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  1. Can I have your e-mail address and phone number? Someone told me you needed help with lowering the XRP reserve.
  2. if they would be just 0.5 XRP each, why not.
  3. Yes, I am actually working for XRP.
  4. big price spike incoming in 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... (caused by traders using exchanges with deposit tags)
  5. 200 million extra users having an own address is a problem to me. there really is no consumer, you don't "buy" a ledger address from Ripple the company. Their products are not for Henk and Ingrid. The open source ledger is for Henk and Ingrid and they can use it and participate. If they are not willing to reserve the 20 XRP they should trust their funds to an Exchange or Bank and get a deposit tag. I know you didn't say that. But I think that I'll vote for a 100 XRP after this hahaha!
  6. You have two kinds of spam. Useless account creations and useless transactions.
  7. there is no consumer. there is only B2B.
  8. again, USD price of an account creation is pretty irrelevant (to me personally) - the amount in XRP counts, not the relative FIAT value. We don't need to fix this before we can pump. We don't need 200 million new account creations (in my opinion) for the network to 'grow'. I am not even sure if I would like to vote for a lower reserve, I'd like qualitative growth, not quantative growth. Be happy that you have the chance to open up your own ledger address, maybe the next generation will be dependant on their bank (omg! no!) with just a deposit tag and no own ledger address.
  9. it is called the XRPL not the USDL... dollars are irrelevant in my opinion, I don't even ever use dollars, value is relative just like time.
  10. The Base Reserve is a minimum amount of XRP that is required for every address in the ledger. Currently, this is 20 XRP (20000000 drops). It might be lowered when the next version of Rippled is released, I heard rumours about lowering but I am by far not sure. I think it is actually low at this moment (don't shoot me). By the way, I run a validator and maybe I am doing something wrong (it runs just fine and performs perfectly, and it costs me money each day to do this for the ecosystem) but I am not receiving fee's for the created accounts. The XRP Ledger applies reserve requirements, i
  11. I run a validator and get a shitload of $ each day. thanks folks!
  12. It is actually NOT... They (Ripple) did not participate in the tender.
  13. It should be less costly. Maybe we can just aks all five of the first xVia customers and hopefully get a reply. I have no idea on what the pricing looks like.
  14. Well, you can see there is a difference between a CBDC and a Central Bank issued cryptocurrency. Both a CB issued crypto as a public cryptocurrency are crypto assets, a cbdc is not.
  15. Tas Network Gateway 3.0 has RippleNet integrated and it has been known for a long while now. This Gateway is to be migrated. If it doesn't bother to read it all, then please try to prove it yourself. You will be amazed what you might find, and it contributes to this subject as well! I really hate hype. But fud is almost as bad. Trying to get a clear statement on XRP from the ECB would really help. And it MUST contain the word XRP at least 10 times. EDIT: Ripple has NOT participated in the tender.
  16. Crypto assets are not CBDC's. The BIS's money flower gives some insight.
  17. Okay, to get back to this. There is a lot to read 'between the lines' in this ECB paper. The link to this paper can be found here: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.ecb.europa.eu/pub/pdf/scpops/ecb.op223~3ce14e986c.en.pdf%3Ff2e9a2596a8f9c38c95f4735c05a0d47&ved=2ahUKEwjCsKP-gL7iAhXEalAKHZQFAskQFjAAegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw0myveAY0kP7vl4vj81wZJa Now read and specically this part I have included as a screenshot in this post. Let this sentence sink in. And let me ask you all an honest question. Does this sound like banks are able to lega
  18. Those prices and speed are only between tips-enabled institutions I believe. Tips is far from 'adopted' yet. If I want to transfer between two European banks it still takes some time, and the (business account) transfer costs are still €0,09. (Rabobank: https://www.rabobank.nl/images/tarieven-zakelijk-betalingsverkeer-rabobank-english_29996858.pdf)
  19. It is a qualitative discussion. Thanks folks! Still the ECB papers didn't say XRP 🤫🤐 We see what we want to see?
  20. Please also look beyond EUR-EUR payments discussion. Europe is a union containing lots of silos with way more currencies than the Euro. The countries in Europe are also specifically focussed on import and export. Massive amounts are transferred intercontinentally on a daily basis.
  21. By the way, I don't trust Euros from a bank in Greece since they are funded from large debt amounts. What if they get sanctioned and the funds are put on hold 🤣
  22. Indeed. It is live but far from adopted. T2, T2 securities and TIPS will fully migrate in 11/2021
  23. They won't be simply facilitating EUR-EUR payments and there WILL be a need for XRP. Again, inbound yes. Outbound, why would they. I get your point, I really honestly do but there is more to this story. We have more than 20 different currencies within Europe. At present, the euro is legal tender in 19 out of 28 European Union member states, in addition to 5 countries not part of the EU (Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City, Andorra and Montenegro). Kosovo also uses the euro, but is only partially recognised as an independent state. Every transaction needs to move through the ECB. It is n
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