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  1. I think it make sense to utilize what ever i can from ripple-lib-java. Thanks i was already drop it from my mind but i will definitely go it through with thought.
  2. There is java version of ripple-lib but seems that it has been undeveloped for quit some time. Mayby they have allocated resources to some where else.
  3. This post is to announce project to develop Java API for apps to interact with XRP Ledger. There will also be a simple text based user interface. Project Outcomes: Java API to communicate with Rippled server using public API methods. Admin API methods(after public methods are done). Methods to add/remove xrp addresses that you want to track. methods to save some data(not sure yet what data makes sense to store) text based user interface. All code will be published on https://github.com/Hiirihii/xrpl-java-api under MIT license. And project website you can found in https://incox.io/ I have entrepreneur background and i have little by little get into coding more or less because i'm looking to understand XRP Ledger better. For the past 4 months i have done online java courses that my local university offers. And if all goes as well i will start my Computer Science studies next September. Main idea behind this project is to apply what i have learned in online courses in practice and build tools what i need. Like reason to build text interface instead of GUI is that i don't know how to build GUI..yet But i also have some weird interest for terminal applications. Currently i have no strict timeline but i'm looking to push first piece of code to github in May or June.
  4. I was also looking way to renew my codius host ssl cert and got same error. Then i just repeated sll request process from the How to Run Your Own Codius Host blog post. This seems to work just fine but i have no idea if this is right way to do it or not.
  5. I think something to take in considerations in situation like Greek crisis is that EUR notes and coins have same value around euro area no mater which country those are issued. Bank notes and coins are backed by ECB. Problem is when people have savings in commercial bank then when crisis hits and there is bank run when people are trying to withdraw their money out of the banks which cause that banks run out of money due to a fractional-reserve banking system. I would say that euros in commercial bank deposit account has different value that "base" euro value which those deposit reflects.
  6. Im not actually sure if swift gpi has much to do with clearing and settlement time. The way i understand the whole instant sepa scheme looks something like this: Swift gpi = swift messaging, tracker, observer and directory (More like ILP if you ask me) eba clearing = payment clearing Target2 = settlement (and Target2 is near real time, settlement time 5min according to wikipedia) So if Target2 can do it in 5 min today, i think it can be done in 10sec as well. I would love to see ripple there and mayby we will, but currently i don't see it.
  7. I would like to believe they are talking about ripple but i am afraid they might be talking about swift gpi to the fact euro1 and target2 is already connected to gpi. https://blogs.oracle.com/financialservices/faster-payments:-how-banks-are-reclaiming-lost-ground "The recent addition of US payment market infrastructures to support SWIFT gpi, adds to an already growing list of 56 SWIFT-connected market infrastructures, including EURO1 and TARGET2. SWIFT gpi is now live with 12 major global transaction banks exchanging tens of thousands of gpi payments. Nearly 100 banks have signed up to SWIFT gpi and numerous additional banks are set to go live in the coming months." Article is from April so time line matches to instant sepa schedule.
  8. I think this makes sense a lot, why to create "artificial" or new liquidity when we already have it in exchanges. If exchanges start using ILP it would make transactions between exchanges faster, when using xrp today it can take up to 30min to send it from kraken to polo. Exchanges should make this happen
  9. I think this is similar if you try to explain how current banking system or monetary system works, majority of the people don't know and don't care. I have stop of trying to explain it a long time ago for people who don't have any knowledge about how current systems work. Instead I suggest them to look it up and study more if they feel like it. Also a simple example like how long it takes to wire money from bank account to bank account today and how much faster it is with DLT, that is something most of the people can understand and if they keep asking questions i am happy to answer but that normaly happens if they have some knowledge about the topic.
  10. Yep banks can act as market makers and i think they should. That whole new revenue stream for them would be nice to know if banks where interested to act as market makers.
  11. Absolutely, This is one of the reason im planning to establish limited liability company that invest in basket of different cryptos and just holds. And if all goes well i can see that in some point bank x might be interested to buy that company if digital assets have established them self as investment product. But lets see how it goes
  12. Purpose of of using xrp from banks view is that they can stop using nostro accounts where money just sits in case its needed at some point. With xrp banks can move money where its needed and because transaction time is so fast banks dont have to hold money in reserve nearly as much as they need with nostro accounts. And reason why banks dont have to hold xrp is that banks use ILP and ILP is connected to RCL. In RCL there is market makers(MM) who provide liquidity for the network (e.g FX xrp/usd, xrp/eur etc). So bank(A )can just send euros and bank(B) receive usd, banks dont have to even know they are using xrp. I do think banks will buy xrp at some point as a investment or for some other reason but i dont see why they would buy it to make cross border payments.
  13. That should do the trick and even better than vault, distributed systems are always better than centralized
  14. Yes, there is piece of paper called recovery sheet where you write down your recovery phrase. Might not be bad idea to store this recovery sheet in bank vault to keep it safe
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