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  1. Honestly guys how many dips do you need to buy ? I bought in June 2017 and since I believed in my research I invested what I wanted to invest. Now you have had like 5 dips under 1$ over the last month, how many do you still need ? Its funny when its going down like that how you always have guys saying yes I can buy more. So basically it could never go up again but you ll always be happy coz you can buy more. You know, at some point the goal is that the price goes up so that you actually make money on your investment.
  2. I'd say very likely. Like most week-end, and especially now that sentiment is just awful on crypt
  3. What an awful month, week, and day. Its one ugly day after the other without anything positive in between. We were holding a bit at 2, then 1.80, 1.40 and now we are in the 0.80's. Sentiment has just completely changed. I miss the beautiful december days. Will never forget when it started on the 7th after 6 months of stagnation. It went on during exactly one month until January 7th. I was sometimes winning 79k in one day by just watching the price. Seems so far away.
  4. Nice to see ETH decoupling from BTC right now. Just wished we would do the exact same but apparently our turn has not come yet......
  5. That's what Tether does though, since it is supposed to be worth roughly 1 USD at all times.
  6. Very much doubt it. It was just an end of the month maintenance as it very usual. They will end up adding XRP but I very much doubt they do it before the second half of the year given what they said in January. Also, but that is just my opinion, we should stop speculating about coinbase. The last time we did so, they sent the tweet which saw us go from 3.2 to 1 right now. Rumours are never really good for XRP - or any other investment - once they prove wrong.
  7. So Santander is definitely going XCurrent as there is no communication from Ripple. I noticed they did not communicate on any FI (or other) going XCurrent as this gives food for thoughts for all the FUD so-called journalists who write that banks won't use XRP although they are keen on using Ripple technology (i.e. using XCurrent but not XRapid). Was just the same for CA. Still weird there is no communication at all about that - there has been no communication AT ALL on any news since MoneyGram for that metter... If they were using XRapid, there would have been news and we
  8. I really wished they would communicate about Santander already...
  9. Guys I posted yesterday night (Europe time zone) about my relative who had a 40k deposit on hold for 14 days with Bitstamp. She has been credited back on her original account this morning. No idea what happened as it was done the same as her first depoist which had arrived just fine. Anyway, had promised I would update you. She will try to deposit again. Thanks for your useful answers yesterday.
  10. Thanks to all of you (and all other ideas are still very welcome of course). I am absolutely sure these funds are not lost, but it still a bit awkard the way they are dealing with it. Especially since it comes from an account under her own name and from which she had already (succesfully) made a deposit. Will keep you guys updated.
  11. She told me she tried a dozen of times last week, on three different days. Either there was like no tone at all and it hung up instantly, or she was directed directly to a voicemail. I tried myself to see today and yesteday, voicemail (where you cannot leave a message) both times.
  12. Thanks for answering, and thanks to the previous poster too. While 13 days is not that long to verïfy someone, it is VERY long to credit a close to EUR 50k deposit for an existing customer. I always found them more than decent too and wrote so, but if you had such an amount somewhere during 13 days, you probably would not find them decent any longer. Also, she opened a ticket describing the situation precisely and given the amounts at stake they could at least have replied. I forgot to mention it but she even attached her swift message in the ticket, which you can do. Yet no n
  13. Not her username but a number, which was the same as on her first deposit. In my own case, I aslo made 3 deposits and it asked me every time to put a reference which also has been the same every time. It was 8 or 9 numbers. I think it must be our client's number or something alike.
  14. Guys need your help please. Been trading on bitstamp since May 17, never had any problem. I told one of my relative about XRP and she wanted to invest. She opened an account and made a bank transfer (done by her banker). It took a few days but went well and she invested the funds into xrp. On January 17th, 2018, she has made another deposit, thrilled by her first investment and seeing the recent drop as a good occasion to get more zerps. It was a very substantial deposit, in the mid 5 figures. Funds never arrived. It still says "Waiting for your funds to arrive" o
  15. Its amazing how BTC was having one run after the other in september - december last year, going from 3k to 20k in a matter of weeks (and then from 13k to 17k from Jan 1st to Jan 7th) and how now it's just impossible to have anything other than downtrend since Jan 7th. Like no run at all, not once that would put us back in the 13-14k territory. Which means, of course, just the same for all other coins.
  16. Dude stop overthinking. Your logic is completely flawed despite the undeniable relations between BTC and XRP, many things can happen to each of those independtly. When BTC was at 17k, XRP was at 0.20 When BTC is at 11k, XRP is at 1.30. Enough said.
  17. What does it say at the end plz ? The part that was cropped ? Tx !
  18. Well said, could not agree more. Many people underestimate the power of relationships in the business.
  19. Being a French native I read both the English and the French press releases. It's quite sad that they omitted to include the last sentence of the French in the English one : "Ce test se déroulera pendant 6 mois avant une généralisation de l’offre sur l’ensemble du territoire." Meaning: This test will be run during 6 months before making the offer available on the whole country. Quite sad its xCurrent though. It may be why Ripple does not speak about it (which is also sad imo).
  20. Guys just for the record it's been months - maybe years - that Ripple works with several banks including Credit Agricole, UBS and Santander. But if CA posts it those days, it means they are now going to the next level. But you can google CA and Ripple (or if you were invested for more than a few months) you will see that this is old news that they have partnered up. Amazing nonetheless if it goes to the next level. Also, whether some on here like it or not, Ripple is really, really ackward at communicating right now. First, the two partnerships were completely swallowed by Weiss AND
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