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  1. So I understand that I can convert XRP to other cryptos and USD from bitstamp. But if I want to convert XRP to USD and withdraw into a bank account, I can't seem to do so. Can anyone here please explain the process? I would do debit card, but it doesn't work for my country. Thank you
  2. Actually if you posted all the screenshots, you would see you started the namecalling. And it's true, I predicted the conference from the start. Sorry I had it right from the getgo?
  3. Listen, I don't get all the ridicule I'm getting here. The fact remains that I predicted that this would be nothing more than a conference, plain and simple. I knew it, called it and warned everyone. Many people here have actually called me the Nostradamus the cryptocurrencies, possibly the Warren Buffet of crypto. The moment I saw that fake news tweet, I called it would be a conference. Granted, I wished I was wrong. I was hoping to see some gains, at least $5 - $10 price for XRP - not too much to ask for. Instead, we saw a catastrophic sell-off due to a lack of confidence in XRP leading to the disaster we see today. No one cares that some Fed employee (End the Fed, btw, Ron Paul for prez) or the inventor of the internet is going to be at the conference. All Ripple had to do was pay them (Honestly wouldn't be surprised if the pump was so Ripple could sell enough XRP to pay the fees these speakers charged, but that's an analysis for a different day) to get them to speak and that's it. Like many here, I want to see XRP succeed, but it's hard to hope when we all get conned like we did recently.
  4. What on earth makes you so confident? Ripple will just con us all again. I have no trust in them anymore.
  5. Ripple purposefully made their advertising campaign over a three day period to hype up XRP's price for nothing. It was nothing more than a conference - like many of us sadly and accurately predicted. They could have just made a normal tweet for this dumb conference without all of the hype. Plain and simple, we were conned hard. Scammed. Bamboozled. Lied to.
  6. Well, look at the price now. We were conned. Such a disappointing "announcement." Nothing but a conference, as I - to my chagrin - correctly and accurately predicted. So sad.
  7. I told you. Just another dumb conference. XRP crash beginning in 3...2...1...
  8. Oh great, more "good news." Prepare for $0.12 XRP again. Don't you learn? Literally nothing will increase XRP's price. I don't want to spread FUD, but if the past few months is indicative of anything, it's Ripple's incompetence in delivering an ROI for its investors.
  9. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=xrp Interesting that, regionally and in order, Slovenia, the Netherlands, South Korea, Estonia and Cyprus are the most interested in searching what xrp is. I wonder where the intrigue from Eastern Europe stems from. Even more curiously, Singapore is seventh and interest in searching what xrp is is on an upward trajectory. Cool beans!
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