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  1. What would you get from the ICO coins? What value are they representing, or whats their use?
  2. @PRX Yeah I noticed the table for the possible prices on the ICO. However, I was asking what at your expectations for the ICO and 2-1 months after. How much can it grow in value?
  3. Each BNK will cost €.01 on the Pre-ICO and depending on the amount of BNKs sold there, the price for the ICO will be decided. At what price do you exepect the ICO to begin ?
  4. How is this going to be apparent on the ledger? What is the change we will see? It won´t show in the transaction volume since the XRP will be "stuck" in the escrow account and will not be traded. How will we know?
  5. They are going to DUMP for sure. It will happen just how it happened a couple hours ago: probably in around 4 hours the price will drop exponentially, recoup a bit and it will keep falling from there. I think it will go down to about $.15-$.16 within a week.
  6. If you choose August 1st, there are already 90+ banks and 75+ deplying commercially, nothing really changed
  7. I´ve worked on securities, IB and curently in PE but just because I feel your emotion @teddybear when talking about LoC, please explain us all what a LoC is?
  8. https://ripple.com/insights/ripples-product-suite-growing/ Here is the explanation for the different products and what RIppleNet is.
  9. For me there are two options that combine both of you @zerpdigger @fourthjohn Regular and institutional investors will leave ICOs and maybe the DAO and: 1. They will flow to either Bitcoin or XRP increasing the price and market share of both or 2. They will leave the market for good and will cripple the whole cryptomarket including the top 3 (BTC, ETH, XRP), especially with the increasing uncertainty of the BTC Fork I am obviously hoping for the first one and that is why I will HODL regardless
  10. "SEC Issues Investigative Report Concluding DAO Tokens, a Digital Asset, Were Securities" Is this good for XRP or bad for the whole cryptomarket? https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2017-131
  11. I don´t think Im being optimistic, as of right now we only need 32 out of 47 block which is only 68%, less percentage than when I put up my other post. This will relieve the uncertainty in the market for a Bitcoin split at least for a month or so. I believe the sentiment of the whole market will be very bullish for a while, of course it will eventually drop a bit after spiking for a few days but thats just how the market works. Remember that the other cryptos follow Bitcoin ups and down even when BTC´s increase/decrease is exponential compared to the other cryptos. I am pretty sure we will see a huge spike in prices, probably even regaining the $110Bn market cap or above before the next milestone regarding the fork comes.
  12. The above 80% support as @Strovu indicates, has been met (84.7%). Although, there are still 66 more blocks to be mined before lock-in period time ends and we only need 50 more to be in support of BIP 91 as of this very second. There is a huge chance this number will be met and the lock-in will happen. After the lock-in happens BTC will have a spike in price with all of the other cryptos following since there is a very small chance of a Bitcoin split when lock-in happens.
  13. WOW SWIFT not only has inefficient technology but their video looks as old and boring as their technology, especially compared to Ripple´s
  14. @Xrphunter They still are on the Advisory Group. That is odd. Do you think they are no longer working together?
  15. We still have a couple of weeks before Aug 1st so XRP will probably keep decreasing in price all the way to $.10.
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