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  1. Ok, 7 am in Korea, apparently we have the answer of what 's gonna happen when they wake up. I feel like I am not going to get much sleep this night.
  2. 0.38 ^^ this is insane. after a quick 40 min or so break, we have gone from 0.345 to 0.38+ in exactly 5 min. 10% in 5 min, i ll take it. (still on bitstamp)
  3. So now the 10 bucks question : It is 6.30 am in Korea, what happens in the next 3 hours when they wake up ?
  4. Its quite amazing how the sell walls of 1mio + were litteraly eaten on bitstamp and now with no more wall at all, it just stopped !!
  5. Thanks biggn, never saw that big differences though, we are speaking about 15% !!
  6. How can it be 0.40 that you mention guys and barely 0.35 on bitstamp ? You dont see that big discrepancies usually.
  7. Bitstamp "candles" give the volume on 30 min period. The last 30 min period, which finish right now (21h30 - 22 h CET), 16 mio of volume of xrp were exchanged just on Bitstamp. The most ever since I watch XRP since May. Completely crazy.
  8. Does that mean you could buy on say bitstamp for 0.22, t hen transfer the ripples you bought to say another exchange listing it at 0.24, say Kraken, and instantly make 10% minus the 0.25% fees applied twice ?
  9. Thank you ! So what would explain such a difference between the various exchanges if I may ask ?
  10. Hi, First of all, forgive me for asking such a noob question, but I could not help noticing that the XRP price was vastly different depending on where you look at it. I am only speaking, right now, of the XRP/USD price. For instance, on bitstamp, at the moment I type, it shows the XRP/USD rate to be at 0.22250 Yet, on coinmarketcap, at this moment, it shows 0.247. While both sites are known and probably reliable, there is a 10% difference. In doing some research, I have found 5-6 other sites to compare the rate. Half of them are around 0.22 too, the other half is arou
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