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  1. What GPI is a threat for depends on what it delivers. It is much more likely that banks just keep things with swift if they are offered the same features challengers like ripple can offer. They are catching up on speed, for many many banks, that is a threat, because speed is one the most desired features currently. Ripple also offers bilateral messaging for realtime handshaking, what sounds great but IDK if that is enough to make banks spend money on switching to a new system. I the end, it will take long to displace swift and I believe it will be on customer's demand the the game will be played. Whichever system offers the best experience at more or less the same cost will win. In case of a tie, swift wins.
  2. Steel balls are shorting the bear market and making money
  3. Let's say that using a crypto as a base currency is not very practical, since what makes the difference in your financial life is how many EUR, USD, etc your equity is. If cryptos go to 2015 levels again crypto holders are very much screwed.
  4. I assume you don't have any crypto holdings then, maybe use leverage on the crypto sell leg. Otherwise the fall in the prices could offset arbitrage revenues.
  5. Hi there, the wallet was just a build from what Ripple developed in the past, it was motivated by the lack of private key local management solutions and we are very happy it was well received by the community. We do not consider it a Rippex wallet, but more an opensource wallet to which we made very few contributions. We thank Ripple for the hard work put into the wallet. The team is fine, we had to decide which project to focus on and we all agreed that Rippex was the worst risk/reward ratio, it was a tough call since we all loved the project and how open it was. We are still working on general crypto-related projects but I can't give more details right now.
  6. Hi, what do you mean by "withdrawal"? The money is already under your custody if you used the desktop wallet. If you have you secret key your money is there.
  7. requireAuth can only be enabled when you have no trustlines yet. You can freeze the trustline.
  8. Guys, that seems like an ad using a mockup. The donation can be real but no transfer was made "live" in the show, lol. There could be no fail in the transfer, so they would never use a real app and a real transfer. Basic tv. Can you imagine ellen pressing the button and the screen shows an "error 500"? lol
  9. I agree with the guy that said we should not value the "X" but the name of the currency. First give it a real name (not XRP please) and then create a symbol.
  10. XRP is a code, it shouldn't be a name. XRP needs a name. It used to be Ripple, the coin from opencoin. Now that opencoin took the name XRP needs as new name. Zerp is cool and has a history.
  11. Ok, I see, it is a feeling, I don't have a problem with that, I have mine too But this is not a valuation model, those require choosing parameters, numeric assumptions and premises. This is what nobody came publicly with so far, not even gross attempts.
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