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  1. Hi @DjemDiamond Could you Please let us know on what basis did you come out with these figures? Is it a mathematical progression, a mathematical pathway or is it pure speculation? I would be very interested in your explanation, Please?
  2. @wutangfinancial So Sorry to hear about your problem(s)... but as we all know for every problem(s) is its own solution(s)... Gatehub and Bitstamp are Great and Respected Gateways, right now slightly under pressure, victim of their own Succes... Anyway, all this just to tell you, should you have any problem of lengthy return from Gatehub's Customers Support (you're not the only one believe me...) just through the forum get in touch with Gatehub's Magic Man @enej ... I'm sure as we all know here he'll do his max to help you and to resolve the issue(s) ASAP... Be kind Let's know... Take care...
  3. @karlos Like they already do in some others places... (ie: Reddit)...
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