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  1. New to Crypto. Need some validation.

  2. Official Ripple

    Those are some well groomed eyebrows.
  3. Guess the two households

    Mine and yours.
  4. Ripple tattoo

    Is that really necessary? You could cut 3 toes off and sew them together and make a meat Ripple logo, but honestly, why would you want to? Life choices.
  5. Last 24 Hour Trade Volume => $6.5 Billion!!

    My contribution, I ate a ham sandwich. We're just passengers, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. We're in amazing hands with Ripple.
  6. LIVE STREAMS Japan then Brad Garlinghouse

    I hear Bitcoin will be doing a full feature length demonstration. Slightly longer than the Lord of the Rings series.
  7. This is bananas!

    That's what she said.
  8. This is bananas!

    What.. that's peanuts. $1000, that's bananas! 🤣
  9. This is bananas!

    S'up with the dancing banana?
  10. Net Neutrality and Crypto

    If Net Neutrality is removed ISPs will create packages just like cable; sports, movies, gaming, news, and shopping. ISPs could easily identify exchanges' websites and create a 'financial package' and create a fast lane. Those who don't pay for the package would be at a disadvantage. That is why ISPs hate Net Neutrality. If you are an American, find out who your representative is and take 5 minutes to call their office.
  11. South Korean banks to stop using Ripple?

    The buzz about banks not using crypto means they cannot offer crypto as a financial product. Banks started offering to buy/sell and act as wallets. Some banks Woori and Shinhan offer account to exchanges, the accounts on the exchange act as a cash wallet for the user. These are what are getting the most attention. Some bank aren't going to continue to offer accounts proxy the exchange. Keep in mind, 3-5 years. Just because the price jumps .25 cents does not mean Ripple's time line has changed any. Apple, Amazon and Google all faced setbacks and moments that caused investors to panic. What is happening in Korea is causing FUD. No one is behind it. It is knee jerk reaction to the situation.
  12. South Korean banks to stop using Ripple?

    Nothing has been determined. Banks will continue to use Ripple. Nothing has changed as far as xrp is concerned. Liquidity and regulations need to be addressed.
  13. Let it Ripple!!!!!!

    Any people wonder why the price doesn't go up. And likewise, Merry xrpmas!
  14. 12:22pm in Korea

    High volume and resistance at... ["395","1271400.338573","1"] ["410","1029130.586008","1"] A big partnership announcement would help go higher but I fear any huge rise in price will result in a short. I hope it stays above 320 or it might be back to the 280s.