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  1. Any ideas what the encoding is on this transaction? It's the only one that isn't being decoded properly. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/799F77BE631D9F31FA68C5246CC0D969E80513822E4877C4BADAC55EB607A101
  2. Not yet - haven't had time to look into it or what the technical side entails.
  3. 1. Not wallet secret key - just the public address. So you always need both the token name and public address of the issuer. 2. Yes, anyone can view anyone else's wallet contents by just having the public address. There's no privacy. You could even just use Bitstamp's address to login and view their contents (read-only of course). 3. You can set a display name (link at top the chat window). However, they still need your public key first to look you up (only after they do so, then the name changes to the display name). Note the display name is a protocol I created, so other Ripple wallets/sites have to add the same code from WorldX to be able to see the display names. 4. Yes and yes. 5. Actually not sure, but would assume no. At the very least, you couldn't login to send anything until the wallet has minimum XRP balance.
  4. If anyone followed the MOBI ICO on Stellar, they're doing basically what the opportunity to do on Ripple was - an ICO/token immediately tradable on the decentralized exchange itself. https://stellarterm.com/#exchange/MOBI-mobius.network/XLM-native
  5. Serious question - Is RL considering lowering the min balance? I'm working on a project that might use Ripple for managing accounts / payments between its users, but it's a bit steep if the min funding per account is $40. @JoelKatz @nikb @miguel
  6. Sure. https://twitter.com/TechTraderAI/status/953757345909170176 https://twitter.com/TechTraderAI/status/945652195759755265 https://twitter.com/AiSideQuests/status/860061860317372416 https://www.pftq.com/stocks/images/2015-08-26_16-54,_Daily_SPY_Chart.gif
  7. Think what's interesting is if it's them, then their activity is very visible in the charts - enough for a system like mine to pick it up.
  8. Looks like the signal worked out - hopefully the momentum sustains into the Q4 report.
  9. It's a matter of exchanges denominating in BTC right now, which I'm not the first to say I'm sure.
  10. Based on my system which has been trading for about 6 years now. Nothing is guaranteed but for those looking for more datapoints to analyze: https://www.techtrader.ai/wall/?date=1516205539
  11. For those looking to diversify (especially while everything is cheap right now), I built and use a screener here that pulls data from coinmarketcap but also calculates things like volume/marketcap - useful for seeing things that are trading at volumes much higher than its marketcap suggests. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12iLyLbSI2odBy4uAIXEm7bLCTds0SApKjsso9UKJ25Q/
  12. Just look at seasonality - this chart of Jan every year: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DTrofxOVMAA4AXD?format=jpg&name=large
  13. Can you show me an example transaction? Thanks
  14. Added a cache function to remember pairs you've traded - you should see now previously used pairs get remembered and new pairs are flipped if they match the old. So for example, if you traded ETH/XRP, it'll flip all future XRP/ETH to ETH/XRP. Any other tweaks that should be made, let me know. Surely there must be more tax payers here lol
  15. Can you PM me the address?