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  1. Corda Settler or not, without XRP, SWIFTgpi still doesn't have a solution for settlement because it still relies on correspondent banks. I really don't understand what they're thinking. It's as if they're actively avoiding Ripple. Good luck with that.
  2. Wouldn't code appear on github long before going live?
  3. From a random video I stumbled upon on YouTube of a guy discussing digitizing the "meat world". I thought it was pretty funny and it did make a lot of sense and helped me to wrap my head around blockchain. EDIT : I don't know much about the guy but I think it was Cedric Dahl. Looks familiar but I tried finding the specific video and can't find the one I remember.
  4. I would highly recommend doing more research. If you believe because one owns at bat and glove, they're on their way to winning the World Series, you should take a little more time to learn beyond the basic idea of buy low/sell high. There are books, blogs, groups etc that specifically discuss trading. You will be much better off spending time learning from their triumphs and more importantly their failures. There is certainly opportunity but you can also lose whatever position you're in very easily.
  5. Only because I introduced the topic do I feel obligated to let anyone who may have been interested, it looks like this project is DOA.
  6. They should have forked the Satoshi symbol.
  7. And this is what some people want the world's financial system to run on.
  8. Things change as has their target market and strategy. However Ripple has always been and is still a payments company. I believe the reference to being laser focused was on payments.
  9. Ripple isn't getting into gaming. Ripple is making XRP and XRPL available to developers who are in gaming. Peanut Butter.
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