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  1. It's funny how the veterans of this forum, that have seen a lot since early 2017 are not impressed by an 8% drop. Brothers and sisters, I feel you, I still read your posts and admire you. I also think you are a little crazy, and also like to gamble a bit. Viggo mate, many here have seen $ hundreds of thousands wiped out, but somehow holding those XRP coins brings more satisfaction. Money brings headache, XRP brings hope. And if its beer money, drink less brother. I promise you, nothing compares to xrp rocket shooting up to the moon.
  2. Have Poloniex just removed XRP/USDT pair?
  3. Brian Armstrong could be reading this thread right now, sadistically enjoying every word in it. Brian, if you see this, I want to let you know that there`s a reason you don`t make it to the top 10 trading volume exchanges. p.s. Ripple, XRP, us, can help you. join the forum and some of the smart guys in here will talk you through. ?
  4. I`ve been probably doing 5% of total XRP daily trading volume myself, over the last 6 months, trying to increase my stack. Something I must do wrong...
  5. I come from a former communist country, we don`t like our neighbours to know how many chickens we have, and how many eggs they lay. ?
  6. Op, you sound a lot like "Ivort", (or something similar, forgive me for not remembering), a member that used to be with us last summer. But you do have a way better english than he had. Anyway, buying at these prices, is probably a good investment. Good luck.
  7. ??? family guy/simpsons inspired?
  8. What a topic! Thanks @Hodor @Graine @corak and everyone really for contributing.
  9. I can`t provide any evidence, just an assumption based on the facts listed on my previous post. I feel that the next bull run should happen because of usability and wide adoption, because another bull run based on speculation, and orchestrated by whales, will not be sustainable. Yes, Ripple are doing great, but for us to rise regardless of how father Bitcoin is performing, we need to decouple. Can`t see it happening this year. ? Anyways, your optimism is refreshing.
  10. I was arguing that no matter how XRP stands in front of other cryptos, the rise was merely caused by speculation, and in my opinion, another bull run based on speculation only, and that would supposedly take us to 10, will not happen this year. As to when the real usage starts, (likelier with XRP than others) of course I expect proportionate price increases.
  11. this. almost all of the money in crypto right now is speculative money. The majority of the investors are young, enthusiast people that are looking for an opportunity to make it in life. Could it have been targeted to bring awareness to people that don`t give a f*ck about crypto? I dare to guess that not many Snoop Dog devoted fans are invested in crypto. It would be interesting to find out.
  12. The way I see it is: Whether we like it or not, the monumental price increase during the last year happened mostly because of speculation, on crypto in general. Nearly all coins have seen monumental price increases no matter their developments or proven utility. XRP is much loved by us but pretty much hated by the rest of the crypto community, bitcoin anarchists which see it as a centralized, banks coin (obviously not my opinion). It will cost us to decouple and might take longer than we hope. Assuming that we cannot decouple this year, the entire market should sit at over 5 trillions in order
  13. I agree, those days were bliss, and surely will return. I was referring to the time when the market got enough of whales selling and price manipulation and stopped giving away the coins for nothing.
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