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  1. It is all clear now how it can be more valuable to bootstrap a tipping system with some imaginary token which you can just distribute to whole community and they can all use it without any monetary considerations at least right at the onset. Thanks a lot. I still do not understand why this would not be just an IOU on the XRPL and "counterparty risk free".
  2. Hi @BobWay I am sorry I don't get why it needed a currency GDW for tipping? why not just use XRP? Sorry If I am being a bit slow. Also you said the GDW was "counterparty-less" how did you do that ? I thought all IOUS ( issued currencies) on XRPL bore counterparty risk as they exist as debits and credits and not natively? am I missing something here?
  3. Thanks a lot . xCurrent was the main reason I moved all my BTC to XRP in 2017. I am always impressed with Ripple's desire to work within regulatory and compliance work. Much appreciated your pointers towards KYC/AML documentation.
  4. Hi @BobWay thanks a lot. This is very helpful. Not sure if you noticed since you are burried in questions and posts from all sides I am sure you are overwhelmed right now, but In relation to KYC / AML and xCurrent I posted a question for you a while back which I am linking below . Would appreciate some color on this whenever you can get to it. Thanks for everything. Wonderful to have you in our chat. Exciting times !! .
  5. @BobWay I am sure you are aware that IBM has come up with "block chain world wire" which currently uses XLM for settlement and in the future is open to using XRP. I figure this is IBM's version of RippleNet/xCurrent to enable cryptographic atomic fiat to fiat payment with eventual digital asset based settlement ( right out of Ripple's play book) . I am not sure how far along they are compared to xCurrent but my fear is that if we have a prolonged bear market and liquidity and volumes for xrapid don't increase fast enough we might have a competing network to xCurrent. I see this as a legitimate threat to Ripple's plan to bootstrap the network. would love to hear your thoughts on this threat vector. Obviously Personally I believe that the Ripple folks have a head start , live partners over multiple years from whom they have already learnt lots of tricks of trade and encoded it in their software. You are probably in a better position given the fact that you were a integration engineer to say how much of a proprietary advantage you think ripple has with xCurrent. Also I think Ripple by attacking the crucial remittance corridors like MENA, South east asia, Mexico/Latam and Brazil have plucked some of the low hanging fruits but would be interested to hear your view. Also Bob my thought has always been that since digital assets are taxed like an asset and don't have the tax advantage of fiat currencies in their respective home countries, Bridge currency or cross border payments are the killer app given the current tax/regulatory outlook for mass adoption of digital assets. The fact that IBM caught on to this use case nevertheless little late means at some point there may be two networks. So to summarize : How much of a proprietary advantage does xCurrent have with respect to codifying KYC/AML and other aspects of client side integration across multiple jurisdictions. If IBM or a similar large corp like Visa or Mastercard allocates significant developer/resources can they duplicate xCurrent given sufficient time ( 1- 2 years)? Update: Upon further reading it appears World Wire is more similar to xRapid and not xCurrent so maybe not a threat but still would be interested to know from @BobWay how easy it is to replicate xCurrent.
  6. Hi ! @BobWay Thanks for everything. It would be really Nice to have a feature where We know when you replied in every thread. Since there are many chapters now one has to scroll through every chapter to see if you replied. A question for the admins. Is there any way to show When Bob reponded instead of the default which now shows the last post made by other posters . Since this is Bob's book club I am sure everyone would agree that we want an easy way to track when Bob is online responding. I know @BobWay created a new chapter to alert when he is online but there should be an automated way to do this.
  7. Same here. It looks like a nice problem to have if you have a lot. Fortunately don't have such problems .
  8. On Net people are selling which is why prices are down there is no doubt. What you say is factually 100% correct!! But don't confuse being correct about the past to having predictive poowers about the future. No one knows when or how much markets would start going up. I hold because I beleive in the use case of XRP and the work done by Ripple. I believe it is the best risk/reward ratio I have seen in the last 10 years of investing in my life.
  9. Congrats!! on your winning trades. I hope it works out for you. The qualifying word in your statment is "IF I convert"
  10. This is a true investor. When investing shoot for outliers on the right tail without pulling the expectation below 0. That is all you need to do , oh! and start young if possible , You have about 2 to 3 5 year cycles to make real money before you are 50 years, after that money is still nice !! but not so much fun.
  11. Well said! thx. This is the meaningful said here in this thread so far. Very well said. I am part of the institutional investors and once they add it to their check-list they don't go all in but slowly build infrastructure to take advantage of future oppurtunities. The last thing needed is decent exchanges with high speed robust connectivity and institutional custody and then we will be off to the races.
  12. Last time around during the ATH lots and lots of people missed the ride primarily because liquidity dried up and exchanges were not allowing new customers. There are a lot of assumptions baked into your strategy 1. ERC20 tokens will go up first 2. You will know exactly when to liquidate and move it to XRP. The more likely scenario is : 1. ERC20 tokens do not go up like you think because these are bear markets and with no new money people just don't care. 2. Meanwhile you start regreting your decision to get out of XRP . 3. SBI comes out , xRapid goes live next month and Xrp jumps 150% overnight 4. You panic and buy XRP again at a higher price.
  13. For all you folks speculating on the future value keep in mind that XRP is a deflationary asset. Means it will keep up with inflation. Also if it became the mose liquid asset potentialy more liquid than US treasuries you could just use it as collateral to borrow money at very low interest rates. So I envision a future where I don't have to sell even 1 of my XRP but would loan it out to get income.
  14. Since you say you sold but also hold may I ask what percentage of your initial investment you retain? So that we can infer how confident you are . Did you exit 50% of your holdings or 10% IMHO that makes a big difference.
  15. More so "XLM" does not have Ripplenet whereby they connect all the banks to use private cryptographic ledger to transfer FIATS ( like training wheels) and then flip the switch over to xRapid. They don't have the vision man power or know how. The story of how Ripple disrupted banking will be told for many decades to come.
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