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  1. Hackers Are Targeting Bitcoin With a Leaked NSA Software Tip, Report Says
  2. PNC Treasury Management Joins RippleNet Another "Official" Press Release from Ripple
  3. LordVetinari

    200M to 700M Volume

    I've just update my Nintendo Switch and all my attention is now on the original Legend of Zelda. I must save the princess!
  4. LordVetinari

    200M to 700M Volume

    https://www.tradingheroes.com/forex-trading-volume/ With the recent increase of volume in the last 24 hours, I though it was be a quick and useful read for anyone who want a quick understanding of what it may or may not mean. Draw your own conclusions.
  5. Audi rips the camouflage off its E-Tron electric SUV Want... nice color too.
  6. None. I'm not sure it's intended to be an event for announcements.
  7. This is very exciting. However, I'm more inclined to pin my expectations on the "or so" part of his statement. The next few months are going to be crazy!
  8. I'm not sure who your audience is so this may be irrelevant. Do your readers want to know about crypto? If yes, then they will find the perspective and context you provide interesting. If they are just curious or if they're not ready to comprehend the very complex concepts involved in crypto, they may stop reading before you make your case for crypto. It's long. You've also got to proofread it again.
  9. Cryptocurrency Wipeout Deepens To $640 Billion As Ether Leads Declines
  10. This.. and March isn't even a sure thing. SBI's best plans can still get delayed for a number of reasons. Many of which are out of anyone's control. I am taking the position that, it happens when it happens, regardless of who says what.
  11. LordVetinari

    I'm loving all the progress!

    Quite interesting times. No telling what the next few months will bring. xRapid, Swell, SBI. The suspense is delicious!
  12. The report actually reads... "Cost: RippleNet (with or without XRP) offers transparency of forex rates and fees, before the transaction is originated, and can reduce the cost per payment for financial institutions." Followed by a chart which displays the 46% cheaper. The article isn't incorrect but worded it oddly.
  13. Yes, let's. @karlosBut first here's a little info. I took my conversation with @Zerptimeto DM so not derail your thread. But here you are again... off topic. @vsyc
  14. LordVetinari

    Ripple employee past work experience

    FYI... there's a -1 and -2 of the pdfs