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  1. That you like Trump is your "problem" but please dont compare him to our CEO.
  2. Sorry but what are you saying ? Can you please elaborate ? So no report yet if it only confirmed about the cyber attack ?
  3. Because they completely messed up the announcement by releasing it exactly 2 minutes before both the Q4 release AND Weiss. Plus the fact they have not even tweeted about it.
  4. So what happens : By now if the full report had been released to paying customers we would know, betweeen here Twitter or Reddit, the full explanation and rational explainin the C given to XRP. Was it still not released to paying customers ?
  5. So let's discuss timing now. Why would they release the Q4 report, which has this beautiful sentence about Xrapids and deals in the pipelines, at the same minute as the Weiss report which was drawing the cryptosphere (not only XRP's) attention ? More importantly, why would they release two new partnerships so "anonimously" on the website, without a tweet about it, at the exact same time ? Those two new partnerships have had exactly ZERO effect on the price. Same for the Q4. That is really a weird way to proceed if you ask me, I have seen them handling the PR side much, mu
  6. We don't care about your item 1), typo or no typo. Problem is your item 2), which does not contain any typo and in which you suggest RIPPLE may be "part of the scam".
  7. Lol. And you are invested in this "scam" or just here to be cute ?
  8. So no one actually bought it on here and we still don't know. Wow.
  9. More importantly why publish two new partnerships right at the same time as q4... (and Weiss...)
  10. So is that the real thing or not ? Honestly wtf if we get a C.
  11. 20 min and we still don't know the rating. Can't believe though they announce two new partnerships at the same time they release the Q4. This market is driven by news and it should not be done that way.
  12. WTF with the timing honestly ? They announce 2 partnerships and the q4 right now when all the focus is on weiss on all cryptos ?= This will be swallowed. Plus the two things should have been announced separately.
  13. ETH on the rise. They could have put XRP in the preview, morons.
  14. So we have only billionaires in xrp on here but no one able to spend 500
  15. Dude of course it is. Just look at Tron and you know its fake.
  16. Nah it s tough to read but I was following closely both charts in parallel and clearly XRP (for once) took off before BTC and BTC followed (very closely). Hard to see the differences as it is a question of minutes but when both were open before and during the raise it was very obvious.
  17. So since we all had a different timer on the Weiss website (lol btw), do we know for sure now at what time it is released tomorrow ?
  18. Funny now BTC is following. This time, unlike others, XRP has actually started and dictated the bull run. Sweet.
  19. While all alts - including xrp - still follow BTC closely, not to say religiously, there is some nice momentum going on with XRP right now. You may remember before the first "crash" last Tuesday, there were strong supports in all 3 cryptos at 11k BTC, 1k ETH and 1.15 XRP. BTC and ETH are still absolutely aligned, both being right under (10700 and 970 as I type, so almost exactly 11k and 1k proportionally) but we are at 1.36 as I type, almost 20% higher. Of course we had fallen a bit harder than BTC and ETH back then, but this is also because XRP had obviously gained much more t
  20. Well its not at all like that in Geneva Switzerland. Most of my friends and colleagues who are between 30 and 35 years old are into cryptos or looking at it closely and deciding when to get in.
  21. Another awesome day in the crypto world. Wonder how many green days we had over the last 15 days. Maybe 3, all coming after days in which we had lost 20%+. I just feel like it s not smart money any more. Now everybody wants in. My janitor, my butcher, everyone is on cryptos now. And when that happens its never a good sign, never. Those downs dont really affect me any more, my 0.21 entry point still looks really good especially given the number of zerps I have, AND I still am bullish on xrp. But the fact that all cryptos now exclusively depend on btc, because this is what happening
  22. I would really love for the obsolete BTC to entirely go down once and for all so that we can follow our on path rather than follow BTC price trajectory like a sheep. Does not matter if we go back to 0.1 when it happens, we will be back stronger after that. Of course BTC sucks now compared to other coins, it can do nothing quickly nor for cheap. But to see that all alts follow it so closely is driving me mad.
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