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  1. Ripple will never promote XRP to retail investors. Its for the Banks and the Banks only. XRP was pumped up too much and now its all coming down., We will see 10c XRP very very soon.
  2. By continuing to shutdown active debate about Ripple/XRP you are doing a disservice to the entire community. Its people like you who just post HODL and To-the-Moon over and over again to anyone with a different opinion, that is doing damage to this wonderful forum. FYI - i did sell my XRP a few hours ago. I will look to re-enter after the BTC HardFork August 1st, when hopefully sentiment begins to pickup again when people realise its not the end of the world. And YES, XRP is correlated to BTC and the rest of the cryptospace with regards to market sentiment.
  3. JoelKatz is already stinking rich as are the other major Ripple players. There is virtually no incentive for them to even show up for work anymore. The big players have already made their fortunes and cashed out leaving you all holding XRP bags which is crashing.
  4. For how long, we could easily see 10c or even less ! Scary times for XRP holders.
  5. I did read it. Its why im even more concerned. There is nothing there that changes my mind. Swift is fighting back and has far more power and money than Ripple could ever dream of. Its David vs Goliath, but in the tech industry Goliath almost always wins. Ripple is in big trouble at the moment, and the recent price crash confirms this. We could easily see 10c or less in the coming weeks. Very troubling times for ripple.
  6. Yeas i agree with many of the people here about its time to start dumping part of our XRP portfolio. @JoelKatz and the guys at Ripple are making some bad decisions of late, and a lot of the stuff that comes out of their mouth is actually making the price go down further. And the recent news about Swift signing another 22 MAJOR banks for their new project is very concerning. It shows they will not just roll over and die like people think they will. Very disturbing and troubling times for Ripple at the moment.
  7. If SWIFT is so terrible, why did 22 Major Banks just sign with them for this new project, Yelling HODL and To-the-moon a bunch of times will not make your argument for Ripple any better. Truth is this is very damaging news for Ripple, Swift will not easily be defeated, nor roll over and die like people think they will. Reality check people.
  8. Superiors tech doesn't always win. We all know this. Swift is gigantic and has very solid backing. People are nuts to think they will just rollover and die. This new Swift project with big banks is very disturbing indeed for Ripple.
  9. https://cointelegraph.com/news/swift-hyperledger-backed-blockchain-project-nets-22-more-banks This is horrendous news for Ripple. Very sad day for XRP holders. Also the recent comments of JoeKatz about Ripple never pursing XRP retail use has done significant damage. The current XRP price has crashed and is just the beginning. Best of luck those continuing to hold.
  10. Sorry i was a little negative on my price prediction in my previous post. The chart clearly shows a bullish up-move to $1000 next week. Charts dont lie. Buy Buy Buy.
  11. This chart like all other charts clearly shows XRP will hit $100 next week. Very Bull**** indeed.
  12. Ohhhh another chart that points to the moon. I wonder if this one will be any different from the past million that were total BS.
  13. This is now the 3rd Crypto Massacre in barely a month. Volatility is through the roof and each crash seems to be getting more extreme than the last. Some people are blaming Vitalik Buterins Death, others blame BTCs upcoming HardFork, and others are blaming all the Scam coins and worthless ICOs. Who ever is to blame, one thing is evident, when one of the major coins goes down, they all go down together. Who do you guys think is to blame? Will the market improve or will it get worse.
  14. XRP will likely trade sideways or trend down for a while yet, until we get the big news everyone is waiting for. XRP may eventually get to $1, but that could take a year plus.
  15. There is no retail space for XRP, its designed for the banks and the banks alone. Also why Ripple does not encourage XRP speculation as stated on their official website.
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