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  1. Now we just need to know how much a bank has to pay to use the SWIFT system ?
  2. Just one word: Nokia They were a giant too, so what? Just because SWIFT is a giant doesnt mean they can't lose market share. They definately will lose market share, the question is how much will they lose. 2nd: its not just all about speed..there are other things to put in perspective: banks have to pay a big amount of money for using the SWIFT system, and nostro/vostro accounts wont be eliminated. Thats why ripple is focusing on smaller banks first: they just dont want to pay for using SWIFT! "SWIFT is a cooperative society owned by its members. Members are categorized into
  3. @jabit you are sure that you're not a SWIFT employee? Im asking because when i scroll through your post-history i can see that you are only posting about SWIFT GPI... I dont want to insult you, but dont be so negativ. competition is good, and this doesnt mean that every bank will chose to use gpi now. Do you remember the screenshot of a gpi transaction where 450k € were transfered? How long did it take? Somewhere near 24 hours? Thats still a very long time..and the fee was about 70€. Ok, thats not that much, but it was a EUR-USD transaction, that corridor is pretty liquid. How
  4. Thats pretty interesting. They say that the corridors are US to Mexico and US to philippines..6 days ago ripple brought a new article about three new exchanges: - US (Bittrex) - Mexico (Bitso) - Philippines (Coins.ph) Do you think thats a coincidence? I dont think so..somethings brewing under the ground ? EDIT: just realized that this is exactly what the twitter guy said..sorry for wasting your time xD
  5. I celebrated my 1 year anniversary back in may. And i have some words for everyone who is new to ripple and invested at the ATH: dont worry, it always had those swings..when i first invested, the price "skyrocketed" few weeks later from about 0.12€ to over 0,32€ (18th may 2017) and i was like "woaaaahh, you are becoming a millionaire soon!!!"..yes, and then? The price plunged back to around 0,12 to 0,13€ for nearly half a year. Everybody back then was like "oh my god, will we ever get back to 30 cents?!", some people were angry because they jumped in at "ATH" and...sold. If they would have hol
  6. https://www.btc-echo.de/r3-laut-anonymer-quellen-am-ende/ If this is true and if they lose the court trial then we can say bye bye to r3 they say they only made 10% the money they thought they would make. Former employees spoke about it. They will have to sell early 2019 if they dont win the trial. edit: removed reddit link & inserted direct link
  7. Did he really say something like "blabla..many partners,not just a few"? Was he trying to say that ripple only has few partners?? I think 100+ institutional partners is way ahead of "few".. In my opinion this guy just tries as hard as possible to spread FUD about ripple. Every time i see this non-bearded grinch i could laugh and tell myself "goddamnit..give this little kiddie his lollipop back before he starts crying!"
  8. Omfg.. How often did jed just say "right"...like every second sentence or so 2nd: "we are proud that jed, who built two of the 10 most used blockchains... " ahm.. He built one with guys who knew what they do. Jed didnt contribute much to the code (as far as i know) and then he just played copycat with ripple and changed the name to stellar with a super cool rocket.. I once read that he didnt even change some names of functions inside the code. 3rd: who the **** can take a coin serious where a flying rocket represents the whole ecosystem of stellar?! is it meant like "to da mooon" or
  9. https://ibsintelligence.com/ibs-journal/ibs-news/ripple-achieves-rumoured-national-rollout-japan-bank-consortium/ Maybe this is the reason for the current increase?
  10. @zerpdigger i stole the link to the blog to post it on reddit. Wanted to help someone with ToastWallet, but couldn't because of "karma points"..sh**** reddit....... so: sorry that i "stole" your link, i just need those fu***** karma points xD
  11. MacOS is pretty save. Most malware is written for microsoft. What you could do: encrypted zip file where your secret is stored. Maybe you install virtualbox (its free) and make a virtual machine too, so that you can make private things on mac and ripple-things only on linux.
  12. I am using Toast Wallet too. So far no problems with it. Seems pretty secure to me, as long as your computer doesnt get hacked, you got a keylogger installed etc. Im using Toast Wallet in an ubuntu virtual machine, im fine with that
  13. Which app are you using there? I donno if i am right, but can you see there to how much a sell order is filled? (blue bars?). But yes, always thought we are getting manipulated pretty hard. Every time the price spikes a bit, 10 seconds later we are falling again..
  14. Btw: nice profile pic! Love that little ripple thing right of the turkey flag!
  15. Lol.. Registered on thursday and just spreading FUD. Someone lost the train to moon-station and tries to buy in low? xD Edit: ok, sorry, joined in august. Then he waited 2-3 months, price stayed stable and mr weak-hand sold all the stack. Now trying to make FUD to buy in again
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