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  1. XRP Still BULLISH

    @Baka Sell now, you lose. Hold on to them XRP's, you will see a return on investment as long as you are willing to wait.
  2. Other Ripple/XRP Forums?

    Just discovered a facebook group through Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1877983522440926
  3. Other Ripple/XRP Forums?

    Oooo an official list?
  4. Other Ripple/XRP Forums?

    I already do Twitter, i'm surprised you've not sussed who I am since I retweet your blogs while the ink is still wet Thanks for the heads up on Discord though, a big thumbs up
  5. Other Ripple/XRP Forums?

    Oh no doubt, first thing I do (after making coffee) is log in here and catch up.
  6. Other Ripple/XRP Forums?

    HI all I've just had a quick look to see if there is a list of other 'places' one can chat and keep up to date with Ripple and/or XRP. If there is such a list here please could you point me in the right direction? I read up here: www.xrpchat.com (obviously) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1381669.5240 https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/ Plus @Hodor's blogs. Ta Chem
  7. Brad's cat statement - misleading or clear?

    This ^ The only other thing that excites me is that I have read that this was announced at SIBOS and not SWELL ( is this correct?) so there may still be another gem. Anyway, makes for an exciting couple of days now.
  8. There may well be a toast and champagne may be used, if there is a toast they may use Prosecco. Who knows!
  9. In case of emergency, break open glass!

    Love the artwork! fantastic, i'm still laughing as I type this Thanks for the fun!!
  10. Ripple: Enabling Others to Connect

    https://ripple.com/insights/ripplenet-grows-to-over-100-financial-institutions/?platform=hootsuite Some new news!
  11. XRP pump and dump

    Looks like I was premature again..........................................
  12. Hi Gang I've been wanting to ask about this here for ages but I've spent a lot of time searching YouTube and such to see if I could find an explanation before bothering you all. I just don't understand how to read the bids and asks on charts such as the chart below. I can see where the 'Walls' are and I know which side is bid and which is ask but how can you tell when buyers are ready to eat away or vice versa? All I see is a gap between the bid and ask graphs so to me it looks like the price needs to drop to 0,268 or 0.269 before buying begins. I am sat here thinking this is a totally dumb question so you don't all have to shout 'Dumbo' at once I just can't see how there are people willing to buy at over 0.17 in fact it looks more like a stalemate. Sorry, this is the best description of how I see things that I can think to put into words for you. I would bend the knee to anyone who can offer a clear explanation (to a 5 year old if possible) Ta Chem.
  13. Promoting Ripple at all costs

    Shill. I see this everywhere on the internet now. It's like someone discovered a new word and everyone copied them. ROFLMA, LOL, HODL, SHILL whatever. Keep on keeping on @Hodor, your blogs sum everything up nicely and I use them along with other information I gather, THEN I make my own decisions.