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  1. @Droopy voted just for you
  2. Thanks for the answer and valuable perspective @miguel. Much appreciated as always!
  3. I'm not gonna engage in a long winded debate. I have the freedom to ask and Miguel has the freedom to ignore my question. But I will not be stopped from asking questions just because you think it is impolite. You need to tamp down the sensitivity meter you have. That;'s all I'm going to say about this subject.
  4. Come on Guys! We are ALL Adults here! We know this is a forum where opinions and thoughts are expressed freely. This is NOT an official investment advise. No one is going to hold @miguel responsible for our own actions. This is ridicules. Have some common sense.
  5. Was NOT asking for prediction. Just personal thoughts and opinion, not different than many of us here.
  6. @miguel A little Off subject, Can you share your thoughts with us about this XRP rise ( to ~ 1 cent)? Do you think this will be a new bottom? Does it still have room to grow? Or are we going to see a correction back to half a cent?
  7. Off subject, What are your thoughts about this XRP rise (~ 1 cent). Do you think this will be a new bottom? Does it still have room to grow? Or are we going to see a correction back to half a cent?
  8. @Vinnie, I would be the happiest man if this rally is different. But we've been here before. I believe on the last rally it went up to $0.009 before it came down crashing to $0.0059. So, I'm holding my excitement until we cross 2 cents and STAY THERE!.
  9. @Mercury I'll send my private plane to pick you up for the dinner party in my island
  10. WOW! @Vinnie, If you left Ripple, then that is disappointing news. I do however wish you all the best in your next career step. What I do find encouraging in your posts is that, despite your criticism of Ripple Inc's strategy towards XRP, I sense that you still believe in the potential of this digital asset. You also have a high opinion of the quality of the RCL software. These are good things. No one has a crystal ball, and we all don't agree on what the exact path/strategy is for XRP to increase in value, but we can all agree that it is not too late and that XRP can become very successful indeed given a "radical change" is implemented, regardless of how we define what that " Radical change" is
  11. I was aware of this company very early on and exchanged few emails with one of the co-founders. I thought it was a great concept with significant potential. Too bad the ICO was not open to U.S. citizens (because of regulations), otherwise, I would have added it to my portfolio.
  12. Here is his exact post: And here are the links referenced: https://charts.ripple.com/#/metrics https://blockchain.info/stats
  13. I like this LinkedIn post by Chris Kanaan, VP of engineering at Ripple Inc. https://www.linkedin.com/hp/update/6245673833630703616 He also mentions XRP in the comments section as he responds to a question.