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  1. That's all well and good, but none of them support XRP without Ledger's desktop app. Right? So if Ledger goes away and you're no longer able to download their app then your XRP will not be accessible because you don't control the secret key.
  2. Yeah, I've seen this page: https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ I'm not entirely sure what you do with that though. And obviously I don't want to type my 24 words in to that website just to see what happens.
  3. In the case that Ledger goes out of business and I'm unable to download their desktop Ripple wallet app am I just SOL? This seems like a huge issue. I'm not aware of any BIP39 wallet alternative that supports XRP. Anybody know of one?
  4. Very much so! That's one piece of the puzzle. I have no idea how to create such a thing for BTC, ETH, LTC, etc though.
  5. Earlier this year this graph was floating around: Does anyone have the ability to update it for the end of the year? I'd be very interested to know what it looks like today.
  6. I don't see much technical analysis above. All I see are charts with arrows added and 45 degree upward lines drawn on the right side. Watch what I can do..."%R indicates new bullish trend! MACD shows MASSIVE bullish cross developing on 3 month chart!!! TO THE MOON!!!" I'm sure you're all very impressed. Remember, this TA is worth what you paid for it....
  7. I was only talking about the past week since OP was concerned with ETH's current recovery. The above are just examples of why confidence was shaky for ETH and price may have been unnaturally low. Under those circumstances a big selloff happened and thus a bigger bounce also makes sense. XRP hasn't had any major outside forces impact it or 4 cent prices in the past week that I'm aware of. It has basically traded in a 7 cent range.
  8. I wasn't suggesting you weren't. I was just illustrating that sometimes the wait is much longer than 90 days and is totally worth it. From a technical standpoint this long-term price stability is a good thing. .23 USD looks like the new zero which should give everyone confidence that XRP is here to stay and will act as the springboard toward higher highs. I can't tell you when, but I'm confident we're going much higher than .40.
  9. You have to be in this for the long haul. Many (most?) other cryptos have that "get rich quick" feel to them. They rely on lots of hyping and social media buzz without much substance. XRP is basically the exact opposite. The use cases are solid. The Ripple management team is excellent and professional. Unlike other cryptos, XRP is actually being used and adopted daily (not just traded on an exchange). Ripple seems to let the results speak for themselves, and you don't get the same social media buzz of the other flash in the pan type coins. I saw the writing on the wall back in 2013. I waited 4 years after my initial purchase of XRP to see any meaningful return. I never once thought of selling. I still believe Ripple and XRP combine for the best online currency solution in existence and if it takes another 4+ years for Ripple to achieve dominance in the market I'm okay with that.
  10. In contrast to ETH, the Ripple network didn't implode due to an ICO, then flash crash to 10 cents, and lose almost half its value mostly due to rumors. So it stands to reason that ETH's recovery would be more marked due to the big correction it just had.
  11. It's not a joke. XRP is not stock. It's a product, an asset, a new tech, etc...not company ownership. Would UBER offer you preferred stock just for taking a cab ride? How about if Spotify gave away stock because you liked a playlist? That's not how business works.
  12. You don't own any "shares". XRP is not ownership in Ripple. It's amazing how little people actually understand about the asset they are investing in.
  13. It's very encouraging that the big money is still adding XRP. That bodes well for the future price.
  14. Well, what's your strategy? Obviously, you want to talk about it. And what size trading account are we talking. $500/day may or may not be impressive.
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