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  1. What I like is the fact that (I know it's still early yet) we have had good news after good news and XRP hasn't been pumped and dumped like it would have around this time last year. Very mature if I say so myself.
  2. Add the fact that Ripple just announced partnerships with 3 major exchanges for XRapid...................... I think I just weed a bit
  3. Let it be manipulated, enjoy the ride. Have faith friend. We can't do anything so it's not worth stressing about, these things are beyond our control. I wouldn't be surprised if the people in power and the position to sort this mess out are also major players in the manipulation. Nothing surprises me anymore. Ooo did i just have a tinfoil hat moment?.........
  4. Oh, no doubt. I really think ripple will do big things and other companies will want a piece of the pie. I can see xrp being used by plenty of different companies years from now. It isn't sad that i can't scrape $100 together, i invested what i can afford already. Just playing the waiting game and in the meantime i'm enjoying my family and good health.
  5. If you think someone is going to cheat then don't play the game with them!
  6. I can't scrape together $100 and that is the truth. Please don't suggest others can pull money from thin air. Some people are really that poor/less well off than others, fact of life.
  7. Maybe if we all talk in our own language we will learn the language of others and over the next 2 or 3 years create a universal language that enables us all to converse in 2 to 3 seconds. One language goes in one end and the bridge allows it to travel and come out as another language at the other end. XRSpeak ?
  8. I'm having no problems translating. I don't think there's an issue with this thread
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