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  1. oh man... Knowing Ripple since 2017, invested a bit since end of 2017, year passing by, suddenly it's 2019 and running a validator. as an ex-btc enthousiast I must say... validating almost 100.000 transactions in 4 days feels good. and it has costs me less then 5 USD for it. Decentralized, fair, clean, fastest DA. It still blows my mind. Do the right thing
  2. This is what i was replying to: "Tips 2 will use xrp to settle instant transfer. And they did not say they WONT USE CRYPTO. They said in other words banks have the option to settle in fiat and other tools. Those other tools are digital assets and what digital asset is going to be used? You guessed it XRP! Now tell me if you as a bank have to option to settle in fiat or XRP which one would you choose. The one that's cheapest to you. " - And I don't agree with that. - TIPS is a fast real time settlement system for the SEPA zone. It doesn't need XRP. The TX speed is high and the fee's for the national and commercial banks are close to zero. So to just see Ripple in a tas ppt file and just assume that 'it all runs on ripple' is just hype. The RTGS in Europe is an high end system which is efficient, fast and cheap. It settles in central bank money and it does it efficient. HOWEVER, when there are in/outbound transactions to other RTGS systems, it comes to a different story on efficiency, 1 silo can be very efficient for its own zone but it doesn't have to be just as efficient in transferring funds to other RTGS systems in other parts of the world. - People just assume that everything is XRP when they see the word Ripple in a spreadsheet. I'm a huge fanboy of Ripple and I don't say there are NO correlations between TIPS and XRP but I just disagree how it is described here. Incorrect hype hurts the price per XRP then fud. - Note: there are just a few commercial banks ready to plug in to the TIPS network, the majority is NOT YET ready for it now. They will at least need 5-6 months to develop and adapt their own systems to be ready for the TIPS network. The innovators will join the network next year around April, the rest of the commercial banks (I hope they can keep up so fast at least...) will join later in 2019. It is not a 'flip the switch' scenario. The majority is not ready for this kind of change. I find it quite amazing how far we have come already in such a small timespan.
  3. Yes I know the ins and outs but it just doesn't work like that as it was described in this topic. :-)
  4. as a tool, without having to implement it themselves... via xCurrent 4.0.... I'm so excited....
  5. always nice to catch a @Hodor blog on the publication. Thx in forward, starting now
  6. In my opinion the best news for 2018... makes every customer a XRP user in some way... But I am wondering... what is the implementation date for this 'upgrade' to xCurrent? Anyone ideas about the date?
  7. They did it last time and will do it again. It feeds the bullrun with scarsity. In the meantime they are the only whales selling. Too bad it happens this way but unfortunately it is.
  8. @peebo38 are there any breadcrumbs you can leave us despite all the NDA's? We are all a bit hungry lately.
  9. too bad that my router doesn't work on the moon... hope to see convergence here on earth just before I leave
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