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  1. Just now, ReformedEquityTrader said:

    The money in advertising in the US is simply too large to change times.  Just like facebook, don't conflate users/viewers with the client base.

    Also, I'm in the US.  I would agree that non-fiction stuff is better in Europe.  Who doesn't love a BBC documentary.  But production value in fiction is so much higher in the US.  Of course, that costs money, which leads back to advertising.

    So, they are just different.  With a different set of values, and from a different perspective.  Nothing more, nothing less.

    Only on paying networks such as hbo ir amc.  No other channel gives anything i would ever watch. Especially on live tv with a commercial break every 12 minutes. It makes it simply unwatchable. 

  2. I LOVE the US. This is by far not an overstatement as I lived 2 years there and was dreaming to stay longer. Went to Duke law school for a year and then spent six months in NYC and six months in Miami. Probably the hest 2 years in my life.

    Yet i m gonna state something that ALL non Americans know and is widely accepted all over the world. US tv is the worst in the entire universe, and that is no understatement either. It is however something our US friends cant really fathom, and I dont blame them coz that s how it works, but since 99.9% of US people never actually lived abroad (not visited but lived) they grew up with it and cant compare it with anything else. 

    But compared to French, German, Swiss, Dutch, Spanish or UK tv, there is a gap so freaking big. First because you just got commercials every 12 minutes. No one else does. Secondly because us tv simply never adapts. In todays situation in other countries Brad would have had airtime. Either they would have delayed by 7-8 min the next show or, more likely, they would have canceled ONE freaking commercials break. 

    Honestly this really was pathetic. As much as I miss tge US on so many levels, US tv is the wirst thing i am yet to see, and this is what i am thinking since way before today. 

    / angry mode off. 

  3. Hey CB, what about you go fack yourself ?

    Also, I said it on here the last two times and will say it again, I am really sick of these useless CB rumors which always end badly. 

    Lets move on and not have another rumor about xrp being added in 3 weeks. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Thakicker said:

    What resort is that? I've been to Marrakech before. Amazing to see that city. I remember my girl asking the taxi-driver why the hell people were sitting on the street. He answered it's out of boredom. She's never seen that before but that made me laugh.

    Lol ! This is a private ryad from the Selman Marrakech. Truly an amazing place, one of the best i ve ever seen. 

  5. Sorry folks have not been watching the thread closely the last few days being in a wonderful private Ryad in Marrakech :)

    What is the CNBC interview about, when is it , and how did we hear about it ?

    Sorry if this is repeated over and over again but thanks for answering :)

  6. Why did they hire a new PR guy ? Ripple communication has been awful as of late, and the new guy has done nothing since he arrived.

    Why do we hear about the biggest south american bank using ripple through press articles rather than by Ripple ?

    This guy is just a tool. 

  7. Nice sell-off. So f*cking amazing to be perfectly coupled with BTC as soon as it loses 1% but to not follow it AT ALL when it gains. 

    We were trading at 1.15 when it was below 11k, it went to 11k7 we traded at around 1.10, then it felt back to 11k so we also lose the same ratio, leading us to 1.02.

    Quite sad, really. 

  8. 1 minute ago, TheRustyHammer said:

    It feels like early December to me... I know some of you guys have been saying it, but I haven’t had that feeling until now. But I woke up to a price that I went to sleep with, and it just feels eerily stable, exactly how December felt before we launched. 

    Just for the record, it was also like that, before December, in June, July, August, September, October, and November !!

  9. Litteraly nothing happening right now, all focus on btc. There is no volume whatsoever, mini walls of 30k on bitstamp completely stop any action because there is so little volume.

    Funny how we don't really follow it now that BTC rises. 

    Anyway, we ll see what next week brings. Today was a decent day thanks to that huge spike with huge volume earlier this afternoon.

  10. 3 minutes ago, bachmama said:

    some resistances are still in place around:


    True my friend, but on bitstamp at least, they have nothing comparable, at least 1.20, to what was 1.15. There was a 2.4 mio sell wall split between 4-5 figures between 1.14 and 1.151. 1.20 is much, much lower. As to the next resistances, well let's discuss them when we will actually be at 1.60 and 1.90. First, coz its gonna be awesome, second, because they are right now too far away to be really considered. Many will come and many will remove their sell orders if we get there soon. ;)

  11. The non-negligeable impact this huge spike had, with the volume that came with it and was simply mindblowing, is that it cleared some serious walls that were there around 1.15. 

    Now if we have yet another bull run, it will go much quicker, there are no more such walls right now. 

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