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  1. @Hodor, You and @Duke67's extreme enthusiasm about everything Ripple and XRP is amazing. I mean you guys are true believers! Do you sometimes have just little teeny weeny doubt in your minds, even for a fraction of a second ? As someone who has skin in the XRP game, I hope you both will be proven to be true prophets of the XRP story.
  2. Isn't the plan all along was for Market Makers to hold XRP, and not banks themselves? Some of these Market Makers could be a branch of a bank's operations. But for compliance and risk management reasons, the bank initiating the payment transfer request must be kept separate from the Market Maker facilitating the bridging between digital currencies.
  3. Let's wait and see
  4. I think So. Let's wait for $1 XRP, then we can all celebrate.
  5. I like the idea. Perhaps you should put it to a vote to gauge community interest. I would vote for it. Having said that, I have to note that people have been discussing alt coins in the chat box for years, as well as exchanges other than Bitstamp and GateHub. No one had any issues with that in the past since XRP was pretty much dormant below 1 cent. Now that XRP has awoken, all of a sudden there is sensitivity to discussing other digital coins. That some how does not sit well with me. At any rate, like I said, if it helps extinguish the controversy, I'm all for a 2nd chat box in this forum for other alt coins.
  6. I don't think I'll ever exit 100% out of Ripple. Maybe sell enough to pay all debts and live comfortably, but I hope I won't need all my stash to do that
  7. 1900 days is over 5 years from now! That's way too long for early XRP speculators to hold on to the asset. The vast majority will exit much sooner than that.
  8. Really sorry to hear that @Mercury. You are one of the guys on this forum I really respect and enjoy reading from. You deserve to reap the benefits of crypto, if not XRP, then for sure with other crypto assets. Believe it or not, we are still in the beginning stages of the crypto digital asset revolution. There are STILL other diamonds among the rocks that will sure blossom in few years to become premier digital assets commanding premium value.
  9. I tend to lean on the concept of "Enabling" as suppose to "Disruption". You can argue Ripple enables a new way of value transfer that existing FIs and Money services entities can take advantage of. I focus on the value proposition and how it enables an existing industry or market to do things better, cheaper, and faster. I'm not inclined to go for a venture that is out to go to war with existing world order. SWIFT is not the world order, it is part of the financial system that can either evolve or be replaced. Exponential growth is a function of the beginning price and valuation of the company. It is also like beauty, you know it when you see it
  10. Sorry to hear that you had to sell. You have been part of this community since the early days and you deserve to reap the benefits of Ripple's success. I'm glad you are back in.
  11. Here is my list of questions that I typically base my decision on: 1. What is the underlying business? Does it solve a real world critical problem? Does it have the potential to grow exponentially? 2. How essential is the token to their network? Does it have a real utility, or is it just for revenue generation? 3. How trust worthy and competent is the leadership and development team? 4. What is the current price of the token? (I only invest in severely undervalued tokens that are still under the radar and have a long runway to grow).
  12. Unless you need the money NOW for REAL LIFE EMERGENCY, anyone selling XRP for simple profit taking is simply CRAZY!!
  13. @Tompa You were one of the guys who really motivated me to get into Ripple back in the early days (early 2013). I hope you still hold a significant portion of XRP.