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  1. Review of the Q3 2017 XRP Markets Report

    @Hodor please could you follow me on my new twitter account? (i had a couple of people/work colleagues moaning about my crypto related tweets getting on their nerves) @chemical_realm Looking forward to retweeting the bejesus out of your blogs Ta Chem
  2. Miguel Vias at Consensus: Invest Nov 28

    He is gangsta
  3. XRP forks and governance issues

    Have i just been told off? I was only saying........................
  4. XRP forks and governance issues

    I read it the same as Elias the first time i read it. My job has taught me to read everything through a few times otherwise i would have been the OP.
  5. Don't fall for the recent bump

    I am not a day trader (nor a trader really) but i'm thinking the rest of 2017 will be a very dangerous time to try swapping in and out of XRP. Well, my heart can't take it anyway.
  6. Don't fall for the recent bump

    Heard there is going to be a massive spike upwards before October 25th. Buy 6,000,000 XRP's now Watch and wait, time will answer your questions Are you there Sydney? Sydney? Sorry, for those of you that don't know, I pinched the Sydney reference from an old UK advert:
  7. Other Ripple/XRP Forums?

    Brilliant @karlos this is what I was originally asking about. I seem to have gotten carried away a little, all apologies.
  8. Other Ripple/XRP Forums?

    Any chance of listing all your blogs?
  9. Other Ripple/XRP Forums?

    This has to go in here too @dreventures DRE VENTURES YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDBEII1GHNuZn0d6Yo4IZjw Subscribe and hit that bell!
  10. Can't Say I Didn't Tell You So

    Although I find Cubanminers posts interesting I do wonder who they are aimed at. I have no problem with his/her posts as posts go but starting a new thread each time you want to post the same stuff or an update on a previous post you made is silly. Keep them all together so the traders can follow you. If you are 'Told you so' ing the long term holders it will go in one ear and out the other. Me for example, I have too few XRP to realise any sort of gain from gambling on a pump and dump and taking into consideration the cost of exchange fees etc. If I had as many XRP as i'd like I would be happy with my lot and wouldn't be gambling on pump and dumps either. I am of the opinion that XRP is not good for day trading and is for those who are excited about the tech behind it and how it will take the finance industry into the future. Chems2cents
  11. Haha Spit my coffee all over!
  12. Can't Say I Didn't Tell You So

    Another topic about the same thing? thanks
  13. XRP Still BULLISH

    @Baka Sell now, you lose. Hold on to them XRP's, you will see a return on investment as long as you are willing to wait.