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  1. On the day I assume ? On bitstamp higher volume today was between 11 and 13 today CET, that is some 8 hours before the WU news.
  2. Amazing that volume on XRP (which, granted, was already quite high actually this pm) has not increased following the WU news.
  3. Very small buy wall of 300k at 1.09251 on bitstamp Feel like we will be touching 1.20 within 2 hours.
  4. I feel we are going to attack 1.20. Its also going to depend on BTC, as always, but the news could push us. We just have to avoid a BTC sell-off after the huge day it had. If we do avoid it, or, better, if BTC rises, we may do so as well but at a faster pace. 1.20 approaching imo.
  5. Amazing news about WU. Many of us knew it was in the pipeline but confirmation is just awesome. Funny thing is that this type of news would have propelled us some 40% up a mere 2 months ago. Even on the moneygram news, we went from 1.80 to 2.25 in a matter of 30 minutes. I think we may see a nice upward movement tonight during the night. This would be more than deserved, especially since we are speaking about XRP. Come on, we have learnt that news concerning xcurrent do simply not take us higher (at all). Now we have the no 1 payment provider in the world, using XRP (Xrapid
  6. I know we are used to it by now, but I am still amazed how the AMAZING news we have keep having no effect whatsoever on our price. All that has an effect is the BTC price, which all alt coins follow, including us. this also means that all alt coins which do not have news like we have had, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE etc., are trading to an equivalent price, but without any news on their side. It's quite frustrating really.
  7. There is our most well-known and reputable online bank, active since the 2000's, which is called Swissquote. You can open an account, trade pretty much any securities and funds, and, since last year, also buy BTC, ETH LTC and XRP. They have teamed up with Bitstamp re. the foregoing, and they are 100% safe and legit. My dad had an account over there since 2003 or so. We never had any problem.
  8. I don't see on what are based those banks' decision to stop allowing crypto transfers. Is it because they are afraid they will have less funds to manage ? I hope customers that are affected by such ridiculous decisions will actually change bank altogether. Now that would certainly mean they will have less assets to manage.
  9. It's getting so annoying to see us follow BTC like that every single time. It simply does not change right now. It dips we dip. And since I am not optimistic for BTC, and don't see it get to its ATH ever again, it sux. So basically the UAEEXCHANGE, which is fantastic news AND, for once, was well communicated by Ripple on Twitter, has had no impact whatsoever.
  10. We doing well but could defo use some volume now, which would make us fly.
  11. Back to following BTC exactly. As always. Was nice while it lasted. And as always, BTC simply cant have a decent run which would have continued our momentum. Can't wait for this obsolete coin to simply disappear
  12. Looks like we are slowly but surely starting to align on BTC again. Well, at least we were lagging 5 cents behind in xrp yesterday (8500 BTC meant 0.80 (hence the 5 cents to make it "equal" at 0.85), now we are trading, on the same ratio, 24 cents higher (8750 BTC --> 1.115 XRP). So before aligning again we gained 28 cents on BTC. Decent enough
  13. Completely agree, looks like it since yesterday already and today confirms it. If only we could have the same 2 weeks now we had back then !!
  14. Completely agree Sir, such a tough call. At least I spent the 20k - half of my deposit - wisely. And this comes on top of my initial substantial investment at 0.21. I also like the idea of buying some and waiting, but this is what I just did buying half my deposit on Wed and waiting, today's rise was kind of unexpected. I will wait to see how it goes before the CNY, I think, just like you, this may prove to be a turning point.
  15. ^^ Thanks for the great advice mate. We are always smarter afterwards, right ? Still invested half of my last deposit on Wednesday, but of course now that we had a rise coming from nowhere I should have invested it all. Was tough to forecast though. More importantly, thanks to the next two who actually gave a meaningfull answer (unlike you !). Will wait for the time being and listen to my guts. I am in any case HEAVILY invested right now. (more than 100k zerps).
  16. Completely lost as whether I should invest my 20k remaining in FIAT that are on my account (and destined to buy XRP) just now. . There have been so many dips, and I invested wisely my last 20k (half of my 40k that arrived on wed) at an average of 0.73 (which still completely makes my average higher since it was at 0.21), so I think I can only wait and see if we go back to 0.80. I know exactly that if I spend those now at .90 we will be back lower over the week-end. Tough choice, I may buy 8k now and keep 12k ? What would you do ? Week-end have a general tendency to get us lower too,
  17. Although the main goal was to get even more zerps to buy a jet rather than a boat
  18. This really is so funny. Tons of good news and nothing happens. Then no news and we start mooning. We were on par with BTC for 3 days before lagging around 5 cents behind. Now we are 8 cents above, no particular reason. Feels like December all over again. Funny thing is I got 40k euros credited on my account on Wednesday. Felt pretty smart about investing 10k at 0.76 and 10k more at 0.71. Now both are well in green....... but I still have 20k to spend Was not expecting such a rise on no news whatsoever. But given my initial investment at 0.21 and the number of
  19. So noon was arbitrary but 10 minutes ago is not ? What about that then, we are at the exact same point as we were 2 hours ago. That's what you call moving up Sir ? Sure, since one hour ago we went down a little, and back to the same. That's hardly what I would call moving up when you are lower than we were today and at the same point we were 2 hours ago.
  20. Guys stop speaking about going up when we are not ? We were on par with BTC (8k = 0.80) for 3 days and have lost around 6 cents on that (8k = 0.74). We are lower than we were today at noon, don't see any reason to get excited just yet sitting still at 0.75.
  21. Good point Sir, but cant explain a 30% bonus compared to BTC and others. It may did not recover as well yesterday as BTC but BCH did not lag 30% behind, by far not.
  22. Any reason for Bitcoin Cash to be 30% whereas all cryptos are stable or slight loss ?
  23. I keep seeing this Feb 16th reference as it is the Chinese new year. Just so you know, it lasts until March 2nd, and they have public holidays from Feb 16th until Feb 21st. So if anything, it will be more after that date that we may see anything happening.
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