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  1. I got suspended for breaking twitter rules. I think i used the wrong hashtags. Twitter reserves the right to "suggest" hashtags and to prevent certain hashtags to become too popular. Am thinking about #XRPARMY for example
  2. Apparently i got suspended for using wrong hashtags. Twitter reserves the right to prevent trends from getting too popular.
  3. en anders naar transactie history kijken hé
  4. i didn't read it but $1.00 coming in before Tuesday i believe.
  5. i apparently got suspended. Don't have a clue why. Never use faul language, don't swear, don't insult people.....
  6. I have a feeling they might have to review that document very soooooon....Not only for Ripple but also for other altcoins
  7. Donde esta la fiesta de $10 en Espana? (sorry, no tilde on my laptop).
  8. I'm sure you're being sarcastic....but, do you see in any of these BIG banking and payment events some Stellar representative as featured speaker? Nope...it's always Ripple, Ripple, Ripple.
  9. If coindesk can, they will never mention Ripple, so no surprises there.
  10. not where we want yet......OH how i wish lot's of Xrapid use to start
  11. They don't take into account that there are actually some coins that have real live usage instead of being coins. Once XRP get's used through Xrapid the marketcap isn't only subject to the Coin Market Cap and can fly higher.
  12. He was just confirming that the twitter account of bearableguy123 is being used by the same person as is on Reddit
  13. So we can say that Ripple staff is travelling literally all around to globe to promote Ripple and explain how Interledger can solve payment problems and reduce costs.....The dots are connected worldwide
  14. The zero transaction fee is only for the first transaction. Also, has it been confirmed by WU that they'll be using Xrapid for this app? As far as i know is Xrapid still being tested and in Beta and not fully rolled out yet.
  15. Was gonna (going to) post just that. Ask them how many other languages they speak....I'm fluent in 5 languages...not that i speak them perfectly but i'm sure people can understand me.
  16. I think for most people in Europe at least, SWIFT is well known?
  17. Lot's of it has been discussed and posted about bearableguy123 in the Tin Hat foil club
  18. You"ve seen last year how fast things can go in cryptospace
  19. I don't see why our EOY prediction may change. If you look at last year the most % were gained in May and December...so still plenty of time to growwwwwwwwwwwwww $5.00 and decoupling from BTC because of massive usage by FI's and banks would be great.
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