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  1. Dutch_ins

    Will Exchanges pay out during bullrun?

    They did it last time and will do it again. It feeds the bullrun with scarsity. In the meantime they are the only whales selling. Too bad it happens this way but unfortunately it is.
  2. @peebo38 are there any breadcrumbs you can leave us despite all the NDA's? We are all a bit hungry lately.
  3. Could be me... if anyone was offended... sorry
  4. Dutch_ins

    From Xcurrent to Xrapid

    too bad that my router doesn't work on the moon... hope to see convergence here on earth just before I leave
  5. Dutch_ins

    Ripple Drop Episode 4

    fundraising round made them 14 billion (yes, with a B...)
  6. ik zit nog in het westen van het land tot zeker 18u30, hopelijk nog op tijd voor een toetje en een drankje
  7. Mn ouders wonen in de achterhoek, kwartiertje bij jou vandaan ongeveer haha
  8. Zit momenteel in afrika maar kom de 13e terug. Moet even kijken of het lukt. Wel zin in, moet de dag erna ook in Arnhem zijn.
  9. It almost feels like "RippleChat" over here... instead of "XRPChat" 😂😉
  10. Everyone get out while you still can. Xrp will go to zero.
  11. I tend to move in that direction as well. Hope to be a minimalist once.
  12. Buy a w221 S-class Long diesel and travel it for a month long all across Europe. Sell it afterwards. I did it. Lot of fun and cheap as ****.
  13. Alex addressed this way of life at the end of his latest video. I try to show why this as a very positive thing, a very positive way of thinking. Minimalism will get you where you want to be in the future. It will get you in a position you had wished for when you were a kid. It will make you happier (and even wealthier - not just financially). Edit; the "reading between the line" here is: XRP = HODL HODL = for a long long time