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  1. Are you trying to get rid of me? haha
  2. New group applicants could be made to wait a couple of weeks before being admitted so Mods and mature users of this forum can check out new posts. If they are all Moon this and FUD that then (sorry, if your names not down you're not coming in) admittance could be denied??
  3. I bet he knows a nice pair of shoes when he see's them, oh and handbags too
  4. Ripple Payments | B2BPay powered by Barclays

    Politicianmuch? haha
  5. Bifinex stole my ripple

    You haven't asked support your question. You have asked support if they have support? Am I reading that ticket incorrectly?
  6. (Debunked): Alibaba Running Validator Node!

    Loads of people going ARGHHHHH 12 MONTHS????? now
  7. Where's the Bottom

    Bought mine with GBP, ETH and BTC
  8. (Debunked): Alibaba Running Validator Node!

    Sounds like my Grandkids when they visit
  9. I have a good feeling that if XRP can reach $10 then it can go way higher. Just a feeling
  10. (Debunked): Alibaba Running Validator Node!

    @Tehol_Beddict Thank you for the explanation, I was just going to ask what Alibaba was or is
  11. XRP is a sick puppy?

    To be honest, I find the video that cringe worthy that I feel I should delete my original post as I don't think that it deserves sharing :/
  12. Bitcoin and Ripple for the 13th

    Yeah but it's just a statement. there's nothing behind it. I could go and tweet something like that and have my followers retweet it, I still wouldn't know what I was talking about
  13. XRP is a sick puppy?

    @Xrpdude It was one of those that I couldn't tear myself away from as it (to me) just seemed to get dumber and dumber the more the guy moved his mouth. And the guy is asking for donations! haha
  14. XRP is a sick puppy?

    I had the unfortunate displeasure of watching this, this morning:
  15. It's not just the news. I think we also have a job to do in spreading the gospel of Ripple & XRP. Make sure you tweet and retweet any news however significant you may find it etc. Let the masses know.