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  1. Moneygram has also tried this via partnering with 711 in some countries. This design can competes well in developed countries but the onramps here are already easy and digital, IMO this does not outcompete WU approach of empowering "micro entrepreneurs" via agent networks that add this service as part of their existing businesses, for the short term, no doubt your right long term technology will eat into this business model.
  2. Its not uncommon for institutes of WU size to run multi year trials with a product more as a "benchmark" of internal systems vs a product they actively want to purchase. Within my teams I have always tried to maintain 1-2 vendor based solutions to benchmark our performance against. If I was in WU position I would be doing this. WU is more uniquely positioned than most in this area given the massive brick and mortar / agent network, this cannot be easily replicated and I doubt anyone would try to in this age of technology. However, most remittance corridors are generally heavy outflows from reasonable wealthy nations (where the technology can easily support it) to countries / regions / users where technology cannot support. An example of this would be Philippines or Vietnam and say AU / US corridor it is easy to onboard users within AU/ US under almost any technology platform. However, for the receiving party it is not easy to onboard the user onto a digital platform (mainly due to regulation and subsequently challenging KYC). This is easier to manager via agent / brick and mortar.
  3. Yes I agree that the people over stepping that line and personally attacking, particular clear threats towards the family and offline communications should be locked up. I do not see any endorsements or encouragement from the community and clearly not from Ripple, IMO it is defiantly not Ripples place to engage in any way to discourage these people to stop, they are not responsible for my actions or anyway in which I personally work with the xrp ledger and communicate my opinions and have no place in telling me what to do. Frankly I hardly expect that these morons would pay any attention. Honestly though I personally get a dirty feeling with the response from the broader "community", not the above referenced trash but the people that are providing fairly negative responses to the research. It doesnt strike me as intelligent or elegant counter arguments.
  4. The harassment of this guy and his family is utterly disgusting, community should be hanging head in shame. It is defiantly not the first time and if only it would be the last.
  5. India already has very good real time payment infrastructure. Can send transactions via whatsapp that clear into the receivers bank account in seconds. Its amazing
  6. When one of the frequent claims of centralisation is that Ripple owns the majority of XRP and this is a high risk for any crypto control / centralized claim. Clarification and transparency on XRP movements of this size is important. Do they have to no, is it in the best interest of the network IMO yes.
  7. Love to know how much of that 7 billion xrp was donated to charity in accordance with the 2015 statements from Ripple........ https://forum.ripple.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9900 https://www.ccn.com/ripple-ceo-chris-larsen-to-donate-7-billion-xrp-to-the-underbanked/
  8. So they don't get accused of insider trading, after the BCH fiasco it is a good policy. It also allows a very small team of decision makers to be aware of the strategy before the wider company, making it much easier to pinpoint insider trading.
  9. @WorldXRP On the actual blog post it has XRP / XRP logo. https://blog.coinbase.com/coinbase-custody-is-exploring-a-range-of-new-assets-e700496844be
  10. Ahhhhh man the next 48 hours is going to be painful, why Ripple why
  11. Ouch, its no real feat having a former president speak that charges 300k per event, add to that all the scandals that followed him around and the negative publicity as a result of this, I think they could have got someone allot better for that price tag, at least someone in the finance / banking / payments some sort of innovative field.
  12. Some valid points that are worth listening to, some are not very valid. I understand people getting upset when someone has problems with their investment, but you cant have it both ways, super happy when well known investors publicly compliment their investment (Arlington). I see no issues about criticising investments they hold the opposite position in, it is the same as these well known investors pumping projects they have holdings in (this applies to non crypto too)
  13. If I was in Ripples position and had access to ..... I would be trying to buy R3 & Chainlink.
  14. Sorry should have stated capital not liquidity your correct, my main point being with the value they have parked around the countries they operate in can easily be deployed.
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