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  1. I am interested in this as well @BobWay
  2. You mean a couple of zero's in front of the $1
  3. You mean a massive dump to 0.2 during the Swell event because of BTC ETF is not approved
  4. Lets be honest this doesnt say anything! Last Swell was really bad for XRP, lots of speakers that they are absolutly not interested in XRP Not to fud, but be realistic.
  5. No noooo! It will be the next world currency.
  6. Yes like connecting the dots with Alipay, that went great ?
  7. Lets face it, it is not connected to Ripple. You guys just want it so bad that you see (make up) a connection in everything. Just wasting your time ?
  8. Did Ripple officially announce somewhere that whey where in a pilot with WU? Or just community talks? If i where Ripple I would let WU die with there aged sh!t and never work with them again.
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