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  1. I think this is relevant and gives a clear understanding to what happened and a good understanding of "partial payments" https://coil.com/p/RareData/Responsible-Disclosure-Partial-Payments-Vulnerability-in-Corda-Settler/djGzve_7P
  2. I always thought it was for accountability. If a fully automated train hits and kills a pedestrian and the pedestrian was not at fault, isn't it possible a liability case get tossed around between the insurance company, train company, software company and even programmer? All the while, the victim's depends gets nothing. I'm of the opinion that driverless and pedestrian traffic should not be sharing the same space until either the software works incredibly well or liability is clearly determined.
  3. Essentially, 2 people, each at the top of the two mining pools, are running things. I hope everyone else mining, using and holding are okay with their decision. Left hand: BTC.top / Right hand: BTC.com The pundits are calling it a 51% defense, not a 51% attack. 😏 Well, I have to get back to defending my family from the beer in the refrigerator.
  4. I just don't understand. I get it can check if it's a valid address but the "trust" part I'm not sure of. Is there some kind of blacklist?
  5. So browsing the web I stumbled upon this... do snails fart? It's something I've never even though to ask but now I can add it to my list of absolutely useless things I know.
  6. I've so many questions. I know it's a mostly car stuff but who's macca?
  7. xhoon is the only name not already being used. The other names are pretty intuitive, but I'm not sure what xhoon would be except after a Google search I found it's Australian and New Zealand slang for a bad driver. xMasshole is what they're referred to where I grew up. But in Korean suburbs, which is where I live now, there are no "xBad" drivers because parking anywhere, not using blinkers, tailgating, blocking a lane to drop someone off, beeping at slow pedestrians, double parking, rolling through red lights if no one is coming is just considered normal. I see all of them in one 7 minute walk each day I go to work. I'm preparing for Survivor Immunity Challenges so it's a good daily regiment.
  8. Ooovarrriiieesss!! There, I said it. It was pretty frigging obvious that's what most of this thread is about but I guess someone had to say it.
  9. Oh yea, and when it does it's Burger King 100% Beef Grilled Hotdogs for everyone. My treat!
  10. So you're saying there's still a chance we'll see XRP on Robinhood?
  11. About as surprising to discover the next Burger King in New York won't be selling hot dogs when it opens.
  12. Never trusted Facebook. And I sure as heck won't use Facebook once they add tokens. This is as centralized as it gets and another metric for their databases. Unless they plan on paying people with this GlobalCoin, it's just more personal information in their possession.
  13. I hope there comes a point when XRP can be presented to you the general public, without first having to liken it to Bitcoin. It's like trying to educate someone about ferrets but having to start of by asking, "You know what a rat is right? Well, ferrets are like nice rats." The reality is ferrets aren't rodents but most couldn't tell you exactly what a ferret is and trying to explain simply does more harm than good. Everyone walks away thinking ferrets are rodents. And boy oh boy, wouldn't you like rodents in your house? XRP suffers from the same problem. Many try to use Bitcoin as an example so people can relate. However, most of the general public don't think highly of Bitcoin.
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