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  1. 10 minutes ago, DividendGamer said:

    Still at the earliest stage of crypto currency community adoption and implementation and development.


    Not even 1% of world population is probably even aware of crypto currency in any form or fashion.

    I think you're wrong about the 1%. More % has heard of Bitcoin but they don't have the slightest idea what it is or does probably.
    XRP is a different story. Not even 1% has heard about it...hopefully they will.

  2. 1 hour ago, mariusthegreat said:

    0.14 USD min

    0.28 USD max

    Next year will be more of the same.

    Expect single digits next year. More regulation and more derivatives (shorting). 

    I feel there is a way to go yet.

    overall 2019 will be anemic.

    I suppose it’s up to you if you have the Gaul and stomach for it... 

    What is meant by this? 

  3. 14 minutes ago, Tinyaccount said:

    Nah that ain’t correct.  Any stack over say 500 can easily sell 2%.

    If you are working in percentages it doesn’t matter about stack size.  

    Any stack can sell 2%/month ......25 months x 2% = 100% (your whole stack) so 2 years and 1 month

  4. 2 minutes ago, txferrari said:

    Agreed. By Noon CST time, XRP will be #2.  I can and can't believe what I'm seeing.  Ya'll know I sold everything at $3 last year, but I bought back in at .28, .32, .41, .48, and .50 early this morning.  I'm loving this stuff.  I can see .65 by end day if it keeps this up.  I believe we see $1.00 by Swell.  After Swell, it continues to go up, once Xrapid kicks in, we'll see ATH's.  From there, who knows.

    You were smarter than most!

  5. 32 minutes ago, JojoBelt said:

    Agree! Also worthless is posible!

    I personally  would prefer Ripple has less XRP. If I understand they got all XRP for free since they did not create them.

     Majority of profit will take Ripple. I hope something will be there also for us.


    It's hard to imagine that you've been a member of this forum for a while and you have over 100 posts and you post something like this.

    Have you ever taken the time to investigate your concerns about Ripple holding the majority of XRP?

    And as for "not created" or "pre-mined". Why would that give more credibility or value to a cryptocurrency? 

    Where do all the Bitcoin derivates or Ethereum forks come from? They come out of nowhere as well right?

  6. 36 minutes ago, ripplewaytogo said:

    Its way lower than $1 now. 

    Damn it hurts to see most of the coins going up and XRP going down.......................

    That is only today. As you may have noticed XRP was the strongest of at least all the top-10 coins in the previous week and barely subject to big moves down while the others lost 10-20%.


    We'll have to be patient.

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