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    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    https://bithomp.com/explorer/r9UUEXn3cx2seufBkDa8F86usfjWM6HiYp okidoki
  2. Dutch_ins

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    $ .589 means 58,9 cents right? Like -.589 or 0.589
  3. It almost feels like "RippleChat" over here... instead of "XRPChat" 😂😉
  4. Everyone get out while you still can. Xrp will go to zero.
  5. Dutch_ins

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    In the future where wallets are for banks and consumers can only own deposit adresses. In the future where xrp is a security and not available for consumers on exchanges.
  6. Dutch_ins

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Wuz diz all 'bout? All dem rabbit howlz
  7. Dutch_ins

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    1.28 million accounts created in total today... Then sbi vc customers can get their own accounts; +23.14 million (times 20xrp reserve plus 5 xrp per trustline for the forex trades, minimum 20xrp per creation is 460m out of circulation) Then amazon users can hodl xrp accounts; +224.52 million Nice future ahead
  8. Dutch_ins

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    Very nice graph. There are still more and more accounts being created even though the price is down. During the next bullrun the exchanges will be prepared and the base will be broader.
  9. I tend to move in that direction as well. Hope to be a minimalist once.
  10. Buy a w221 S-class Long diesel and travel it for a month long all across Europe. Sell it afterwards. I did it. Lot of fun and cheap as ****.
  11. Dutch_ins

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    I went abroad. To the other side of the pond and made a topic in General. I think it is a nice read for all of you as well. Don't get me wrong, you can still have a roadtrip with me in our new McLarens, but it is a personal story and great admiration for the biggest whale I know, who just made the last transition from btc to xrp... after the first half in november. And he is.... a minimalist...
  12. Alex addressed this way of life at the end of his latest video. I try to show why this as a very positive thing, a very positive way of thinking. Minimalism will get you where you want to be in the future. It will get you in a position you had wished for when you were a kid. It will make you happier (and even wealthier - not just financially). Edit; the "reading between the line" here is: XRP = HODL HODL = for a long long time
  13. Dutch_ins

    Zerpening 3: HODL My Zerps

    De Tweet bekijken van @WeissRatings: And me be like: For the 10th time... it is xrp and not ripple 😂
  14. Well hello members, it is not often I open a topic, let alone two on one day. I just watched Alex Cobb while in my daily evening routine. I wish I was more of a youtube guy, I could share a story or two without having to type as much. About myself; my parents were humble people. Worked hard and saved a loy they earned for their kids, one of them was me. I was highly educated, glad to be in the position to receive outstanding tuiton and to obtain knowledge about a variety of subjects, thanks to their humbleness. It is something that i'm grateful for. When xrp moons, I would be the one who exactly knows how to spend it all on several Ferrari's and even know how to make more with the bits and pieces that I didn't spend. Because I was born to be succesful - how 'bout that, cash me ousside. I was around with the beginning of Bitcoin, i liked buying things on silkroad to try out exciting stuff. A lot of Dutch friends were active on the tor network as well, same with some German folks. A lot of friends have bought a lot of cars and some even multiple houses, all with buying btc after spending hours of work and hodling and selling at the right moments, to increase their positions after that. A lot of them lost a lot of money as well, because of outrageous spending behavior, and they are by far not at retirement age. More than half of them don't even have children yet. Others were were active on Silkroad selling sh*t they shouldn't and would proudly tell others about their s65 amg at birthday parties. They were comparable with me but they dared to do the stuff i did not. They were the ones who told everyone they got in early but some knew better of course. However, they got stuck in that mindset. They won't make the transition to xrp because that is something they do not trust. They see their money spent on an amg that broke down because they trashed it or enjoyed it just a bit too hard. Those are the kind of people who ask you for some money because they have a broken part on their 200thousand dollar car, and they can't afford a repair. They still have 5 or 10 bitcoins left for retirement but that's about it. New technologies come in waves and the bad guys try to take an advantage of it at first, after they run out of cash and the good guys will take over. Are the banks the good guys? Are the bad bitcoin whales shaked out? I sincerely hope so. Patient people will always be rewarded. Why? Because I know one of these good-guy whales, meet Stuart (not his actual name, because his name is too specific to mention haha). So. STUART.... Stuart saw all his friends use soft and even hard drugs and too much alcohol, buying way too expensive cars. Putting their middle finger way up to authorities and other people who would say anything about their lifestyles. In a way I feel I want to do the same if xrp shoots up. Why not? Buy a bentley, pop some bottles and have a good time. Sounds good right? I think I will be this guy as well. But Stuart was different. Stuart had made his firdt little fortune. Should he spend it? Was Stuart about to hire a villa for a month with some friends on Ibiza to celebrate his first exit on an ATH? Should he buy his dreamcar? Should he just drink and have fun? Well, WE booked Ibiza, bought nice cars, WE had a hell of a time. Stuart didn't go with us. HE went on a holiday. Alone. Well have fun Stuart! See ya! We got back in 4 weeks, Stuart was off the radar by then. Some now and then we saw a picture on his facebook page. Once in a few months. Once in a few years. He had spent as little as he could, he had decided he wanted to be on his own for more than 5 years to live in an utter minimilistic way. He travelled, saw all kinds of world wonders, had literally the time of his life with just a Canon 40D and a backpack full of clothes and lenses. He got back in the beginning of this year. Because of locals without an internet connection telling them stories about the potential of Bitcoin. He knew for himself what he had invested in, he experienced several small Btc bullruns and really really saw the possibities of the technology as an ict specialist. He recently contacted me. I hadn't heard from him in a long while. I felt like I changed over the years but Stuart sounded exactly the same as 7 years ago. He told me that in all those years he had never touched his BTC hodlings once, apart from the plane tickets he needed when he found another spot he wanted to travel to. He is the only one I know from the BTC era who is a minimalist. He is the only one i personally know from that era of my personal life who has his hodlings 90% in XRP since last week. (Strange enough he told me that he has 10% in doge because of the fun friends he made with the community). He is in a way a Xrp whale now. Although you won't suspect him of it. Just a simple paper wallet and move on with life. He is the only one who still has an extraordinary amount of fun in life. And he works so hard now on a job function which really contributes in society, he invested what he could miss and he still lives that same way. It is strange. His hodlings can provide for him, his parents, his children. And if he raises his children as he is himself, I can assure that his hodlings can provide for his grandchildren as well. He is a minimalist by heart. He didn't even chose for it. He was born that way. I admire him. Once his children and grandchilden will as well. ...Be like Stuart... Edit; he had some pretty neat Shure earphones and an iphod with hdd as well with him, apart from the Canon 40d