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  1. LordVetinari

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    7am KST. Someone doxed my coffee pot. DAMN YOU, ALEXA!
  2. LordVetinari

    Why I Think Central Banks Are Testing xRapid

    @AlexCobbCompletely agree with you on this. The danger is trying to put a time frame on anything. I have to keep telling myself, "Brad said 3-5 years." Whoooo, Deeep Breath.
  3. LordVetinari


    I'm having an issue but I think it should be resolved. I was verified in an hour. Transferred usd into Uphold. After arriving I received a request for more information to verify my account. My funds are currently frozen on Uphold. Now I'm in support ticket limbo. If you are new to Uphold or any new service for that matter. Only transfer the minimal amount when first funding from a new bank account or CC.
  4. The results are in. Dilip taking names and signatures.
  5. LordVetinari

    Kuwait Financial House joins Ripple

    "... possibly in Kuwait shortly" That video was from the 17th. Dilip is the man!
  6. I can't find a press release so I put this is "Other Press" Announced via Twitter. https://www.twitter.com/KFHGroup/status/1000347465080541184 While trying to find a Press Release I ran across the following. Ripple's Dilip Rao attended the 2018 Islamic Financial Services Board meetings. Likely more announcements to follow in the weeks ahead. As a side note, I found this person, Abdoul Aziz Ba, and their position at http://www.iilm.com/ quite interesting. Might be a place to look into for insight about how Islamic Banking would view xRapid. There is banking with billions of dollars moving through the word by completely different rules and regulations. Truly fascinating!
  7. LordVetinari

    Ripple To Make Huge Announcement By 25th Of May ?

    Dude, your Korean sucks.
  8. LordVetinari

    Ripple To Make Huge Announcement By 25th Of May ?

    I believe it's the apocalypse announcement. But they're always wrong. Maybe next time.
  9. LordVetinari

    Twiiter stirkes again aganist XRP !!

    Not banned. GDPR struck. He made it clear his true identity was required to continue to use Twitter.
  10. LordVetinari

    Are there ties to Ripple or ILP?

    For clarification I've edited my original post. I've not come to any conclusion. That's why I'm asking. @karlos Maybe this could be moved to either Technical or ILP.
  11. I'm not hinting it is or isn't related to Ripple or anything they developed. I'm interested if this is the kind of thing we'll need to be watching for? Deepening our Partnership with Google Pay I do believe Ripple, as a payments company, removed from banking, has the capability to make things like this possible via ILP. Fiat is sent to a retailer for a product or service. Mr. A initiates the payment from his Google ID. From fin. account of Mr. A on PayPal into fin. account of Mr. A on Google and finally into the account of the retailer. All without the friction of the user input and verification on Paypal. Seamless PayPal payment from Google to retailers. I'm asking because I don't think rival credit card companies would be comfortable with this kind of hand off. I'm genuinely asking. Could this be Ripple or ILP in the middle? Or would CC companies handle the tech?
  12. LordVetinari

    Thoughts on BearableGirl123 ???

    I think it's likely many more people will try to assume the BG123 moniker for various reasons, both good and bad. How many people have claimed to be Satoshi? If you followed to BG123 with a grain of salt, I'd recommend hydrating because you should be ingesting metric tons of salt to swallow future BG123 related posts.
  13. I don't think this will discourage those who are playing fair to continue to participate in crypto investment. It will likely pursued everyday market participants and holders who buy based on trending Tweets or sketchy PR to rethink which assets are legitimate. If someone truly believes crypto has value then it only makes sense to park your money in assets backed by credible companies who are responsible and accountable.
  14. LordVetinari


    Just wanted to get out in front of this. No, Koreans aren't going to dump their XRP because of Trump pulling out of the Singapore Summit. You know someone's going to ask!