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  1. Yep, just as bad as all the other Ripple killers along the way. What purpose do you see FB coin serving? P2P payments?
  2. Their loss. It's too bad, the app is nice, simple to use and "free". The one downfall being you can't transfer your crypto out of RH. You just hold a position.
  3. Don't disagree that it was stated poorly, but i think much of it stems from a deep, deep hatred for Jed and his long history of being an epic d-bag. I think it's safe to say it wouldn't even be discussed if she was running a node for ANYTHING else. Jed = automatic red flag for many, around here
  4. And don't forget the run for political office. She's dipped her toe in many waters looking for a place to land over the years. She's stood on the front lines against the maxi's for a long time. I'm sure it gets old and wears you down. I also think there's an element of disruptive conversation being good for building followers. It keeps you in "the conversation".
  5. Let it be known that since Ripple’s execution didn’t meet @yxxyun‘s timeline for successful implementation, xRapid has failed.
  6. Jed was extremely vindictive and unprofessional after his exit. He went above and beyond to be a thorn in their side for a long time. Do not forget that!! He also exited because his vision of the future of Ripple was different than the rest of the leadership. His vision failed and he has pivoted, fully adopting Ripple’s vision as his MO. I believe he’s probably a good programmer but that’s where it ends. Outside of that he is scum. With that said, I don’t know why they would support XLM.
  7. I tend to think he is ... 1. Well aware of Ripple’s legitimacy 2. Well aware of bitcoin’s failure on all fronts.
  8. Those dudes excel at riding coattails. FB, bitcoin, .... Absolutely worthless.
  9. He’s about as maxi-hater as they come. His motivation is absolute fear of what he knows is coming.
  10. The sale was finalized, which is why it's in the news again.
  11. Yes, it's a total clusterF. And, I only scratched the surface of this saga. Some of the most interesting parts (which the XRP community has endured much) are the vitriolic responses of the maxis against their own. They must eat their young.
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