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  1. On Analcoin, maybe. On XRP, don't give them too much (sorry, I meant any) credit ;-)
  2. We have now the biggest volume on a 30 min candle since February 10th.
  3. A lucky guy just has a casual buy order for 625k zerps at 1.195. (i.e. USD 800k).
  4. Right now solo Gregos, at this pace at least as btc slowly rising too, but tbh we did not really follow BTC latest surge. But right now, it is solo at this insane pace. This is completely crazy right now. 2.8 mio volume over the last 15 minutes. To give you an idea, over the last 24 hours, the average volume over 15 min was around 300k. We have almost 10 times the usual volume, litteraly out of nowhere, and it started at 13.30 CET, that is 16 min ago now.
  5. Volume is the biggest since days on bitstamp on the current 30 min candle. Simply amazing. We are taking off.
  6. INSANE volume, like litterally all of the sudden and out of nowhere. The current 30 min candle which started 9 min ago is alreeady twice bigger as the full last one covering the last 30 min.
  7. Volume very, very strong right now on this current 30 min candle (started 8 min ago). People trying to prevent from rising with several added small 20k walls 1 cent under the ask price but being swallowed instantly. Let's attack this 1.15.
  8. We may finally give a shot to this split sell wall that leads us to 1.15+. Let's do it Son !
  9. Mate, many of us, if not the majority of us, investing into Ripple after having made extensive research about it, were hoping for triple digit price. Also, as far as I know, we are not exactly there yet. No need for me to see his history as as I said, have been reading his reddit sub forum since the beginning. Nothing never really came out as huge or unexpected. Especially his 10 day countdown I referred to in my last post... which lead to 25% drop in one day. What a news !! Nothing else happened the day before, during, or after. Speak about a useless prediction (which, on top of that, he
  10. But do you have some tangible proof that this bear is actually bearableguy ?
  11. HAve been following this bearable guy since the very beginning and you guys give him way too much credit. He announced something huge 10 days before and all that happened was that CMC removed the Korean market hence dropping the price by 25% in one day. So he said he had in fact foreseen that XRP would be on sales. He has just been lucky, although the announcement was rather weak, but had no way of knowing that CMC was to do that in 10 days, nor that it would have such an effect on the price. He was thinking of something else, which never really happens. As for his price predi
  12. It is a beautiful thing that we follow BTC every single time it falls, but that right now we don't follow it as it is rises. Just awesome
  13. We simply cant get a try to this 1mio sell wall that is split until 1.151. No luck whatsoever the whole day to get past 1.14, despite the BTC sympolic 10k barrier that was passed.
  14. Kudos to xrpto50dollars for seeing the resistance at 1.138 20 min ago. We bounced out off it (or 1.139) twice. I keep my prediction of 1.20 within 70 minutes ( said within 2 hours some 50 min ago). Nice call, Sir. I hope it will prove to be a minor resistance, which was my opinion at the same time, but you called it just perfectly.
  15. XRP on Bitstamp 12 green candles out of the last 13 (the only red being so, so, so close of being green as well). Have not seen that since... well you know when !
  16. This is a real possibility. No way to be certain, but definitely not impossible.
  17. So its like on Bitstamp, higher volume was much earlier than the news (on your chart, at around 4 am.
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