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  1. Burn this image in your brain. There's so, so much going on that we don't know about...
  2. I personally enjoy watching all these "Ripple killers" dying off. I can't remember how many times of the years the trolls came on here to post announcements of new services that were going to take down Ripple.
  3. The bitcoin maxis were jizzing their britches all day over this on twitter, about how the lightning network might be a solution for Kroger. It’s so laughable and delusional, I almost feel sorry for them (but not really).
  4. It’s much worse for bitcoin. Sorry, keep trying.
  5. Prob knows his project is a dead man walking, so no longer needs to prop up xlm prices with XRP sales. It takes ALOT more than technology to win this game.
  6. BA is a die hard btc maximalist and has done everything in his power to hold XRP down. It’s just reached a point where there’s too much momentum and he knows he can’t stop it, so might as well give in. Bullish
  7. F Coinbase! I will NEVER use.
  8. I’ve seen how IBM works, first hand. It’s a clunky, slow rolling disaster of a company, surviving off of legacy. I’m not concerned at all, no matter their reputation.
  9. For sure. But I can guarantee that will NOT be any project led by Jed. Bank on that.
  10. Liquidity wins this race and XLM will NEVER be as liquid as xrp or bitcoin. IBM chose poorly.
  11. It seems to take a year or 2 before he realizes Ripple's vision is correct, and his is misguided. So based on that, expect to see some weak copycat attempts on these soon. : )
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