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  1. Hey Hodor, Thanks for another interesting post. I see you have done much more than hanging on, you've built quite a nice blog. I was away on some very time consuming projects for awhile but Coil and especially Cinnamon just brought me back. I would be interested in streaming my movie on the platform, not sure where to start. Any help would be appreciated. As for the XRP community, anyone interested in watching movies on that new platform?
  2. Hey @Mercury, Great to see the second wave of the project lift off. I really like the Zapster option, but, I couldn't use it with my Bitstamp account. The countdown (time remaining for the transaction) is too short to process the transaction through the exchanges. You might want to add a warning note on this. And explain what happens if the payment arrives late. I'm not sure it can be returned to the exchanges. As always, you bring a great contribution to the community. Now back to ordering my Medallion ? Thanks
  3. You have to choose your business plan: Apple or Microsoft? ...and stick to it! Ripple, for what we know/see has chosen the Microsoft approach. Let the others build the computer, they have the software to run it. Make sure the majority uses it.
  4. I don't agree with that. History shows that wars have been lost because of some pictures, slogans or bad speech. And there's a blockchain war out there. We don't have to look very far, the IBM/Stellar news torpedoed the first day of Swell and spilled through all week because no spin doctors were on call in Toronto.
  5. You have to click on "see full leadership" https://ripple.com/company/leadership/
  6. This has been my bread and butter for more than 20 years. I will share what I believe. First, yes the marketing dept have made many mistakes. Why? Like you said, we're not insiders, but you have noted a few things that could be close to the answer. Except that I don't believe Mr Garlinghouse puts "little importance on marketing", to the contrary, he and many well known Ripple employees came to the rescue when they felt things were not going the right way. Second, you have to differentiate between marketing and communication. Your premise is they need a Chief marketing. I don't agree. The marketing dept is doing a great job at what they are mandated to do, meaning, getting financial institution on board. The marketing dept is a small one compared to other big companies, but they have a very clear agenda. The problem is, if they also are in charge of communication, that could be the origin of what we're talking about. Third, Ripple seems to understand the problem and wants to correct it. They recently posted a job opening for Director of Corporate Communications (https://ripple.com/company/careers/all-jobs/#director-of-corporate-communications) This is very direct to the point "Ripple is looking for a Director of Corporate Communications to lead our global corporate communications positioning and strategy, ultimately responsible for establishing Ripple as the undisputed category king of blockchain and driving alignment across the company" (...) "...highly networked with the influencers who matter (press, analysts, social, etc.) and execute aggressive, creative, multi-channel strategies..." "...experienced advising CEOs on everything from communications strategies to press interviews..." This is exactly what Ripple needs now. I have been writing about this problem for awhile and I'm so glad they are finally looking for that missing piece of the puzzle. The marketing B2B dept can continue doing a great job, and the communication dept will finally be born. The communication dept will not only help the CEO, be on top of the media and social media, but will also create an internal message so that all the Ripple employees are on the same page when it comes to talking to the people "us" about what's coming, thus, removing all the inflated expectation we sometimes have from connecting bits and pieces from different sources. Like the Ripple ads says "Lead, mentor and build out a sharp, dynamic team" Yé!
  7. Sorry, but, I don't agree. Here http://www.businessinsider.com/these-chinese-cities-are-ghost-towns-2017-4
  8. Your opinion. Not mine. Cheers!
  9. Ok, first, I'm not complaining. I really like the fact that you comment, but don't put words in my mouth. Ripple is an incredible company and I have the a total respect for what they are doing, trying to do, and for the staff working there. As for the price, Cuallix news would have had nothing to do with the rise. I mention this in response to your comment, and I would if anyone else had asked.
  10. I'm pretty sure they did. And at SWELL during a live presentation. Price and Volume is of the out most importance, otherwise, the XRP token is almost useless to big financial institution.
  11. This was a great news. But it's not transparent. We have to take their words, again, all behind "closed doors" because even if the Ripple Network is accessible by everyone, we can't find trace of those transactions, we can't see the volume, etc. Nevertheless, I believe this is real and in deed a great news. So why isn't it make waves (or ripples)? Who cares that IOS from Apple is an incredible operating system that makes every front page of every tech magazine, people wants a cool iPhone that they can see, use, interact with. And more, the cool ads that makes you even cooler to buy one at over priced.
  12. They said many times that the price is important to them. Just recently, JK wrote about Ripple not doing anything to dilute the price unless it was to regain the lost somehow asap. The price of XRP is not a fixation, it's an indicator of how the people perceive Ripple's future. No matter now they try to separate them, Ripple/XRP is still the same to most of us.
  13. Every time this is the "excuse": things are going well behind closed doors. I believe it does. But adoption by the people is the key. A lot of great company with great product are long forgotten because they never got adoption by the people. This is history repeating. If the CEO and Staff always have to come to the rescue and say "hey great stuff is happening but we can't tell you" this is a real downer for all the "outside" investors. Just remember that every Bank CEO has family that read the news, chat, etc. If all the hear is "nothing" or "bad things" imagine the conversation at supper time. Off course Bank CEOs don't take their decision based on their spouse of kids, but with new tech, believe me, they listen to what is going on around them. At Consensus, Ethereum showed everyone what it's like to be Headlining, Hot, All over the news. We all thought, and Ripple gave us hope, that SWELL would be our time.
  14. Just a teaser for now. Still one day to go, but! If Ripple's CEO Brad Garlinghouse had to announced a Twitter question period for tomorrow morning and one of our favorite member David Schwartz aka @JoelKatz at to interact on Discord and other chat network, I'd say, this is "again" a damage control attempt to make sure the price of XRP doesn't crash more/Ripple's image stay intact. We had the same thing during the 3.2.1 countdown. After the second gif, many of our beloved Ripple staff came out to give us their opinion or just tried to control the situation (that was out of control with way too high expectation of a crazy news). Same again before Consensus and with the "no news" during the event (that we're aware of - everything going behind close doors we were told - funny how history repeats). SWELL was promoted to be a big event for Ripple. They never shied away from that. Even though some great guest had very interesting things to say, Ripple/XRP is not winning this right now. So what's the problem? Full debrief after tomorrow's last conference/announcement.
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