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  1. This is old news this was announced back in April https://www.prnewswire.com/ae/news-releases/moneygram-utilizes-its-api-driven-platform-to-enable-payit-wallet-integration-with-its-leading-digital--physical-network-300823050.html
  2. Its almost 3:00 AM I can't sleep XRP got me like
  3. If XRP goes live on Coinbase I think we see $20-40
  4. Looks like they have already translated!!! Korea 24 volume picking up over 2 billy
  5. If the video is real it was most likely a hack,,, all the wiring in the background looks like it could be a sophisticated hacker,,,, its pretty believable I wouldn't be surprised if its real Coinbase users have been petitioning for XRP for a while and you know what they say the customer is always right
  6. its not live its in beta hence beta.coinbase.com
  7. This is insane probably why coinbase is under investigation!
  8. I sent a request to attend and they rejected me ,,, I wasn't placed on a waiting list
  9. 4000 ppl on the waiting list for swell !!! whoa
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