper

    Western union hidden fees

    I think it's fairly obvious that it is not in Western Union's interest to adopt Ripple or XRP. You can't continue to run a company like that with that much over-head on an old business model. It's naive to think they would cannibalize themselves. We simply need to find a company that can get over the regulatory hurdles and simply act as an app we download or a company that exchanges value over texts. I believe this will be a new company. People are looking for old ones to come through, but they never do. They simply die, which is how it should be, frankly.
  14. Hey Chris, one argument that I've never had anyone give any decent answer to is velocity. How might the speed of XRP affect supply? I think this is nearly impossible to analyze, but maybe you can get close? Maybe there are some historical metrics and if you can simply plug in the turnaround it helps. Or maybe FX markets already have speedy access to capital that is simply centralized (hence the speed) so it is a comparable metric? I'm not sure, but I think that's something worth plugging in and making a guess at. Another thing worth thinking about is domestic rails in a given country. I think that may greatly impact the possible offerings of an emerging fintech company. You may try to do some real market research in to Cuallet too and see what their customers are experiencing to try and extrapolate information. I'll send more along if I can think of anything.
  15. Wait a minute...didn't someone somewhere say that when your grandmother starts talking about this it's time to sell....? Forget charts, this radio broadcast may be the best indicator we're going much farther down.