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  1. Updated the layout with much larger font on mobile. Working next on setting up a private rippled server so as to be even less affected if public ripple servers are under load.
  2. Any thoughts from the Ripple devs on this one? Seems pretty serious since it affects anyone using the newer iPhones with sites using Ripplelib and includes the ability to submit orders. @JoelKatz @nikb ?
  3. This has bothered me for some time as well. Even if it's unlikely, it's still possible and once it happens, it happens. Are there any mechanisms in place to address this if it does happen?
  4. I just used the template instance on Amazon EC2. No issues w/ step 1.
  5. I disabled orderbooks but apparently signing transactions or submitting orders also freezes. So it looks like a wider problem than just orderbooks.
  6. Thanks. Tried again, no luck
  7. I'm trying to set up a stock server using the guide here: When I get to step 2, I am getting a 404 error that it can't find any mirrors.
  8. I had them browse to the orderbook on Ripple Charts as well, and they have the same issue of the whole page freezing on them.
  9. Got it, so you confirmed that it's an issue w/ ripple-lib? Wasn't sure if it was the library itself or the way I was calling it. I guess I'll have to disable the orderbook on my site until it's clear what the issue is. I'll submit an issue to ripplelib on github. It only started happening a few days ago, no code changes, same phones, same ripplelib version (tested 0.17.1-7 - no effect). So it seems like something to do with the rippled servers and not the library itself.
  10. My workflow currently is trading on RCL directly using a cold/hosted wallet and then redeeming the IOUs in Bitstamp, sending to Kraken for other coins. The reason for Bitstamp being that the IOUs can be redeemed almost instantly (and then converted back to IOUS) from Bitstamp. And then between Kraken and Bitstamp, XRP sends are also near instant while BitGo can be used to send Bitcoins instantly as well. From Kraken, I can send to Polo or other exchanges but only with Ethereum because Bitcoin otherwise takes an hour or longer. Even XRP for some reason takes hours for Poloniex to send/receive, but ETH is instant. There's a ton of arbitrage opportunity (even between Bitstamp and its own IOUs, don't ask why), so for me, instant withdrawals and high liquidity has been very important. Kraken tends to have the same spot price as Poloniex (which for some reason is higher than most markets), so it's a way to capture the price of Poloniex, send it back to RCL (through Bitstamp) and buy back cheaper. Much of the time, I don't need to even go that far as for some reason, Bitstamp's own Gateway IOUs are usually mispriced compared to its own exchange.
  11. Yeah there were multiple problems going on, which makes it confusing to attribute. For perspective on what I had to do for, I increased the maxLedgerOffset to about a hundred (instead of 3 default) to address the MaxLedger error. Then I added code to detect disconnection (timeout, network unavailable) so that it automatically reconnects to Ripple if something happens, which was a different issue altogether.
  12. LastLedger just means the time between you submitting the order and it making it to the ledger, there were too many other transactions in between. There is a setting that lets you reject an order if too many other transactions happen in between (high volume trading). It is there to protect against someone trading on old information (you didn't see a hundred other trades go by), but most of us I think don't really care. The default is a low number, so I'm guessing that got tripped for a lot of people/clients that didn't set it once trading picked up. For my own code, I set it pretty high as I don't particularly care how many ledgers go by as long as my order gets there.
  13. No it's an object, not an associative array. Also took that out and still had the same issue even if it was just: return api.getOrderbook("rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B", pair);
  14. Strange problem came up. I have a few people telling me my site freezes for iPhone browsers (both Chrome and Safari). It works fine on Mac, PC, Android, etc with any browser otherwise. I set up a really straight-forward bare bones test page and for them it still froze at api.getOrderbook. (they say it stops at loading orderbook, see screenshot below) It only affects iPhone users and inconsistently because I have some other people with iPhones who load it just fine. The people not able to load have iPhone 5, 6, 7. They were using the site just fine a few weeks ago, so I'm not sure what it could be. Is anyone else having trouble loading the test page above and any ideas from other devs? @JoelKatz
  15. That would imply Ripple Labs' XRP stash is $8T. The way I'm thinking about it is looking at how much XRP Ripple owns and seeing if it makes sense as a valuation of their company.