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  1. There's some nice arbitrage opportunities going on right now between Bitstamp / the rest of the market and Bitstamp's IOU on the Ripple Ledger. Just a few minutes ago there were asks of a hundred thousand in size for XRP selling at $0.44 when XRP on Bitstamp itself is already almost $0.46. You can view the orderbook on Ripple Ledger here: https://www.theworldexchange.net/ I mentioned Bitstamp and its IOUs for arbitrage a while back, but it hasn't really been a thing until recently again with the big price moves coming back.
  2. Added an alert for when the MAs cross on every intraday timeframe at the same time. It's something that seems to work only in crypto. Just got the first alert for XRP at $0.43
  3. Can Gatehub provide a list of all Ripple addresses they had secret keys stored for? That way we can compare against the list and avoid using any Ripple addresses that may be on it. Some users might have forgotten they imported an address to Gatehub, or they might have thought it was wiped from Gatehub using Gatehub's delete function, which may or may not have worked.
  4. You do realize that in 2-factor hinges on a secret key on that second device not being stolen or discovered? It is not that different than just having two secret keys or passwords. The authenticator just makes it so you don't ever send that second key around at risk of being stolen. But in a situation like the recent Gatehub hack, if your secret keys are stored anyway on someone else's server, you're no better off having 2-factor (because the secret key underpinning that second factor is also stored and stealable just like the first). If you were careful enough not to let the secret keys be
  5. What feature are you referring to? As far as I recall, this was how account setup always was (except now we confirmed the "no way for them to recover" is not true).
  6. I tried to do this with https://www.theworldexchange.net - if someone wants to fork the project on Github and do variations of it, it's free. For example, the more advanced features are exposed under Advanced Settings in the upper right and includes this documentation:
  7. Just got first bottom signals since BTC fell back below $8K - for those waiting out the pullback for an entry. So far flagged on EOS, ZEC, and LTC but I usually look at is a macro indicator for crypto overall if I get at least a handful.
  8. Took a while to read through this whole thread, but agree with some older users here this was a ticking time bomb. I had my concerns here in the past as well, basically that you should never trust having your private keys stored on any service whether encrypted or not: Personally I would create entirely new wallets to use and store any remaining XRP. I know the argument that rekeying is just as secure, but IMO it's too easy for less sophisticated users to accidentally mess up the rekeying process and lose your funds again. I would rather just create a new wallet even if it cost
  9. In light of Gatehub's recent hack, I'm considering whether to rename The World Exchange so that it's more clear that this really has no back-end and doesn't store your keys, not even encrypted. I already replaced the tagline and footer to make it clear that this "exchange" operates directly on Ripple's blockchain with no intermediary server. I actually have the domain https://www.rippleclient.com/ but that might lead to confusion with the older min ripple client. If there are other ideas, let me know. I think when I built this, it was during a time that was still vague for how best to desc
  10. Added alerts on the Volume/MarketCap list to @TechTraderBTC so you don't have to keep checking it manually.
  11. Added all-time high column and filtered screener tabs to only liquid exchanges.
  12. This aged pretty well. Was a week or two early but basically Nov-Dec timing was the bottom of the market. This and ETH at $100 in Dec were the only times all last year the system gave off any daily signals: https://twitter.com/search?q=%40TechTraderBTC daily&src=typd
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