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  1. I dont think it will affect us china already had good talks with xrp
  2. As im correct and know intill now countries in asia are: japan, south korea, taiwan, india, china
  3. Better investment would be buying stellar Short time investment with big roi !!! im a xtreme xrp hodler but stellar is profit !!
  4. Sold all for 0.22 € and now im not sure if ill buy in again what are the possibilities that it will start booming in the 2months other cryptos what are real currencies will make me more profit (fast) but ill buy xrp again in about 4-5months
  5. I think so yes o_O i cant think if anything else he said o_O
  6. Happy i sold at .23€ dont know what to do now buy when it hits 0.10€ or invest in another ?
  7. Will the price keep on going lower now??? all the bad news etc!?!
  8. Im confused about all this and the whole conference i fellowed most live streams nd the most things i conclude are kinda negative ?
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