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  1. Justin Sun was zelf nog een tiener toen Ripple zijn eerste stappen naar blockchain zette lol
  2. i guess he means whether they will use Xrapid and thus XRP
  3. around 25 cents....Still happy with how things are going although i would've sold at ATH and rebought if i had known what was coming in the first 5 months of this year.
  4. I read that the first 20000 customers got login passwords but an extra set of passwords was still not received. I think that when that batch has been received the actual trading/buying/selling can only start?
  5. There's a small dot under r/Rippled on which you can click
  6. There's over 1 million accounts that have less XRP in it than in mine....so i'm not complaining. I want all XRP hodlers to go to the moon
  7. The poor and unbanked can profit from Ripple & XRP. When there are governments, regulations will be in place. I don't see that change EVER. We cannot live in an unregulated world. So cryptocurrencies that want to survive will need to be able to fulfill all required regulations. I'm seeing a BIG future for Ripple & XRP on that part. What if there's an issue with Bitcoin...who do you contact? The invisible Satoshi Nakamoto? If there's a problem with the interledger....contact Ripple Just my 2 cents
  8. When i voted XVG was leading before XRP and LTC was long way behind lol
  9. They ARE going to crack some champagne tonight anyway
  10. I hope your 3rd part of your prediction will come true. The 2nd part will happen anyway, unless they will cancel couple hours prior to it happening.
  11. But to stay on Topic, is there really no video made of the Xrapid transaction yesterday at Consensus?
  12. It would be better to not check prices every day but it is impossible not to. As we're all excited. I'm still in green but hoping that massive Xrapid use will increase the value of XRP together with more institutional money being pumped into the general crypto landscape again like what happened in December
  13. Yep, intentional sell off to buy more and indeed it's just before consensus and hopefully a bullrun. I so want us to not depend anymore to marketcaps and whales but the value to be also determined through use of A LOT of Xrapid transactions
  14. Let's hope everything works out as you describe. And you're right. Once the pilots and tests move into real production we'll see a domino-effect because either you will be fast and much cheaper as a bank/FI or you'll lose customers to the banks who will be using Ripple/XRP.
  15. Not sure if he's missing a few 0's (we all hope that of course) but i'm confident that, as the only coin, with a lot of partnership and working systems, XRP will be higher. Surely between $5.00-$10.00
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