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  1. I think you're wrong about the 1%. More % has heard of Bitcoin but they don't have the slightest idea what it is or does probably. XRP is a different story. Not even 1% has heard about it...hopefully they will.
  2. It also says in the footer that it's confidential hahaha
  3. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah, didn't have my coffee yet.....So yes of course it's 50 months geez
  4. Any stack can sell 2%/month ......25 months x 2% = 100% (your whole stack) so 2 years and 1 month
  5. 3 months to get from +$0.50 to $1.00? We all know how fast things went last year so it is surely not impossible BUT only time will tell.....3 months to go
  6. Even so, is he allowed to do that knowing that he did sign a document limiting his sales?
  7. It's hard to imagine that you've been a member of this forum for a while and you have over 100 posts and you post something like this. Have you ever taken the time to investigate your concerns about Ripple holding the majority of XRP? And as for "not created" or "pre-mined". Why would that give more credibility or value to a cryptocurrency? Where do all the Bitcoin derivates or Ethereum forks come from? They come out of nowhere as well right?
  8. but not only is Arrington there with the Binance CEO....Also Ripple's Ethan Beard is at the party........
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