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  1. Completely Unreasonable

    See you all in a few weeks. Some of the members here have lost their damn minds. I suggest others that are committed to xrp do the same. Let these folks figure it out for themselves. Here's all I can do for those freaking out.
  2. South Korea thinking to ban Bitcoin?

    Yea yea yea.
  3. What's up with the animal stickers and cryptic codes? Makes whoever put this together look batshlt crazy with any kind of of explanation.
  4. Seriously Time Magazine, WTF?

    The same author wrote this on Jan. 11 saying there are 3 reasons Ripple went from $3 to $1.70. http://time.com/money/5098540/why-the-hot-cryptocurrency-ripple-is-going-down-in-flames/ The same day, Jan. 11, Ripple and Moneygram announced their xRapid plans. I don't really think the author has a clue what's really going on.
  5. SOLD!

    We started filling the tub about 8 hours ago.
  6. http://www.bobsguide.com/guide/news/2018/Jan/16/how-santander-will-use-ripple-to-execute-cross-border-payments-analysis-of-the-deal/
  7. "You weak minded fool! He's using an old Jedi mind trick." Jabba the Hutt
  8. Upbit made crypto so mind numbingly accessible to so many new investors. It is tied to Kakao. See their list of services. Imagine Facebook or Google opening an exchange. Anyone with an ID and funds in any of their Kakao accounts could trade. The following is my opinion so don't take it as fact. Kakao needs to be really careful because this is where I suspect a lot of minors gained access to the market. This exchange may have been a catalyst to the sentiment that something must be done quickly. Again that was just my opinion. @vsyc Don't even waste your time justifying your OP. The others are out of their depth. You we're absolutely correct.
  9. What's going on right now?

    Post New Year's Syndrome?
  10. What's going on right now?

    It might be time to settle those credit card bills from buying crypto. 😲
  11. XRP drop Buy now?

    You can buy now or if you believe it might go lower wait. That's if you go all in. To be safe you can buy half of what you intended to spend and if it goes lower, buy more. If it goes higher, well, at least you got some at a lower price. Invest wisely.
  12. Great piece discussing cryptocurrency and centralization/decentralization. Much ammunition for FUD fighters. Fact... http://hackingdistributed.com/2018/01/15/decentralization-bitcoin-ethereum/ Too long... https://mobile.twitter.com/el33th4xor/status/952884970598682624 Very long Cornell Study pdf https://arxiv.org/pdf/1801.03998
  13. CNBC Article

    I think today the news repeated what the loudest voice in the room said. Not necessarily the one who is correct, but the loudest. What any particular motivation might be, I can't say but I don't believe it is a direct attempt to discredit any one coin. I believe most reporting this news are in fact just reporting. Uncertainty is a fact in crypto.
  14. CNBC Article

    ... so we decided to write this without any further information and send everyone into a panic just like we did when S. Korean officials made vague statements. It's tots worth the clicks!
  15. Bulletproof XRP Win/Win Trading plan

    @tobleron Looks good. I have been mulling over a similar plan. However, mine isn't just based on value. I know I'll be working for some time longer so even if the price hits $5 or $50 in the next year, I may not sell any until the timing makes sense or necessity comes knocking.