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  1. If you think we're alone with this problem, most people are not XRPChat members. Here some tweets that might give you an idea of how Coinfield treats his clients. Check the comments like daniel iglic @diglic · 31 JanReplying to @CoinFieldEX No. Not everything is fixed. I can not withdraw my funds through PayPal, interact etc. Stop bs'ing us. What was done yesterday was criminal enough. 1 Masterheatingandcooling @Masterheatinga1 · 30 JanReplying to @CoinFieldEX What a ******* bullshit this exchange???? They ******* rev
  2. After waiting for weeks without any response for them to "calculate" their "errors" and get back with a number/offer, I tweeted their CEO. The image is pretty revealing.
  3. And then it begins. Remember Quadriga!
  4. The link with Bitrue is just that by searching other exchanges trading the same pairs I found some very interesting "clone" trading pattern. I don't have a Bluetrade account and don't expect to have one. The reasons they froze my account was not because of arbitrage. They mentionned a problem with their servers and that we took advantage of it. The only way this would be "possible" is if Coinfield was doing the trade and are not happy that someone in their team screwed up the bots. They won't admit to this (that would be wash trading), but there's no other reason. Otherwise, anyone selling/buy
  5. I'm Canadian. It was a Canadian exchange with easy CAD withdraw and many CAD pairs like XRP/CAD which is rare. But not anymore. I very recently found out they moved to Estonia last year and CAD withdraws are a pain and very expensive now. They are still registered with Fintrac Canada, but that doesn't make any sense. You can see here https://www10.fintrac-canafe.gc.ca/msb-esm/public/detailed-information/msb-details/7b226d73624f72674e756d626572223a3135333338392c227072696d617279536561726368223a7b226f72674e616d65223a22436f696e4669656c6420222c2273656172636854797065223a317d7d/ Thei
  6. UPDATE. Coinfield liquidated part of our account. They made many mistakes to their advantage, we're in discussion about that. They still argue that there was a "computer glitch" of some sort and they had to reverse the transactions. We don't agree. If someone wants to sell below the market price, they have the right to do so without any interference from the exchanges. Especially not locking our account, accusing us of taking advantage of a glitch and liquidating our account for their advantage. Arbitrage between exchanges is a common daily (every minute) practice and is not illegal.
  7. Our prilimary report seems to indicate Coinfield "stole" around 70 000 CAD$ from our account. Yes, Coinfield, not some hacker. More details to come.
  8. On the side, their IP was blacklisted by our server security and flagged as spam by spamassassin. That wouldn't be too much of a problem if it was only blocking some marketing email, but the problem is, when you want to withdraw, they send an email to confirm. After many attempts at customer service without any answer we digged and found the problem ourselves. Finally someone emailed us. We told them they had a problem. We never heard back from them so we had to create a whitelist to let them through which is not perfect at all. So where are their server located and why are they blacklisted no
  9. @thinlyspread I've found a few charts like that in their pairs. When you look at the Bitrue chart they are pretty similar. They show the same lagging price after the fork. It's like someone "forgot" to adjust their trading bots. The problem is, if that someone is Coinfield, it's called wash trading which is illegal pretty much everywhere in the world.
  10. Hello everyone, It's been a long time without posting anything. I'll give more details as the situation evolves. We were waiting (and waiting) for Coinfield to respond to our "illegal" lock of our corporate account. They will liquidate part of our account. It's completely illegal to do so and implies they are doing "things" that I will detail in the next posts. But just remember a few things - they pass as a Canadian exchange but after some research I can tell you they are not anymore. Last year, they moved their headquarter to Estonia - they "shadow" Bitrue pairs
  11. Hey Hodor, Thanks for another interesting post. I see you have done much more than hanging on, you've built quite a nice blog. I was away on some very time consuming projects for awhile but Coil and especially Cinnamon just brought me back. I would be interested in streaming my movie on the platform, not sure where to start. Any help would be appreciated. As for the XRP community, anyone interested in watching movies on that new platform?
  12. Hey @Mercury, Great to see the second wave of the project lift off. I really like the Zapster option, but, I couldn't use it with my Bitstamp account. The countdown (time remaining for the transaction) is too short to process the transaction through the exchanges. You might want to add a warning note on this. And explain what happens if the payment arrives late. I'm not sure it can be returned to the exchanges. As always, you bring a great contribution to the community. Now back to ordering my Medallion ? Thanks
  13. You have to choose your business plan: Apple or Microsoft? ...and stick to it! Ripple, for what we know/see has chosen the Microsoft approach. Let the others build the computer, they have the software to run it. Make sure the majority uses it.
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