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  1. Yeah it's ok. Ideal for instant purchasing and transferring. Some exchanges like changelly don't accept ethereum transfers due to Wirex eth smart contracts transfers. But works fine with Binance.
  2. I've no problem sharing my wallet addresses as I've moved everything out from my GateHub Ripple wallet holdings. I received no emails of what was going on as investors funds continued to be drained by hackers. It was thanks to a friend I assisted to get set up with GateHub back in 2017, that sadly lost 25K XRP in your breach, that I was lucky enough to get my funds out. In total I assisted 40 investors get set up on Gatehub in 2017 and I contacted every single one of them as soon as I found out to move their funds to a safe location. I'm hoping they have all been successful as emails filter through. My unaffected wallet addresses rwa5psoXtUfpZ6mCxp5gkAWMGAvM9rjvPs r4hyLzFqkHmLzrVH3vHx6T4vH5BzC2Xkiq
  3. After my friend told me about his loss and told me to check my GateHub, I removed all my assets. I'll be removing any mention of GateHub from my website. I've assisted loads of people to get set up on GateHub to store their XRP. Taken me almost 24hrs to contact them all to remove their assets, if they're still in their wallets. I hope this all gets sorted for all the ones that were stolen from.
  4. Yes my thoughts exactly. My friend is gutted as many here are. He's sent Enej Pungercar an email this morning stating what efforts he's gone to for the protection of his XRP wallet to now suspect the theft was done from GH passing secret keys out.
  5. GateHub also suggested this to him and I think he should. I'm sure the local police will just look at him in confusion as they'll have no idea of what he's talking about. But like you say if the police can get it on record and give him a crime number for his report at least he's done something to get it recorded. Trying to help him as much as possible as he's gutted and it's hard to focus in them situations.
  6. I help get my friend into XRP in early 2017 and we set up the GateHub wallet for him to store. Seeing as it was endorsed by Ripple we didn't think twice. As far as I'm aware he's not touched or logged in since we set it up until he got an email from GateHub stating a possible withdrawal from his wallet. When he logged in to check his 25,000XRP had gone. He was set up with the normal security plus 2FA. As soon as he told me, and after being asked by GateHub to confirm the device I was logging in from, I checked my wallets and all was fine.
  7. Yes it seems GateHub are just trying to pass blame onto my friend. He's followed all their security protocols to create a safe storage, yet GateHub internal security is flawed! It's obvious that it was an internal issue but they don't want to take responsibility. So gutted for him and for the rest of the guys that were rolled over by GateHub.
  8. My friend wasn’t phished either. We set the wallet up for him to place his XRP over two years ago. He then gets an email from GateHub suggesting his wallet may of been breached. When he logged on he could see he had lost 25,000XRP. This is GateHub internal issue.
  9. Dear Mr XXXX, We must inform you that due to irreversibility of the XRP Ledger transactions, we unfortunately can't refund your losses. In case your funds have been compromised we suggest the following: 1) Make sure to transfer any remaining funds from Ripple wallets to HOSTED wallets. 2) Immediately inform local law enforcement agency and file a report. Additionally, we kindly ask you for your cooperation to help us with the investigation. a) Have you ever received any suspicious emails that were emulating an email from GateHub and asking for any kind of personal information related to your GateHub account? If so, please forward it to security@gatehub.net In future, note that we only use the xxxx@gatehub.NET domain, be wary of others. We never ask for any kind of personal information (e.g. login passwords, etc.) via email. Please keep that in mind for future reference. On the same note, please make sure to always keep your personal information safe and secure. b) Have you ever used or are still using any other gateways besides GateHub and Ripple trade, or any other XRP Ledger network clients using the same XRP Ledger secrets? c) Have you ever used the same login password on a website other than gatehub.net? d) Did you have 2FA enabled for your account at the time of the unauthorised transaction? If you have answered positively to the questions above we urge you to change your login password and enable two-step verification. Kind regards, Lado
  10. Is there any update? Just heard from my friend and he's received an email from GateHub support telling him the funds are lost. I feel gutted for him as I got him into XRP and endorsed GateHub as a secure place to store as they were backed by Ripple. Maybe not a platform I'll be recommending from now. I'm sure the social media is going to be lit up about this. Not going to end well for GateHub.
  11. Spoke to my friend earlier and he's lost a considerable amount of XRP from his wallet. How are these people able to do this?
  12. I'm having problems getting into Gatehub with my 2FA. Just contacted the support team.
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