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  1. That's just wrong. It's not my opinion, I am just more objective than you are. 3.25 to .55 is not a huge dip ? Let's be realistic here. A 82% drop is what is called a HUGE dip. If you had read my post I am every thing but a new investor, been on here since June or so. It has nothing to do with "they should not have invested". It is an objective fact. Sure I believe XRP will recover, and as I said, I am all in green right now since my main investment was made at 0.21. That changes nothing to the picture though mate, even when it will have recovered we experienced a huge dip, period.
  2. I always read you with delectation as you know what you are talking about and I generally really like your point of view on XRP and cryptos in general. However, and I don't mean it as an offense, sometimes you sugar coat it a bit as if you were never ever caring about the price. I invested at 0.21 in May, just got a substantial 5 figures EUR deposit tonight which I am still pondering how to invest (already bought 10k tonight at 0.76 but I have much more remaining) but in any case I am just very much in the green and I can't say I am really impacted by the dips. But sorry mate, you j
  3. 63 banks in japan covering 40% of accounts in Japan, ((SBI) testing the use of Ripple domestically - as it works not only for crossborder but also for domestic payments.
  4. There is another central bank we have not announced yet. I like it.
  5. Spoke too soon. Received the bitstamp e-mail confirming deposit at the exact same minute Brad started, 8.45 pm. Is that a sign or what ? Also it is a holiday tomorrow for Bitstamp so kudos for working later tonight to have deposits credited tonight. Well done.
  6. Of course bitstamp did not credit my sepa deposit ordered yesterday. I wonder if it is a corresponding bank issue but don't know which one was used in my case. A relative of mine had issues with Deutsche Bank as corresponding bank.
  7. Mine not yet. Made the Sepa payment last night hope it arroves today. I have received an unexpected amount of money and have made a substantial deposit. It seems to me that the more important the deposit the longer it takes bitstamp to credit it
  8. Its amazing how since 4 weeks each of our small rebound is always going a bit less high than the previous one and the following low goes a bit lower. On the charts, all of the small rebounds like the one we have now are completely swallowed as it keeps going lower right after. We did not have any break in the last few weeks.
  9. I have to say all those "Whales" posts make me smile. The conspiracy theory is hardly ever the right one, especially in a market with 25 bn daily volume. This has nothing to do with whales, they would have loaded up whiles ago. This has to do with an ugly and crappy sentiment in the whole crypto market, which follows only and exclusively BTC. People realize BTC has no real use case, has not been really adpoted compared to 2-3 years ago - quite the contrary since some institutions which accepted it do not any longer. Yet all cryptos just follow the exact same trend. A
  10. Amazing how BTC just wont stop falling for almost a month now. A few dead cat bounces over the period but new lows always lower every week. Crazy. Also crazy how we just continue following it like a sheep. BTC is obsolete, does not mean other cryptos are too but I guess this is just to hard to fathom for 80% investors apparently.
  11. What was the lowest market cap in the recent dips we experienced since January 8th ? We are now at 340 billions, I wonder if this is the lowest point ?
  12. How come such news have had litteraly 0 effect on xrp's price ? This is just huge as it means pilot was successful and implementation / adoption is coming. It also means all other pilots have a realistic chance of being successful as well. Yet, 0 impact on the sp. Also, I think it was pretty much the worst time to announce it on a Friday night but still.
  13. It really is quite funny actually, the trend continues completely. So now the cryptos are on a rally, and the EUR/USD went back substantially, that is from 1.27 to 1.25. I know it's probably just a coincidence but it has litteraly been true every time so far over the last few weeks. Cryptos go up, USD wins against the EUR, and as soon as cryptos fall, EUR gains back. Weird.
  14. Quick fact : Since the lowest point today, BTC gained exactly as I type 15%, from 7625 to 8775. Since the lowest point today, XRP gained exactly as I type 31%, from 0.665 to 0.905.
  15. Quick fact : Since the lowest point today, BTC gained exactly as I type 15%, from 7625 to 8775. Since the lowest point today, XRP gained exactly as I type 31%, from 0.665 to 0.905.
  16. If you really think that you must not have gone often to a casino
  17. Sorry to mention it but you must have a really, really small stack if you think you "may lose a few hundred zerps" only. One tweet later today and you are in big trouble, except if you have like 1000 zerps, then indeed you may only lose a few hundred zerps.
  18. I keep noticing over the last few weeks that the USD keeps falling vs the EUR as soon as there is a crypto blood bath. Happened every time and still going now, was at 1.23 a few days ago, is now at 1.27. Was at 1.20 before the two awful days 2 weeks ago, wen to 1.23. Been pretty stable in between. Maybe a coincidence but this is very accurate since January. Interesting.
  19. Of course BTC is gonna fall as people start realizing that its obsolete compared to alt coins and especially to XRP. Also, there is no "news" for BTC, so its just sentiment that drives it. Funny though that we still follow it like a sheep. We are 2.5 x times lower than we were BEFORE the MoneyGram news. So it has been like completely swallowed. We then were at 1.80 and got to 2.25 on the back of the news. Now we sit so much lower whereas nothing has changed. Quite the contrary with Mercury etc. I dont know if it is also because there is no easy way for some people to buy XRP wit
  20. Fair enough my old friend, but you ll get paid (hopefully) many more years since you are around 35 if i remember correctly. So yeah you could add more for years at 0.95 but honestly if you did buy every time you said you did (and I have no reason whatsoever to doubt that as you always sounded sincere and do not pretend like others that you always bought at the lowest point) you have really a lot of zerps and you should also be willing that we take off now !!
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