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  1. Yikes! Someone speculated with more than they could afford to.
  2. Nah, indifferent. Out of my control but the wheels ARE in motion and Ripple 100% will be a major part of the fabric that is the IoV.
  3. You don't own stock, they owe you NOTHING. Entitlement much? You speculated on XRP. Be patient while the entire global financial system is under construction and being REBUILT. It's gonna take time. If you don't have the time or patience, it's as simple as exiting your position. The supply is the supply. The number has not, and will never change. Everyone was well aware, or should have been, before they speculated. I'm sure that's not what you want to hear but seems pretty simple to me.
  4. Simple questions... why are you here? why so much personal / emotional capital invested in something you don’t believe in?
  5. My suggestions for the site header. It seems to need updating:
  6. And now Ripple and Xpring are liars based on @yxxyun (hurukan) garbage research? How could anyone possibly think they know what’s actually going on behind the scenes with these companies? Don’t let the perma-negativity get to you. It’s his/her MO and has been for many years.
  7. What are you, some kind of child? "Show me proof of your holdings" Who talks like that and expects a response?
  8. I didn’t expect the maxi’s would pay you in XRP. As for my bags, they are well balanced and not over-invested to the point of obsessive anger.
  9. Coil needs interledger integrated by banks, web browsers, etc. to work the way it’s supposed to. The membership fee is certainly a temporary patch.
  10. Do you go to work in a horse drawn buggy?
  11. Yes, it’s a horrific waste of resources, especially for a technology that has proven it will never scale. Even the maxi’s have abandoned the payments use case for store of value. POW should be killed off.
  12. XRP is the only one with an actual, non-fictional use case, so yeah this makes sense that they’re the only one “getting bashed”.
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