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  1. I've gone ahead and open-sourced this (it sort of always was anyway, given it's all javascript that you could just right-click and view source). Had more plans for this initially, but I've been bogged down on other projects and couldn't get around back to this. Figured it was better to just open it up to anyone else that wanted to add or build upon it. It's been a while since I used github, so if I'm missing anything in the project, just let me know. It's not a very complicated piece of work (just HTML and javascript), but it was frustratingly difficult to find any working examples of Ripple's API (not to mention just a very simple straight forward cold wallet or front-end to use Ripple). Hopefully this helps skip that step for some people out there.
  2. It's like $50/yr to buy a certificate off GoDaddy and then upload it to your server. Shouldn't require crowdfunding lol
  3. Are there any plans to add HTTPs to the site? It seems like a pretty ironic omission given how sensitive crypto people generally are to security.
  4. Thanks, these are all good suggestions. I've widened the login fields and added a logout button. Originally just logging in with nothing would have logged you out, but I realize that's not obvious lol I've pointed the Min XRP links to the documentation (upper left link) instead which mentions XRPChat and Ripple Forums. I'm inclined not to mention how key generation works - they can always click on all the links to Ripple to read on that. I want to keep the site as high level as possible rather than just cater towards people who know crypto already. @lucky: no that's not me lol, just a friend who got super enthusiastic about Ripple after reading my stuff. I have no relation to Ripple Labs, just some guy who's been around since the beginning.
  5. I took a few nights to go ahead and build a site with most of Ripple's functionality. It's essentially a 1-page cold-wallet version of RippleTrade. Everything is client-side and nothing stored or processed by any servers other than the Ripple network. Hopefully this spurs more interest in people using Ripple as more than just a currency.
  6. A friend mine also recorded a conversation explaining the tech to someone who is new to the space. Again, very high level and non technical but I figure the more it helps people understand where this is all going, the better.
  7. Edit: So it looks like config.js is actually being pulled. I used Chrome's inspect function and found this error: Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined vendor.js:27086 Also is there a way to have the page served without leaving gulp running in the terminal?
  8. Trying to play around with the instructions in the first post. If you were to set this up on a linux server, what steps do you need to take to view the console from online after running gulp packages? So far, I can only view it if I run gulp and access from port 3000, but the config.js and other files aren't accessible by url
  9. It's still here -
  10. I had a few people from outside the FinTech community gradually become interested in Blockchain, interledger protocol, etc, so I went ahead and put together a short write-up I can-reuse that explains what Ripple's technology can do at a very high level (no technical consensus, trust, etc discussion - just laymen everyday language). A friend of mine also did a chat on video covering much of the same ideas but in an also more layman, conversational format: Just thought I'd share as it might be useful for helping people get the big picture idea of Ripple without the technical background. I've had people go to Ripple's site, search on Google, and only find the white paper which is way too complicated, so it's definitely not the easiest thing to get all the practical information on Ripple in one place.