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  1. Wobile

    Sue from esoteric solutions

    Moderator, please delete.
  2. Wobile

    Sue from esoteric solutions

    Glad you told me. Thank you.
  3. Wobile

    Sue from esoteric solutions

    Thanks. Will delete. The one today? I didnt see it.
  4. Its not free. There are huge sacrifices, and cost to their work and value, we do not know and should not assume free.
  5. Wobile

    Rippled 1.0 is Here!

    Im so bored of the example, of course needed for newbies....but when you said joke of belriefcase on plane, thats metash*t funny.
  6. Not here to make a bunch of money amd run, we are here to make a dent in universe
  7. Use it first! Love it
  8. Wobile

    Xrp Video's

    Bank xrp has lots too!
  9. Wobile

    XRP Ledger and buzz of ICO

  10. Wobile

    XRP Ledger and buzz of ICO

    Exactly, good point. I'm sure Ripple legal has gone through this. I think long-term ripple sees it as a benefit, short term has its issues. Legally, it seems to help ripple, " its public, we don't own it, others can build legal or illegal....We don't control...."
  11. Wobile

    XRP Ledger and buzz of ICO

    Its great to see some of the long time skeptics of xrp come to "accept" the practical power behind it. Also good to see xrpchat member John H. in the news. Also curious how this works: "5% of coins to xrp owners" https://cryptocoinmastery.com/ico-to-be-on-ripple-ledger/ Check out @DecentralizedTV’s Tweet: