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  1. Really nice analysis of Ripple and its potential by a reputable financial outlet (Business Insider): http://www.businessinsider.com/ripple-progresses-blockchain-tech-high-profile-partners-2017-7
  2. Heard it from a source I respect. But he is not part of Ripple organization. That's all I can say. Sorry.
  3. There is unsubstantiated rumor that the relationship between Ripple and R3 will become formal either end of this year or early next year. What exactly that means? I'm not sure, but we will find out in due time.
  4. @Fleshmeister Welcome to the forum! Hope you find the experience here enriching and enjoyable.
  5. @muratcolakdemirci, If you think XRP will reach that high, I'm willing to sell you 900K XRP for the great price of just $1 each. It's a steal!!!
  6. What you wrote is mostly correct, the only slight correction I would make is that "Ripple Connect", is now called "X-Current", which is the proprietary software product Ripple sells to banks. X-Current does everything Ripple-Connect used to do and a little more (compliance for example is one added layer to the product).
  7. @interexchange Please link @JoelKatz's response above to the Ripple sub Reddit so that this so called "insider" can see a real rebuttal.
  8. You're welcome @Mercury Just PM me your wallet address where you want the 500 XRP
  9. OK. As far as I'm concerned this conversation is over. Good luck.
  10. Come on..now...have respectful tone, please. Again, I followed the rules to the letter!!! To spell it out for you one more time! Mercury got quoted favorably and that post got liked by MTPatla, SimpleLife, LetterHerRip, Dizer,, and BlackRainbowFT. All did already like the original Mercury post, EXCEPT FOR MTPalta. He did not press the "Like" button on the original post, but pressed "Like" on the quoted post. So he was the 18th "Like" for Mercury. Before, you start making assumptions, double check what you're seeing first.
  11. I double checked, and unfortunately you are not correct. Both you and Mercury got 18 likes. You are probably not counting the subsequent post where a user quoted Mercury's post and mentioned that it was the best. That post got additional likes, but I only counted the unique likes in that post, which was just one more "like". I explain that in my post above. I treated all entries the same.
  12. Let me first say that I appreciate everyone again for their participation in this. The quality of the submittals for the most part were really great! There were few personal favorites that unfortunately did not make the cut. OK folks, drum rolls please....... First, the top 3 "likes": note: There were few members who did not press "like" to the specific image but later quoted the image post and said "This one should win, or This one s really cool,...etc.). I added those as a "Like" as well to the referenced image. So with that said, here are the top 3: 1. We have a tie for the most "Liked" image, where both got 18 likes in total. Those images are: a. @zeo with this image: b. @Mercury with this image: 2. Rounding up the top 3, is the image posted by @Magicarp with 17 likes in total: Second, the winner selection This was really a tough decision to make. All three images are really very cool. However, after analyzing these 3 images based on quality of the image, the pertinent message to Ripple, originality of concept, and an added bonus for a little humor, the winner is: @Mercury image !!!!!! So @Mercury, congratulations!! Please PM me the address you want me to send the 500 XRP to, and you shall have it. Thanks again everyone!!! Like I said, this was a lot of fun and it exceeded my expectations. Dizer
  13. OK fellow zerpers! The contest is now officially closed. Thank you to all who participated in this. It far exceeded my expectations in terms of enthusiasm and the quality of the images submitted . I will now analyze the results and will make an announcement of the winner shortly.
  14. Hi All, OK. We're almost at the half way point in this contest. I want to provide further clarification on the winner selection mechanism. So here it is: 1. I will select the top 3 entries with the most "Likes". So please make sure your voice is heard by Liking the ones you think are worthy of the prize. 2. Out of the top 3 in item one above, I will select the winner based on: a. The quality of the image or art work: Does the Ripple or XRP content look like its been pasted together sloppily or it looks inherent to the image. b. Messaging: Does the image have a clever message or pertinent content to Ripple, its purpose, significance, and direction...etc. c. Originality: Is there something "new" in the concept of the image. Does it take a new angle on Ripple/XRP? A reminder: The contest ends officially on Sunday June 18th, 2017 at 12:00 PM Central U.S. Standard time. Thank you & Good luck