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  1. Pour toi c'est possible encore! Perso je vise les 200$ donc j'ai le temps (et je suis utopique oui.)
  2. The thing is SWELL could just be a big keynote of what they do to the world of banks. Nothing more. This is what I'm afraid of..
  3. I'd be happy with 50€ as well, wouldn't be enough for retiring though. But I have other projects I bet on..
  4. It's already big.. More than 8$... How far can it go, that's the question.
  5. All depend on how many digits is 'your' moon
  6. I have some verge but it doesn't seem to move in any direction. I'll forget about it and come back in a couple years. I don't know Civic so I can't say, but I'll look into it. I'd also advise some SiaCoin. Their project is interesting.
  7. Je crois que l'info a été démentie. Ils sont en contact mais il n'y a pas encore d'accord de ce que j'ai lu. https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-confirms-china-expansion-plans-shoots-alibaba-rumor/
  8. Not entirely true. It's dropping in $ but still going up in BTC... So in a way it didn't stopped going up (to the moon)
  9. Got in a .17 and having exactly the same questions as you ^^ Wanted to buy so much more but couldn't at the time...
  10. Why when there are no news for 3 days everyone is saying "something's up"? IMO they are just working as usual. We can't have news every day (even if I'd love that)
  11. Hi guys! I wanted to know if some of you have recommendation about some YouTube channel that speaks daily about Cryptos or/and Ripple in particular? I personally became aware of Ripple thanks to "The Modern Investor" and I was looking for other channels. Thanks a lot!
  12. Well "before December" could be tomorrow as well..
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