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  1. If I was in Ripples position and had access to ..... I would be trying to buy R3 & Chainlink.
  2. Sorry should have stated capital not liquidity your correct, my main point being with the value they have parked around the countries they operate in can easily be deployed.
  3. Pointbreak

    Coinbase considering everything but XRP

    Kind of like Greg Kidd being a core investor in both Coinbase and Uphold.....
  4. It is still very early in the product life cycle and in my experience working on new payment products I dont expect any decent versions of the product being live prior to years end, especially when the target audience is enterprise not consumers. The comments regarding WU - I don't really see how these are not transferable to Moneygram. Maybe even more concerning, Moneygram is still in a very average position, after the failed take over from Ant Financial they are trying to reinvent them self and some how find a way to become profitable (good old days profitable). IMO Moneygram is still fighting for their life and is still very exposed to take over unless they can overcome this. Non financial players recognise the payments ecosystem as an "enabler" and not a profit driving business, they are following this up by quickly moving into the space and providing payment services (often for close to free) to get more wallet penetration and ultimately sell more products from the profitable side of the business. I personally do not know if in 5 years from now it will even be possible to charge for the service of transferring funds, when industry players such as Apple / Facebook / Google ect can easily deploy the -capital- (edited from: liquidity) they hold from business operations to facilitate this value transfer. I am bullish on XRP but neutral / curious on Xrapid and will wait to see what the end product actually looks like / cost savings it provides.
  5. Pointbreak

    Coinbase considering everything but XRP

    Most people on this forum and within the community have already purchased XRP or will know how to purchase XRP. Which makes me believe the only reason for them wanting xrp added is for the "Coinbase effect" on price, going back to Litecoin / BCH listing these announcements would see 100% + growth, now I think a combination of the "Coinbase effect" wearing off and the fact that we are in a bear market only leads to a 12 hour rise of 10-25% kind of makes the the whole endeavour pointless. edit- Add to this that the market was clearly manipulated in the case of BCH - Yes it will open the market up to more newbie retail investors, but they are the ones that if they get burnt we see the court cases pile up. If you cannot navigate the markets / exchanges (which I encourage everyone considering purchasing to try to do) then you should invest in something that you understand. Bottom point: Who Cares, you are probably invested to try get rich and 25% wont do that, if not stick to what you do in the physical world and purchase your goods from a company that provides you the services you expect. IMO disregarding XLM & ADA - Decent choices, but I already know how to buy coins that I am interested and would not do so based on Coinbase listing and Coinbase fees suck.
  6. Pointbreak

    Coinbase considering everything but XRP

    Gladly, Looks like a couple of donations from Ripple executives to Brian Armstrong "Give Crypto" project does not get XRP listed. If XRP was announced, this surely would have been attribute to the above (announced over the last month or so), would not have been a good look for either company.
  7. Pointbreak

    DX.exchange live soon

    Ok have had a chance for a quick read up, I remember hearing about it with the Nasdaq partnership (take allot of that stuff with a grain of salt). Does look promising, NASDAQ engine I would love to hear more details on and proper regulation is promising. Will have to look deeper into the API later. I cant fault Bitstamp of all exchanges, they have meet my requirements for years with only a few isolated issues, problem for me is that we don't have enough alternatives that present this level of quality with other fiat trade pairs
  8. Pointbreak

    DX.exchange live soon

    @tulo You have been around this "block" for a while, curious what makes you start a thread on one exchange that is launching from Estonia? We have seen a couple hundred try to launch over the last year, some terrible some great! I admit I like the proposed designs looks great and I love the subscription based service (especially at the price), but I am still curious if you see any other value that really sets the team / product away from the rest of the market?
  9. Pointbreak

    David Schwartz - Ripple's new CTO

    Congratulations David I am sure the community will be thrilled with your appointment. Don't become a stranger from swinging by sometimes Keep on educating and sharing the knowledge!
  10. Think its about time this topic is closed off.
  11. Pointbreak

    The SEC's Big Cryptocurrency Speech: 5 Things to Know

    I did not think about this one, very interesting point.
  12. You make a good point, my opinion on this would be that when Google invested in Ripple, the thought of any crypto currencies being securities was years from being on the table, ICOs and the scams that came with it were years away. I hope and do not personally think XRP should be classified as such (I have been using the ledger for over 5 years now and have never had any interactions with a Ripple employee and see no need to). My opinion would be that it is not, however, risk management and experience with regulators makes me balance the case that they may classify it as such. The fact that Ripple has been working with regulators all this time, it would be absurd for the sec to target the one company that has tried to be as transparent & work with the traditional system throughout this journey with new technology would be....
  13. Yes google has made many investments that have failed to meet regulatory standards as well as projects done by them that fell into this category i.e deepmind. What separates them is the ability of these companies to bounce back (which I believe Ripple would even if xrp was deemed a security). Current admin is pro business - which I hope will help point this into the right direction of regulation. Problem is there are serious issues within the blockchain space and some form of regulation needs to be implemented. By the current wording laid out above I do not think XRP currently meets all those requirements and it will depend from here at what point and how the SEC decides to enforce. They will need to find the right balance between being pro growth and protecting investors, Ripple may be a casualty (it could just be a fine or it may be nothing at all). Personally I am prepared for either, as it would be terrible risk management not to anticipate this. My hope is that it is not (as I can genuinely say I have been using the xrp ledger for the last 5 years independent of Ripple.
  14. Tragic for the company - no Ripple we live on for a long time with or without xrp. Tragic in the sense that it will kill innovation, if XRP is deemed a security almost every other project last year from ICO would fall into this category and they would not have the established business model that Ripple has to survive without the native asset and funds they raise as a result (legal fees would drown most). It would send almost every future project / strong existing projects abroad.