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  1. We all know what people do on that hill @Lawsuit enjoy your medicine haha
  2. Yes and no. I personally believe that XRP is completely different to the others so I do agree with some of the things he's saying.
  3. http://www.news.com.au/finance/money/investing/its-going-to-be-really-bad-jordan-belfort-slams-cryptos-as-pumpanddump-schemes/news-story/80f292d0a378ac0c79fed84ff64357f2
  4. @DaveEllisXRP and anyone else doing taxes, probably worth starting a new thread. I'd love to follow and learn how cryptos are being treated and I know many others would too
  5. Break it down into three separate graphs to show the disparity. This is super rough (because I'm at work and meant to be doing work things) so feel free to improve upon it.
  6. They claim to be 'India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange' so must be noteworthy. They have over 2million users according to their New Year report.
  7. He sure did. I also agree with @TiffanyHayden that Ripple should not be relying on JK to be the one fighting the misinformation that is being pushed down the masses throats. It's time to start a team of misfits. I dub them the FUD Fighters. They will have leather jackets with a patch made up of Pickle Rick and Jaguar.
  8. Well... did you read the part that said "and money from his parents, who are both wealthy business people"
  9. That would be more than the majority of stacks in one purchase
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