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  1. Notice this is the potential and only if all orders were executed and sustained without selling.. but this does give us a firm number of what it will go to when it does finally break out into dollars sometime in the next two years.. maybe one.. maybe..
  2. I've done my research.. I'm not psychic.. but I'm looking for information I may have missed.. is ripple dumping xrp? What research am I missing.. help
  3. Why is the price dropping.. someone just tell me that.. ripple said they garunteed 14 billion market cap and it wouldn't lose value it gained.. so where's ripple? Why do you think it's going down? Why do you think it's going up.. talk to me ppl
  4. The article I'm sitting came out about 12 hours ago. The way I'm reading it is that ripple will only be able to work with no competing banks. An that's fine for me.. in the article they are talking about using Bitcoin in the block chain tech.. I was hoping they would start pushing xrp harder. Anyways. Please read this and let me know what you think. https://www.fnlondon.com/articles/blockchain-too-slow-for-banks-warns-top-blockchain-firm-20170707
  5. Well I mean as long as you day trade well enough to the point to where you earned lots of money and are trading disposalable income. Try to stop seeing the bad in what I'm saying.. Something's go without saying.
  6. Normally I wouldn't encourage ppl to day trade like that.. but ripple is basically a fixed system. They have billions of dollars stabilizing it... So there will never truly be any loss.. so I think it should be traded like crazy imo
  7. You've made your point.. so now I'm starting to think ripple success may not effect xrp.. great.. might sell my 200,000 xrp coins out of the market now. Haha
  8. I'm not gonna argue with you. I know who I am. If you don't.. that's going to be on your part. What am I hustling from you? You sound like you hate life?! Lol
  9. Some companies do offer long term customers perks for investing from the beginning. Just FYI, you should be nicer when addressing investors. Btw, if ripple went on the NASDAQ all of its assets and holdings would be part of that. Gracias
  10. Sounds good.. let me know how I can help!
  11. It's smart to use load up on a Saturday rather then a weekday. Less transactions.. Gives you two days to decide if your gonna stick with it on monday.. and if they do well.. you better believe many, many more banks worldwide will follow suite.
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