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    xRapid - The Beginning Game

    I think he's been asking for someone from Ripple who knows the inner workings of xRapid to confirm if, as you believe, xRapid does not require fiat/xrp and is in fact written to be able to use both fiat/xrp & xrp/fiat. It's actually just that simple. Every time he asks it turns into some linguistics yoga lesson about buy/sell. It's a straight forward question, does xRapid use both fiat/xrp and xrp/fiat or is it only using fiat/xrp?
  2. Fake BBC News page used to promote Bitcoin-themed scheme
  3. LordVetinari

    Private ledger debate

    He's got the greatest socks too.
  4. LordVetinari

    Mercury-fx using XRP

    Dilip seems to think it was via xRapid. https://mobile.twitter.com/diliprao/status/1085944413124206597
  5. LordVetinari

    Earn 5% on XRP on Uphold!

    6. Is this in the wrong section? Apparently it was. Now that this has been moved I'm comfortable saying this without it sounding like I'm trying to shill. Truth is I'm straight up shilling! I frigging love Uphold! And I'm sitting on some LBA so feel free to buy the living crap out of it!
  6. LordVetinari

    Private ledger debate

    @Snacks Explain what? Which part of Brad's story don't you understand?
  7. LordVetinari

    Mercury FX Announcement Page

    Now we have an idea of how many zeros Bitso can handle.
  8. @TOCACoffee I ordered some beans. I wanted to see how it worked and one can never have too much coffee. The checkout was too easy. Is there a way you can add the XRP symbol next to the text field? That would be slick. Again nice work!
  9. Hostile takeover effort emerges for a popular cryptocurrency
  10. @TOCACoffee Activated. You guys are good to go! Welcome to xrpChat. @Hodor Buy Tiffany some coffee or maybe give these guys a mention in your next blog.
  11. LordVetinari

    Insolar (INS)

    I just read through their presentation and it's 4th generation blockchain but only Web 3.0. It does look interesting but I have no idea how far along they are or if they have any clients.
  12. Please see their website. All the information people are trying to use to determine their legitimacy is on their website. Their registered and representative office addresses are all there. Each office is allowed to conduct certain types of business in each jurisdiction.
  13. U.S. Online Gambling Reversal Puts ‘Chill’ on Industry I know there are some folks in here that support CSC and other tokens intended to be used in the gambling industry. If you are one, this might be something that could put a kink in the plans. Researching the consequences or market effects may be warranted.
  14. LordVetinari

    Valor, Another Ripple Scam?

    Great! Sorry for the duplicate. Again, I just was the general public to understand where the likely next round of garbage is coming from.
  15. LordVetinari

    Valor, Another Ripple Scam?

    So it's a future attempt to buy off XRP holders with an airdrop OR this is completely unsubstantiated FUD. I think it's important we all know where info is coming from and how much has been confirmed. (Not much.) I have no doubts this will be spun and regurgitated on Twitter and Reddit. Source is provided in the OP for FUD fighters. @Hodor Be aware. People are getting desperate.
  16. Is that a publicly disclosed figure from Cuallix or Ripple?
  17. LordVetinari

    Insolar (INS)

    I wonder if that means something or is that just marketing? I would like to know what version they think we're currently running? Should I wait for the 4S?
  18. I've learned not to expect. The guy isn't connected to Exim. Not a source of information I would base expectations on.
  19. He completely blew a golden opportunity to explain xRapid and how xrp is used for settlement. The last question from the audience was an underhanded softball and he kicked it. What he said didn't resemble xRapid at all. "As long as they're Ripple partners." "Even if there are 4 banks in between" ??? No mention of xrp, exchanges, 3 seconds, nothing. 😫
  20. LordVetinari

    Smells like its close to Ripple

    If you build it, XRP can move it.
  21. I bet the folks who are against XRP are going to love this, even if it's just FUD. Here's my take though. Ripple has legal and compliance teams whose responsibility it is to engage the SC. If the SC is looking at "people" and those "people" want to utilize XRP, Ripple will surely be assisting partners. Will XRP be considered part of an ICO? Don't know. But I know Ripple will go to bat for XRP. Are previous decisions about other assets such as Bitcoin valid? Don't know. But who goes to bat for it? The good thing, there is now a way for "people" to engage the SC and I've no doubt the "people" at Ripple are prepared.
  22. LordVetinari

    Opening bank account with Euro Exim Bank

    Bitcoin is for money laundering and tax evasion not xrp. 😜
  23. LordVetinari

    Opening bank account with Euro Exim Bank

    It's all good. If they're legit they're legit. If they're shady they're shady. It's good to know which.
  24. LordVetinari

    Opening bank account with Euro Exim Bank

    http://cab-inc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/CEO_s_Forum_Report_-__Final_June_2018_.pdf Page 3 of 9 is a reference to Exim becoming associate members.